We did it…..

2 04 2010

After having one of the hardest weeks of my life (concerning diet), Dave and I decided to order the program materials from Feingold.

It happened last night, we went to the park with my dad, sister and cousins. My dad picked up KFC for dinner and the kids couldn’t wait for our night out with the family. Park, food and fun! All except poor Owen. I brought his food, but he had to sit there and watch all the other kids eat KFC while he had different foods. With the program from Feingold you get a fast food guide that tells you exactly what your child can eat when out to eat!

I also need help with everything else…what kind of cheese, can he eat any cereal?, how about cookies or crackers….the list goes on and on.

I will let you know how it goes! And thank you so much for all the support….the e mails, phone calls, etc. mean so much to us. A teacher at church even went to the website and picked out a snack he could have (so that all the kids would have the same thing and he wouldn’t feel left out), How awesome is my church family again…can we say they ROCK!!!!!

What we have done so far…..

30 03 2010

Well, to start, there are lots of things I am sure I am doing totally wrong with this diet.  I know I will make lots of mistakes and buy the wrong stuff sometimes.  There are several websites that are VERY helpful.  I will list them at the bottom of the page.  On the Feingold Diet homepage they have a program you can buy….it is pretty pricey I think….we would love to buy it.  The foodlists would be awesome!  They figure out the stores in your region and tell you exactly what your child can eat.  If this works like we want it to and we decide to continue for a long time we may pay into the system.  They also give you a foods at restaurants that your child can eat, that would be soooo helpful!

Somethings I did this week that have helped me out a lot…..

1. Planned what he is eating for each day!  This way I don’t grab the wrong food and give it to him or come unprepared somewhere.  (ex. making sure he has something to drink at the park, a sucker for his grammy’s house etc.)

2. Bought all his food at the start of the week.  This way I am not dragging 4 kids in and out of lots of stores!

3. Made all our breads for the week.  We made homemade cinn. raisin bread, wheat bread, banana bread, 2 batches of pancakes and rolls. 

4. I pre-cooked some boneless skinless chicken breasts and froze them.  This way I can pull out one for him if the rest of the family is eating some other food he can’t have. (Right now we are finishing up meals I had already made and he can’t always eat).

5. Decided this is a change and it is going to be okay and I am going to be happy about it!  This step may not sound important but to me is was HUGE!   By making the choice to be happy about it I am more willing and able to show my happiness to my children about it.  If I am upset or complain about the new work set before me they are going to do the same!  They will complain when I tell them we can’t eat somewhere etc.  They will pick up on emotions!  We want to be happy in all circumstances….including big changes in diet in the home.  (Never thought Kraft Mac and Cheese would be such a touchy issue in the home!  We did find an organic, natural one….but at over 2 dollars a box, it will be a special treat).

Now, here are some sites that have been a HUGE help so far.





I hope these are help to anyone interested!

Tell me this is a joke?

28 03 2010

Ok, so according to different websites you can sometimes see a change in kids within 24 hours of starting the Feingold Diet.

Today I went to nurse Ethan between worship and Bible Study when Owen’s Sunday School teacher came up to me.  She says, “I think Owen is getting sick, he is so calm and quiet today.”  What!  Are you kidding me?  Could this be working?!!!

Today alone, he went into his bed for nap time without a cry or complaint!  He also, got dressed and did everything asked of him without a cry or tantrum, he even was told no to having donuts with his friends in class and he didn’t mind at all!!!!!!  In my option that is huge for a 2 year old, I don’t even think Isaac would have been that happy about not being able to eat a donut when everyone else was around him was.  God is answering our prayers.  Not sure if this is working or not, but it looks promising! 🙂   Now, we pray the reasons we started this diet to begin with work!  No more ear infections and eczema is the goal :).

More as the week goes on, Dave and I are cooking like crazy right now trying to get everything ready for our little man.

Cooking…..How do I get that done along with everything else?

4 01 2010

I have had many people ask me how we cook our meals in our home.  I have started doing a concept that has you cook once a for month or a couple times. 🙂  It has saved us sooooo much money and it has also saved me TONS of time.  Because of cooking with this style I have had more time to do other things…….like homeschool, read, clean and even workout. 🙂

Here is how we do it………

First I make my list of the different meals we are going to eat.  I find these Online or in a cookbook.  (We use Once-a-month Cooking by Wilson, The Freezer cooking Manual by Slagle and several others if needed).  I make 20 meals every 4 weeks.  We go to church and eat on Wednesday nights and we eat at my moms on Sundays.  I usually make 10 different meals ( I double each one to make 20 meals). I plan for 3 chicken type meals, 1 beef and one other (pork or vegetarian) for each week.  Every time I have done this we end up with enough meals for almost 5 weeks.  Something always comes up during the month or I find something on sale and we eat it instead of a pre made meal.

I then make my list of all the things I need to buy for these meals.  Yes the list is LONG.  I then separate the list by store (we buy all our meat at Sam’s Club) and make a list of the things I need to store the meals (for example, I buy the throw away metal containers for Lasagna etc., other than that I freeze everything in heavy duty Ziplock bags).

