Happy 1st Birthday Owen!

5 07 2008

It is hard to believe that my baby is one today.  It has been a year sense he was born and the doctor yelled “it’s a boy!”  I was in shock!  I could not believe that God had blessed me with another son.

His labor was my hardest, it was my longest, it was my most stressful, it was a day I would re-live all over again.  Owen is the sweetest baby I know.  He is such an easy going, fun loving and sweet child.  He is such a joy that I have nursery workers that fight over who gets to hold him and have him in their class.

Tomorrow we will celebrate his first birthday with over 45 people who love and care for him.  First birthdays are a big deal in our home.  We always come “home” to Michigan to celebrate them.  Our families are big and we love to have them here to share in this very important milestone in their lives.  We just love each one of our kids for their special personalities and differences.


Mommy is so thankful for you.  I am so blessed to be your mommy.  I thank God that He gave you to us to raise to be a man of God.  You have made our home a more special place, without you it would not be the same.   Thank you for being my son!  I love you kiddo,

Love, Mommy

Owen at Birth 7 lbs. 6 oz, 19.5 inches long

Owen at Birth 7 lbs. 6 oz, 19.5 inches long