Update….Facebook Style

17 11 2009

Facebook Style Update……

Becky Is…..

excited that she is heading to Louisville to see friends and then on to Tenn to see your Grandpa who survived open heart surgery by the Grace of God!

realizing that my baby is almost 3 months old….what happened?  But is thankful he is sleeping through the night and is so precious.

can’t believe a year ago I was preg. with a special baby, one that I won’t see until Glory.

Loves teaching my children at home and is amazed at how much they are learning!!!!  God is so good all the time.

Just found out Dave may be moved to another sort!  The one we want a year ago…..woo hoo I am so excited!  Putting 4 kids to bed every night by myself makes me tired.

Is starting Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred a week from Monday….pray for me I am going to need it!

Is a little upset that the ped. Omp. missed Isaac’s eye problem in Louisville!  If we find out he has lost his vision in that eye or that the connections can’t be made because it is too late…..we will be getting a lawyer!  I had him at the doctor’s every year because his ped. kept thinking something was wrong.  The specialist kept saying he was fine.  We move and get a new dr. and they find it right away!!! 

Is hearing that Huggies will be stopping their 3 dollars off and 1.50 off diaper coupons  at the end of the year.  Looks like we will be stocking up ( we use them at night and on Wed. and Sundays for church).

Is so excited that Owen is back on the potty train!  HE is going all day and telling us!  Praise God, we were unsure what to do, we have never had a child regress before.  🙂

Loved that I made 25 meals this month and put them in the freezer!  Dinner time has been going great and I have more time to spend with the kids in the afternoon.

Is thinking I should say Good night to everyone!  Good night 🙂

Potty Training Troubles….

15 10 2009

Well, Owen is really having a hard time with Ethan coming into our family.  This is the first time we have ever had a child regress in potty training.  😦  We are sad about it, but we are learning new tips and things to do with a child that would rather pee in his pants and change HIMSELF!  He will take off his pants, tell you he peed and go get new underwear.

We have decided that he just wants our attention….so we have decided to ignore his accidents right now.  When he goes on the potty we  chear and give him stickers and hugs.  If he pees his pants we just ignore the behavior.  We don’t want to give into what he wants for naughty behavior….attention.

Now, I wouldn’t call it naughty behavior if your child is LEARNING!  Owen was already potty trained and is now choosing to disobey us as his mom and dad.  So, we will have to see how it goes.

Any ideas on what we should do would be helpful.  🙂 Thank you!

Potty Training Questions Answered….

10 06 2009

I have gotten a few questions about potty training so I thought I would answer them here.

Our plastic pants leak….any ideas? 

First, let me say that plastic pants will leak.  They are just to help hold in a little pee (like when a child starts to go then stops themselves etc.).  To help with this problem make sure they are snug around the legs.  Sew them if you have to to make the legs tighter.  Use the Gerber training underwear with them.  This will help TONS!  They have a little more fabric to help hold in an accident.

What about going out?  Can you use pull-ups? Do you use them?

I am not anti pull ups.  I think they are great for lots of times when a child will not have a potty near by or when a child is still learning to give you a few minutes warning when they have to go.  After my children have been in underwear for a few weeks and know how to go, when they should go etc. we will use a pull up.  I use them on long car trips, when a potty may not be near, we use them at the grocery store (they always have to go when I am 10 mins. from the nearest potty).  I still take them to the potty, I just understand that developmentally they don’t understand that they need to tell me WAY in advance in these situations to make it on time.

I make sure I take them before we start a trip at the store and I take them again if I am near one.  I don’t wait for them to tell me. I also don’t ask, “Do you need to go pee pee?”  I say, ” Owen, we are going pee pee in the potty now, let’s go”.  This way they don’t have an opportunity to have a choice in the matter.

I use a portable potty seat.  This is amazing and I think all mommies need one!  I got ours at babies r us and have used it for many children and still use it for Grace because she doesn’t stand like Isaac does.  🙂  Ours is just a plain one, but I couldnt’ find a picture of it on-line so the link goes to a character one.

Also, my boys sometimes go on the side of the road if we need them to etc.  They are able to stand and go so we go in the grass if we really need to.  With a girl that is more tricky.

Potty Training…..

5 06 2009

I have been asked by many people to write about how we potty train in our home.  First let me say this is not for everyone.  You need to understand our parenting philosophy before I can write on this topic.  Our home is not a child centered home.  Our children do not pick their bedtimes, what they will eat, what their schedules will be etc.  We are currently moving towards a large family and feel that  a child centered home would not work for us etc.  We also have other reasons why, but that isn’t for this post. 

