Tee Ball and Wee Ball

11 08 2008

The seasons are finished!  I am a little happy and sad at the same time.  Next year they will be so grown up and the time seems to go so fast.

Gracelyn enjoyed her games, but not her practices so much.  She had a fun time with daddy (he was her coach) and she loved to run the bases!  And let me tell you she is FAST!  She was so cute with her legs going a million miles a minute!

 Gracelyn and her buddy McKay

 Grace getting ready to bat

Isaac was on the big kid team this year!  He loved being on the team…and by the pictures you will see that he LOVED being out there.  He counted down the days until his games every week.  He also has a cannon for an arm, he can throw from 3rd to first in the air and on target (most of the time).  He is a lefty when it comes to throwing but still righty at bat, we may make him a lefty at bat next year.  Dave coached Isaac’s team as well and they had a great year.

 Isaac before a game

 Isaac on first base

Isaac and his buddy Ballard