Family Update

28 04 2008

Our family is doing pretty good.  The kids are growing up faster than I would like for them to.  At times I feel like I just blinked and they are talking, walking and loving life.

Isaac is a fun, loving, very sweet 4 year old.  He starts tee-ball in about 6 weeks and is counting down the days!  He loves sports.  He is becoming such a compassionate child.  He loves being a big brother and thinks the world of Owen.  He is finishing his first year of homeschooling and so far so good.  He is reading fairly well for only being 4 years old and he is doing great in math.  We just finished place values and are moving on to addition, which he is awesome at!

Gracelyn is our princess.  Being wedged in between two brothers life can be busy.  She loves when we have a girl day and do our nails and go shopping.  She really loves being the “mommy” of Owen and takes great care of him.  She also did her first year of “school”, she loved doing craft time and “pretend” play time.  She is at the end of being two and will be turning three here very shortly.  It is hard to believe that! 

Owen is a fun loving 9 month old.  He has been crawling for over 3 months now and keeps us on our toes all day long.  He is pulling up and starting to cruise the furniture!  He is known as the “happy” baby at church.  He always has a smile on his face and has such a great temperament.  He was 17 lbs. 11 1/2 oz. and 27 3/4 inches long at 9 1/2 months.  He has weaned himself and it has been very hard on me.  You can read a post on that here if you would like.  Other than that he is so great.  He sleeps from about 7:30 til 6:30 every night, eats a bottle, then goes back to bed until 7:30.  It won’t be long and he will be going 12 hours straight for us.

Dave is finishing up at school and has finals next week!  He only has 5 classes left and then he will graduate in December.  God is so good.  We are getting excited about an opportunity that God has brought to us.  We are praying for His will in our lives.  We are selling our house next month and moving into an apartment for the remainder of our time here at Seminary.  This way we are able to move after graduation without trying to sell our home first.

I am busy with the kids and work.  I started waiting tables at night at Applebee’s.  I really enjoy it, but it is hard with three little ones at home.  I go in about 5 pm and get off about 12 am.  This way I am only away from the kids about 3 hours on the days I work.  They are in bed around 8 pm.  I am graduating from the Seminary Wives Institute on the 9th from the Seminary.

Things here have been good.  Please feel free to look around the blog if you haven’t visited before or in awhile.  You can click on a topic or you can just go down the page for some recent posts.  Enjoy!


26 04 2008

The parents of Daniel Sorensen, the man that was murdered in Michigan, are amazing people.  Our cousin Alex Letkemann pleaded guility to second degree murder in a plea, he then had to testify at the trial of the man J.P. Orlewicz, who has been found gulity of first degree murder.  In Michigan that carries life in prison with not option of porole.  He is only 18 years old.

During the sentencing of Alex a couple days ago, the parents of the victim gave forgiveness to Alex

This family has just lost the only son they had, they stood in a court room and thanked Alex for coming forward and taking the plea of 20-30 years in prison so that the man who killed their son could be convicted.  This trial has been such a roller coster of emotions for everyone!

I have been wanting to post about this for so long now.  This case has consumed my life at times.  The only comfort we find is in Jesus during times like this.  People that were around me in November know that this truly hit my heart hard.  It was all I could think about at times.  Now we know the ending, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  Here is pic of Alex and Isaac not long ago.

Alex, we don’t like what you didn’t do in November, but we love you still.  You are in our prayers and we look forward to the day we get to put our arms around you again.  YOu are very much loved!

 Alex teaching Isaac how to play the guitar.

It’s a Sad Day

24 04 2008

Well, during the last few weeks our family has delt with some very tough days.  With the surprise death of dave’s grandfather and the sentencing of his cousin yesterday, we have felt like a ton of bricks have come crashing down on us.  CNN and TrueTV made this case their case of week.  It was shown live over the internet and on T.V. everyday from the court room for almost 2 weeks.  Our family is saddened and hurt right now, beyond belief.

In the car last week Isaac expressed how he was feeling in a little four year old way  “mommy, it is just a sad day today.”  I responded by asking him why and he said, “I really miss grandpa Letkemann and he can’t come back he is died and he is in the box.”  I told him it was okay to be sad and that we will have days when we will miss him very much and be sad.  He then told me “mom, I don’t want to be in a box when I die, I just want to be with Jesus.  I love him, I don’t want my body to be that box like grandpa Lekemann.”

This converstaion took place over 2 weeks after the funeral of his great-grandfaher.  It made me realize that we need to be talking to them all the time about what is happening in their lives.  I didn’t think he totally understood what happening at the funeral, but he did.  He understands so much more than we give them credit for.

