Summer Time Schedules

27 04 2009

Wow, this nice weather has me re-thinking our schedule.  First, little Owen needs more time to rest with it very quiet.  His room is right outside the swing set so I can’t have the older two playing there while he is sleeping.

Also, my kids are drinking tons more and eating tons more….this means I need more time planned in for meal planning.  We like to have snacks that have a carb, fruit and protein.  This way it stays in their bellies longer and they don’t get hungry as fast.  It also gives them lots of energy etc.

The older two are wanting to do too much in doors even if it is nice out.  It is like they have forgotten how to play outside. 😦  We just had a VERY long winter so it will take some time to find all the summer toys and make it fun again.  🙂  So, I feel like I am saying “go outside, don’t come inside”.  The good part is that they LOVE to do school, so I don’t feel like I am forcing them in their seats.

Isaac is in the mid 60’s for teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.  He is doing so well and begs me to let him do his lessons!!!!  He gets very upset if he doesn’t do them before bedtime.  I have to make sure we are getting them in everyday so that he doesn’ t have a melt down.  Getting them in can be tricky, Owen has to be asleep and Grace has to be VERY quiet.  Isaac needs that 20 mins. of time to get it down and to learn.

So, I will be working on what our new schedule will look like… stuff I tell you.

Homeschool FUN!!!

14 04 2009

Okay, maybe I am the only mom out there that worries her kids are going to wish they weren’t homeschooled.  I want to my kids to LOVE learning, Love reading and love just being kids.  ( FYI these are not in order or are they the three most important things to me consering my children, they are just three of many things).

So after thinking about these things the last few nights I got some crazy ideas in my head for FUN school days.  Now everyday should be somewhat fun, but I am looking for crazy fun days….ones that don’t happen often.

Do you remember being a child and waking up to hear “SNOW DAY”  Woo Hoo, my blood would get going, I couldn’t wait to get up and do….well, kid stuff.  No plans that day, just a day off to have FUN.  My mom ran a daycare in our home so there were always fun little babies to help with and feed (my favorite pass time as a child, could be why we are on our 4th baby in 5 years) 🙂  I loved those days……I would watch the news the night before praying we would get hit with the 8-14 inches of snow during the night, just to experience those “SNOW DAYS”.

Well, as a homeschooler, you don’t really have snow days.  You don’t have to leave for school so you just continue school.  Now, you could take the day off, but it just isn’t the same to me… we have started a new day in our home.  One of the days for us a “SUN DAY”.  Do you get it? Mommy can randomly pick 4 days during the year to have a “SUN DAY”  The kids aren’t to know this day is coming….they wake up to hear “SUN DAY”.  Grab your bathing suits or shorts and lets spend the entire day just hanging outside and enjoying the sunshine!  While the other kids are in school we get to spend it doing just FUN stuff.  No plans, just fun.  Okay, maybe it is over the top, w hat do you think?

Then I started to think….how about Pajama day?  Now, many of you may school in your P.J’s already….we don’t.  So for us this would be a fun day!

How about opposite day….you know, breakfast for lunch and lunch for dinner?  Wear your clothes backwards etc.   Silly kid stuff.

Now, please let me know if I have lost it!  If you think this is fun, please add your ideas!!!!  I want to have a fun day at least once a month to every other week next school year.  Thanks everyone.


10 04 2009

Thank you everyone for your prayers!!! I am happy to say that God answered them with a YES!  This time it was like a different child.  The doctor said before the surgery that if they come out of it rough they will usually do that every time.  We were prepared for it to go really bad, but it went AWESOME.

When he woke up he said “mom” and that was it.  No crying for the nurses or anything.  They came and got Dave and I and we went to be with him.  We sat and held him for the 30 mins. and then they said….you are good to go, we wish we could have children like him all day long!!!  It was such a relief.


9 04 2009

Please pray for little Owen (our youngest, 21 months).  He will be going back in to have his tubes replaced.  One fell out in January and the ear is back to little to no hearing.  He had his first set about 10 months ago because he couldn’t hear anything under a vacuum cleaner.  So our little guy couldn’t hear language.  He is quite the talker now, which we are very thankful for! 

He didn’t come out of the anaesthesia (sp?) that well last time.  Pray that he comes out better this time and that he handles not eating in the morning well.  We have to be at the hospital at 7 am, so if you can pray in your morning quiet time that would be great!  Thank you prayer warriors!!!

Organization: Your family’s weekly menu

8 04 2009

Okay, I know that just the title of this has some of you wanting to run away!  The thought of meal planning can be overwhelming as well as boring!!!!  I have to admit that this is the one thing that has kept my family running smoothly.  Being able to know at 9 am what we are having for dinner and that everything is already bought, so no last minute runs to the store, is so nice.

So, if you have never tried this before I want to urge you to do so.  In my home I like to have all lunches and dinners figured out for 2 weeks at a time.  Before the week begins I do a big shopping for two weeks.  I am able to get almost everything I need for the meals for those two weeks except for milk, bread and fresh produce for the second week.  I usually make a quick stop at the store in the middle of the two week period to pick up those few things.

For starters let me tell you how this has served my family.  When I am really sick with the preg. Dave can walk in the door and know what needs to be made for dinner with little help from me.  He also knows that I have everything ready for lunches so he can make lunch for the kids before leaving the house if I am busy schooling in the morning.  After the kids have played and schooled they are VERY hungry in this house for lunch.  It may be the biggest meal in our home on some days. 