Now do your shopping!

NOw comes the fun part…..Cooking day!!!!!  I start with getting all my stuff laid out.

THen I start to cook the things that need to be cook.  FOr example I made Chicken and Rice and White Bean Chicken Chili.  Both call for cooked chicken so I cooked all the chicken together in the same pot to save on dishes and time.  🙂

I then start everything that needs to be in a crock pot ( I have 2 crockpots and both are always going during this day). 

THen I start things that go into the freezer uncooked (for example we do Heavenly Chicken, the meat is frozen raw until I choose to use it, I just assemble on my big cooking day).

I label all meals with the instructions!  This way Dave or I can just pull it out and we know what to do.  We don’t have to go look through a cookbook trying to figure out how to cook it etc.).  Also, he can make dinner with little to no help from me :).

Here is a pic of the labeled bags for Fruit Slush (a side dish).

I allow my meals to cool (if they need to) before putting int he freezer for a little bit.

NOw it is time to freeze your meals. YOu don’t need a lot of space for this!  I freeze all the meals laying flat in the freezer and just pull one out when we are ready to eat.  I then thaw it and pour it into the pan to cook 🙂 Very easy!!!!

Now the not so fun part!  Cleaning up.  Here are all my dishes I used ( and yes I made 20 meals so not too bad if you ask me).  Dave usually does the dishes for me 🙂

Here is a list of the meals I made for this month…..

Traditional Beef Stew ( 4 batches, we really love this in the winter with some warm bread)

Chicken in a pot (2 batches)

Sante Fe Chicken (2 batches)

Homemade Chicken Nuggets (2 batches)

Cranberry Chicken (1 batch)

Pizza Pasta Pie (1 batch)

Heavenly Chicken (2 batches, we LOVE this.  It has a lot of steps, but because I do it on my cooking day it doesn’t seem like so many because I have so many other things going on at the same time.  Had I not made it on a cooking day it would have seemed like a lot of work)

Chicken and Rice (2 batches)

Green Chili enchiladas (2 batches)

spinach Lasagna (2 batches)

and Four batches of Fruit Slush ( a side item to go with a meal once a week).

I then bought 10 bags of frozen veggies, a bag of potatoes, cornbread mix (a few of these) and 3 desserts (a pie, ice cream and cookies)  for under 100 dollars!!!!!!  Yup that is 25 dollars a week to feed my family (five eating people, our baby doesn’t count yet) for dinner.  And our dinners are yummy and filling! 

I will post some of the recipes that we use in the next post 🙂

30 Day Challenge!

14 11 2009

Come on ladies join me and others as we take the 30 day challenge.  It all started last night while talking to my friend Anna Lee,  we both wanted to kick start our health.  We will both be 30 (we are 2 days apart) next year and wanted to do something for our big day.  One thing that has been keeping us from being what God wants is our health. 

So we are doing a 30 day challenge by Jillian Michaels! (Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred) starting November 30th.  Please join us.  Go to walmart.com and get your DVD, it is on sale for 9 dollars and free shipping.  It will take 20 mins. a day for 30 days.  We will do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for 10 days and level 3 for the final days.

At the end I hope to have a good start on my health.  I don’t want to ‘look good’ or be ‘thin’.  I want to honor God with my body.  I want to be healthy for my husband and my little ones that depend on me. 

So if you want to join please let me know, if you are on FB we have a group!  Hope you will be joining us 🙂

Time to Freeze ladies…..

8 07 2009

In our home we LOVE to eat lots of veggies and fruit.  The only problem is in the winter months we don’t get to eat all the variety we get in the summer due to costs.  We just can’t afford to be buying strawberries, blueberries etc. at 4 or 5 dollars. 

Now is the time to freeze if you want to have that wonderful taste for a fraction of the cost!!!

Yesterday while at Meijer I stocked up on blueberries.  They are 4 for 5 dollars!  Woo Hoo, what a great price that is let me tell you!  I bought 4 packs.  I took 2 packs and washed them, then lay them on a towel to dry.  After they were dry I put them in a freezer bag.  I then freeze flat.  After frozen you can move the bag to a standing position if you need to.  We do this with almost all types of fruit…..even grapes are a great treat frozen.  If you have never done that you have to give it a try!  You can just eat grapes right out of the bag frozen and they are soooo yummy.

Now, when it comes time to eat this fruit it doesn’t defrost well just to eat.  We use it for smoothies, pancakes, muffins, yogurt etc.  It is a little soft after you defrost it, but it is perfect for baking and cooking!

So, take some extra money with you and start to stock up on these WONDERFUL foods while they are in season so that your family and enjoy them all winter long.

Summer Time Schedules

27 04 2009

Wow, this nice weather has me re-thinking our schedule.  First, little Owen needs more time to rest with it very quiet.  His room is right outside the swing set so I can’t have the older two playing there while he is sleeping.

