Table Time Activities

Here is list of Table Time Activities for children (please feel free to add some of your own).  These activities are great for when you are making dinner, homeschooling other children or just having a rainy day.

1. Bean Time-fill a pan with dried beans and let your little ones play with their cars or army men.

2. Paint Time for young toddlers: fill a few zip-lock bags with shaving cream and add a few drops of food coloring and let them squeeze the bag until the color mixes.  Then open and add a few more drops of a new color….what color do you have now?

3.Finger paint for young toddlers:  Fill a cake pan with a colored yogurt and let them have fun!  If they eat it it is okay. 

4. Play-Doh (homemade is the BEST), and a bunch of cookie cutters.

5. Chalk and a child size chalk board.

6. Make an inside sandbox with Rice Krispies cereal.  Easy clean up with a dust buster.

7. Make goop using water and cornstarch.  Kids love to play with this and it is also easy to clean off clothes and kids (just stick in the bathtub and rinse)

8. Take packing peanuts and dip them on a wet paper towel.  These will now stick together and you can make some really neat sculptures.

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