With that being said….our children don’t tell us when they are ready to potty train, we tell them.  Now, this is the complete opposite of the current worldview on potty training….they say….wait until your child can do these things etc., when your child is ready they will do it etc.  The more and more I see this happen the more and more I see very upset parents!  They don’t understand why potty training is taking weeks or even months, why they still can’t go out in public in underwear at sometimes 3 years of age etc….even older at times.  I feel that a young child that has too many choices will milk it for all it is worth….and this includes potty training.

Now, these are just my options, you may feel different on them and that is fine.  This has worked for us so we will continue with it.  Isaac ( now age 5) was potty trained at 22.5 months, Grace (now 4) was trained at 18.5 months, Owen (now 23 months) was trained 2 days ago.  Each child took between 2-7 days to train.  Isaac took a whole week, but I think it was because he didn’t have older siblings to watch.

We always start training before 24 months of age.  We do it when the child is capable of talking or signing and understands treats.  (which doesn’t take long now a days).  We have some simple rules….NO DIAPERS, NO PULL -UPS and NO GIVING UP for at least 4 days! 

The schedule is simple.  On day 1 you are teaching the child that pee and poo come out of them and that they control it.  On day 2 you are teaching them that it is to go in the potty (or whatever term you use).  On day 3 you are putting it all together to hopefully have a fully trained kid.

DAY 1.

Put your child in underwear (yes you read that right, no pull ups) and rubber pants if you would like.  I highly recommend these for the first few days and for outings after that until no longer needed etc.

Fill your child with as much fluid as you possibly can. (water, juice, milk etc.)

Take your child to the bathroom to pee every 8-10 mins.  Yup, that is right, you won’t being doing much else that day.  Set a timer and every time it goes off take your child.  Have them sit for a short story or song.  Your goal is to “catch” the pee coming out.  Once you catch the pee give them a treat.  A sticker, candy etc.  Make it small because you will be giving out lots over the next few days.  After about the 3rd catch of pee your child will start to realize what muscles it takes to get that pee out.

Now, we do this at a young age, so our children still nap.  At nap-time we lay them in their bed and put on a diaper. (This is the only time they are to wear one).  Once they awake from their nap you need to take that diaper off before leaving the bed and put on underwear right away).

Continue with every 8-10 mins. until dinner time.

DAY 2:

Now day 2 is almost the same as day 1 except you will take them about every 12-15 mins. all day long.  Remember to keep filling them with fluids!!!!  You want them peeing all day long…..this helps them learn the muscles that control their bladder and bowels.  Give a treat for each victory!  Have them call an adult they love etc. Make it lots of fun with lots of smiles!!!!

Day 3

Day 3 is the trial day.  Try to let the child tell you when they need to go, if they haven’t go in about 20-25 mins. then take them.  If they are telling you and having mostly victories then you can start to back off and taking them so much.  If they start to have accidents then take them!    Some children need an extra day or two to learn that muscle.

Day 4-7. 

Slowly start to back off on treats and back off on controlling when they go.  Let them try to tell you. 


You need to have definitions for this.  You can’t call a pen*s a pee pee and them tell them to pee pee in the potty.   You need one word per thing you are talking about….keep it simple.  Example: Isaac go pee pee in the potty.  Good job Isaac.  Etc.

Do not use pull ups even when out and about.  Use the old fashion rubber pants. (We bought Gerber ones).  This will save you the hassle from bring so many extra clothes, but allows your child to feel themselves get wet.

Only use diapers at bedtime.

Do not give up if your child doesn’t get it by day 1.  The first day is LONG and hard on everyone doing this.  But when you catch a few victories they will start to LOVE it!!!!

Involve older siblings if you have them.  In our home if an older child is helping (reading stories while they sit on the potty, reminding them to go, setting the timer, cheering when they go etc) they also get a treat!  This gives mom some extra hands in potty training!  Use those older siblings to your advantage.

Count the victories not the accidents.  Everyday the victory count will go up and the accident count will go down.  Don’t discourage yourself when at the end of day 1 you have 3 victories and 12 accidents.  Just count the victories!  It will make everyone happier.

Follow every step and start between 19-24 months.  We have found that 23 months is almost the perfect age for this!


I have had many parents follow this and many have had great success.  The ones that didn’t have success usually didn’t follow every step.  They picked and choose which step they wanted to do.  That won’t work with this way of potty training.