Also, my kids are drinking tons more and eating tons more….this means I need more time planned in for meal planning.  We like to have snacks that have a carb, fruit and protein.  This way it stays in their bellies longer and they don’t get hungry as fast.  It also gives them lots of energy etc.

The older two are wanting to do too much in doors even if it is nice out.  It is like they have forgotten how to play outside. 😦  We just had a VERY long winter so it will take some time to find all the summer toys and make it fun again.  🙂  So, I feel like I am saying “go outside, don’t come inside”.  The good part is that they LOVE to do school, so I don’t feel like I am forcing them in their seats.

Isaac is in the mid 60’s for teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons.  He is doing so well and begs me to let him do his lessons!!!!  He gets very upset if he doesn’t do them before bedtime.  I have to make sure we are getting them in everyday so that he doesn’ t have a melt down.  Getting them in can be tricky, Owen has to be asleep and Grace has to be VERY quiet.  Isaac needs that 20 mins. of time to get it down and to learn.

So, I will be working on what our new schedule will look like…..fun stuff I tell you.

Thank you.

3 12 2008

We asked for prayers and we want to thank you for them.  On Sunday Dave and I found out that we would be expecting #4 in Aug.  Yesterday we knew something wasn’t right.  We went to the doctors, they did some tests and called back today to confirm that we have had a miscarriage.  This news wasn’t a surprise, after a long night last night.  Please pray for us, pray for me.  I am very saddened by this.  Thank you for lifting us up to our Father who loves us more than anyone.

Baby Food…For my friend Molly

25 11 2008

My friend Molly asked for some ideas on making baby food, I have made most of our baby food for our 3 children when they were babies.  I have learned a few things and thought I would pass them on.

If you have never made baby food before it is really easy.  1. peel your fruit, if needed, then add to some water and boil.  After it is VERY soft let it cool for a little bit (about 15 mins or so), then add to a blender and puree (for younger babies), less for older babies.  Then add to ice cube trays and freeze.  After frozen pop out and put in a Freezer bag, (make sure it is a freezer bag!) and keep for 3-6 months.  Most ice cube trays are 1 oz, so you know how much you have.

I would do a bunch of stuff on one day (maybe 3-4 hours of time) and make enough food for 2 months for my little ones!

Now here are some little tips I have learned as I have gone. 

1. Buy fresh when you can.  Pears, bananas, berries, peaches, avocado etc. 

2. Don’t make homemade apples.  It is so much cheaper and faster to just buy the big jar of unsweetened applesauce.

3. Don’t make bananas ahead of time, then turn REALLY yucky.  So just mash one up as needed.

4. Beware of making meat.  It might just be me, but it was HORRIBLE!!!  Now it could be that I was preg. when my second when I made this for my first, but I still to this day can not look at pureed turkey!

5. Get creative!  Go to the baby aisle and look to see what Gerber etc. has put together to be a meal.  THen just go and buy the stuff to make it at home.

6. Be care of making Carrots at home because of the possible high nitrates they could have.  We just bought these in the baby food jars, because they are already tested to make sure they are at a safe level.

Enjoy!  If you need more ideas, please leave a comment and I will respond.

Food Swap

14 10 2008

Okay ladies….I did this thing called a “food swap” a few weeks ago and I LOVED it!  It was so easy…and so much fun too!

This is how it went….we had 6 ladies that got together and each of us brought 2-3 dinner recipes that could be frozen (examples….stuffed pasta shells, chicken pot pie etc.)

Each of us took a vote on which of the 2-3 recipes we liked best of each persons.  (we thought of what our family would like and variety of the group).

Then we set a date to do a swap….we all went home and made our recipe that the group chose 6 times.  We put each one in a freezer bag and labeled it with the food and how to cook it.  We put them in the freezer.  For example I made stuffed shells with spaghetti sauce…I had 6 of them made in my freezer in freezer bags.

On the day of the swap each woman brought their meals.  We all brought them in coolers.  We then handed one meal per person.  After the swap I went home with 5 different meals…6 total, one which was the one I made.  I now have a weeks worth of meals in my freezer!

It saved so much money because I was able to buy the ingredients for my meal in bulk!  It saved so much time because it only took me 2 hours to make my meal, but I have a weeks worth of food in my freezer!  It was fun!  We had a great time picking out our meals, talking and having a good old time.

Here are some tips:

1. Try to have all the woman in your group have the same size families.  We all have 4-5 in our families so our meals are all about the same size.

2. Pick a variety of recipes.  This way you have Mexican, Italian, American etc. to eat during that week.

3. Make sure everyone is up front about what they do and don’t like.  You don’t want someone going home with a meal their family just won’t eat.

4. Try to make the meals all cost about the same amount of money.  I think that 6-8 meals should only cost you about 30-35 dollars.  (Remember you get to buy in bulk!).

5. Decide as a group what a “meal” is.  Our group decided that we would only make the main dish.  You may choose main dish + side item or main dish+dessert or all three.