Eariler this week Grace was drawing a picture and she says,” Let’s send this to Alex, he is in jail.  This will make him happy.  I miss Alex (comes out more like Alwex).”  A little two year old having to deal with the thoughts of prison and death is overwhelming at times. 

God is good all the time.  And it is in hard times like this that we look back and see how He is God and we are not!

Spring/Summer is upon us….

22 04 2008

In our home we know that spring/summer is here when we eat almost 6 lunches a week out of a cooler!  That is right we like to spend almost every lunch at the park or zoo or somewhere outside.  I didn’t totally plan for that this week when I made the grocery list.  I was going to make mini pizzas, homemade veggie soup etc.  That will have to wait for another day….we have had PB and J almost everyday for lunch so far.  I didn’t buy lunch meat etc.  I won’t make that mistake again!  If you know me you know that I don’t like the kids to eat PB and J more than a couple times a week.

Also, our boo boo bags need to be restocked!  The one in the car had a few bandaids left, but those where used at the park today.  The diaper bag boo boo bag had two left, but those where used at the zoo yesterday.  Nicer weather always brings lots of little scraped up knees in this house!

As Grace said….”summer is when I get pink toes.”  Well said Gracelyn!  This afternoon after her nap I will give her her “pretty toes” (as she would say). 

The weather is nice and the days so much more FUN! 


18 04 2008

Well, a little after 5:30 this morning I woke to a crazy feeling.  It felt like my bed was under a washing machine that  was unbalanced.  I told Dave “I think we just had an earthquake”.  I went to the living room and called my mom….of course.  Then I turned on the T.V…..and yes we had an EARTHQUAKE! 

We know we live on a fault line here in Louisville….we have earthquake insurance on our house because of it.  It was a 5.2 and hit 47 miles  north of Evansville In (not too far from here).  That is where are very good friends the Thortons live….Tanya we pray you guys are okay!

Well, God is good and we are safe!

Dr. Appointment Updates

17 04 2008

Owen has been the child on the spot at our house this week.  He has had 2 dr. appointments….one with the ENT and one with the Ped. for his 9 month check up (at 9.5 months old, thanks to Spring Break the doctors were all VERY busy).

The GREAT news is that he is hearing at a NORMAL range again.  He now says 4 words!  He is so alert and he known as the “baby with that smile all the time”, I have to say it is so true!

He is 17 lbs. 11 1/2 oz (25th percent) and 27 3/4 inches (50th percent) long!  He is such a happy kid.  The doctor doesn’t think I should throw in the towel yet with nursing.  She still thinks there is hope!  So I am going to continue at least once a day and see how it goes.  Right now it seems like he likes to nurse right when he wakes up or at night (at 11 pm) when I get home from work.  I have to wake  him for the night feeding, but I will do anything to get him another 2.5 months, but also knowing I have given it my best.

He got his first 2 teeth this week as well….one yesterday and one today! 

God continues to take care of us!  He also continues to amaze me everyday!

Feeling A Little Sad Today

15 04 2008

Today has been a very hard day for me.  Since May of 2003 (almost 5 years ago) I have been pregnant or breastfeeding a baby EVERY day except for July, August and September of 2006.  Other than that I have had a little growing in me or feeding from me.  Today I think Owen has been nursed for the last time.  He doesn’t nurse long, he isn’t getting enough and he just seems finished.

Now, you may think I am sad because it marks the day my baby is growing up.  That is one reason.  The other is hard to explain, the other is something that hits me deep in my gut and soul.  I feel like a failure!  I feel like I let my third child down!  I feel like I have not given him everything I gave the other two.  I let life get busy and because of the result my body has not been able to keep up with his demands.

Now, I know that there are people that are going to read this and think I am crazy….and I am!  I know in my head that I did the best I could and I gave him everything I had, but my heart isn’t listening.  It hurts.

I am going to try and nurse him for the last time this evening.  I may have to give him a bottle afterwards, but I will do my best.  Isaac’s last feeding was in his bedroom of our first apartment here in Louisville, KY.  I put on some sweet music and we just relaxed and he became my big boy.  Grace was in the spare bedroom at my friend’s parent’s house in Alabama.  We were vacationing there and she nursed her last time shortly after her birthday.  I want to mark Owen’s last time as well, I don’t want it to be like last nights feeding….Dave was at school, the house was a mess, the kids were running everywhere, I was overwhelmed and Owen was not having it.  I knew he needed milk, but he wanted to go to sleep.  He did sleep 12 hours straight!  But woke up ready for his big boy breakfast.

Pray for my heart and for me to handle this a little better.  Thank you.