Meal planning has given my kids LOTS of variety.  It makes me get out of the lunch rut.  You know the one where they eat P.B and J. everyday with a few sides?  I am not saying P.B. and J. is bad, but everyday I think maybe too much.  So, it has given me the freedom to do stuff in the morning knowing that lunch is already planned out.

Now, mommies let me tell you one little tip…….are you ready?  Don’t let the schedule control you….you control it!   Now, you might be thinking…..”well, duh”.  But hear me out.  I have to listen to my husband and my children on this regularly.  If they really want to have Mac and Cheese on Monday and I have it scheduled for Wednesday…..I change it sometimes!  I don’t do this all the time, but as long as all the meals are eaten that week, I let it slide.  Also, I want my husband to be excited to come home for dinner at night.  I ask him at the beginning of shopping what he would like that week to eat.  He always is willing to give ideas.  This allows me to show him love and respect during dinner time.  Also, if your husband calls and says, “Hey hun, lets go out to eat tonight.  What do you say about it?”  Let him serve you in this way!  We can get so hooked on the meal schedule we forget that it is here to serve us not us it.

Here is a post I did a while ago that maybe some help on how to actually Meal Plan.  If you want more Ideas on this check out the category for Stewardship on the right hand side of the blog.

Back online and School 2009-2010

7 04 2009

Sorry I haven’t had a post in over a week, but we haven’t had Internet!  It is crazy how out of touch you can feel without it, but how much time you have during the day without it.  It has been a hidden blessing in our home.

Well, I really wanted to write about what we are planning for our 2009-2010 school year.  This year (2008-2009) has been CRAZY!  We had many things that came up to make the year go less than perfect.  We had a surprise miscarriage (which I took harder than I though I would) making it hard to even sit and do school with out little ones, then a move out of state…..and a really exciting surprise pregnancy which left me sick and not able to get off the couch let alone at the school table.

After a first half of a year like that you are probally thinking “why would they continue to homeschool, it would be easier to just send those kids somewhere”.  I have to admit that thought has crossed my mind many times.

After my husband and I prayed and talked about it, we talked about how AWESOME it was we were able to take big breaks in school when our family needed it.  How we are now able to double up during the week because things have calmed down to catch up.  How awesome I was able to hold my little ones in my arms after we lost one.  How sad I would have been to be alone in the house during those sad days.  During the move we were able to focus on their needs and adjusting them instead of only getting them in a school system.

This first year may have been crazy, but it has been such a blessing.  We have decided to continue homeschooling this next fall.  Now here is the fun stuff….what are you going to use as curriculum.

This next year we are going to continue with Sonlight.  We have really enjoyed their core curriculum and the ease of schooling two children at the same time.  To see my children asking to “look” at books during the day is so amazing.

Isaac and Grace will move to the Kindergarten level together, with Isaac doing the Level 1 readers and Grace the K readers.  Owen will do the Five in  Row book 1 by himself. 

For Math we will continue with Math U See, which we have loved.  Dave teaches math to Isaac and Grace and I do all the other subjects.

For science we will continue with Sonlight science.  I haven’t read too many good things about their science curriculum, but I am happy to say they have totally redone it!  So, I have been very happy with what they will be offering in the future years.  I don’t think you can really go wrong at the Kindergarten level. 

We will doing our own Bible time this next year.  Dave has somethings he really wanted to do with them so we thought this would be a good time do that. 

For Handwriting we will continue with the first grade level of Handwriting Without Tears.  Grace and Isaac are almost done with the K level and we are very pleased with how well it has gone.

Something that has been such a blessing in homeschooling is that daddy gets to be involved.  With a little blessing making its arrival sometime in late August to early September we have decided to do “night school” for a few weeks.  How awesome is that?  I love that our schedule can adapt to our family needs.  Dave will be doing most of the schooling during this time, which gives me a lot of peace over the 2009-2010 school year. 

Now, after a lot of prayer we have decided to do a 4 day school year.  The children will be attending a cottage school one day a week.  This is a school that is for homeschooled children and their parent.  I will at the school with them while they take 5 classes, chapel and lunch.  The baby will be able to stay with me, but the others will be in classes.  With a new home in a new state we felt we needed to meet some people in the same lifestyle as us, so we have decided this may help.

I hope this gives you a taste of our next year as a family.  God has been so good to us and we thank Him for our children and the children we have yet to meet.

Today we get to see Champ….

3 04 2009

Yup today is our Ultrasound. Wow it is hard to believe that was are almost halfway!!! This fourth preg. is going so fast. The baby is starting to move a lot. My migraines are not getting better, so I am seeing a Chiropactor tomorrow, hopefully he can get me all lined up. I think I my neck got out of line during first Tri when I was throwing up. (maybe that was too much information). I would love for you to pray for our family during this time. Some may know what is going on, others that don’t, I am sorry I don’t want to post it on a public blog. So please just pray for God’s will in our life.

I am going to try and get a very needed homeschooling post about next year done this weekend. Also, I will be adding what we will be next year. It will be a busy year with a new baby coming the week school should start…..good thing my husband feels we need to homeschool as much as I do. So school maybe done during the evenings when daddy is home for a few weeks…..isn’t that great about schooling at home? We can do it anytime we want and what days we want to! I LOVE that!!!!

Pray for a healthy baby Champ. With the miscarriage still so fresh in my mind I have been really worried about a healthy baby. But my God is in control and already has this baby’s days numbered and that is comforting at times.

Also, Dave can’t be there so please pray for him. He really wants to, but he just couldn’t get home for it. He is a great hardworking husband that feels really bad, so pray for God to give him grace today.

Thanks prayer warriors!!!!