23 12 2008

It is that time of year again when people start to ask my children….What is Santa going to bring you? or Are you excited about Santa? 

This year it is harder to direct my children’s attention in a mall or store.  We don’t want anyone feeling bad for asking our children or have other children over hear us.  At the store the other day Isaac responded by saying “We don’t do Santa mam, we celebrate Jesus’ birthday.”  The lady was a little confused at first, but then gave him a big smile.  In the car Isaac told me….”Mommy, I am glad I told that lady the truth, now she knows I love Jesus.”  It was so sweet!

Here is a link to my post last year about Santa for those who would like to know why we don’t do Santa.

Life Continues….

19 12 2008

Even when you are sad, happy, confussed and loonley snowed in, life continues. This week has been a very emotional week. I have cried more than I would like.

Say goodbyes to friends was so hard to do! Still remembering the miscarriage has been really hard this week. Moving the kids to a new state has been going fairly well. They asked if Ballard, McKay, Dylan and Nathan could come and play in the new 10 inches (we already had 4 inches when I got here). I had to explain that those friends are too far away to come and play.

Please pray for us. The church here has been presented with the position for Dave, but the actual vote doesn’t take place until the first week of January because of all the holidays etc. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years has pushed everything a little crazy. Which means we are homeless (staying at my moms until the house we are renting is ready, which is just after New Years) and technically jobless (well, 1/2 jobless, Dave is still in Louisville at UPS and waiting for the transfer).

We are just waiting and hanging out for God’s timing! Pray for our transition and emotions as we choose to be happy even when it is so hard to be.

I have just been thinking a lot on becoming a mom of 4.  I want more children so badly, but at the same time I don’t want to lose a child again either.  I don’t know if we just aren’t ready or if God is trying to push us another direction.  Dave and I have always considered adoption and have always wanted to.  If we have our 4th child then we would be closed to many countries.  They will not give children to families that have 4 or more children.  We have thought about adopting our 4th baby, then quickly getting pregnant with our 5th after the approval so that I could nurse both babies.  We just feel that an adopted baby would really need that good milk.

Oh I don’t know why I am writing this, maybe just to get my thoughts out so that I can read them and pray about them.  I just think that this miscarriage was telling me something, teaching me something.  I don’t want this child’s life to go unnoticed or unloved.  Does that even make sense?  Please tell me if I am just grieving and it will get better?

12 12 2008
The Family

The Family


Dave and his parents

Dave and his parents

The kids were so excited for their daddy

The kids were so excited for their daddy

The Hood

The Hood

Here are some pics of graduation….my camera stoped working, but  my mom has some good ones I need to get from here.  Also, it was really dark to try to and get pictures of them sitting in their seats etc.  Enjoy!


11 12 2008

Perseverance…what does that mean?  I feel that God has shown this character trait in my husband.  Dave has worked so hard over the past 8 years and I am so proud of him and all that the Lord has done in his life.  He stuck it out when times got difficult.

At 18 Dave graduated high school and became engaged (to me of course).  A young man with a heart to be married young and succeed in life…two things that society says doesn’t happen often.  We had so many people say that he would never finish school, he would drop out etc.  Dave said no that would not happen.  We wait 1.5 years to marry and at the age of 20 he and I married.  At the age of 21 he became a father.  Then only 3 months later he graduated with his Bachelors.  He then moved us to Louisville, Ky to dedicated himself to the learning all that he could about ministry so that he could effectively serve Christ in His church.  A year into seminary he became a father again at the age of 23.  He still continued to work hard to provide for us and study.  Two years later and we have our second son at the age of 25.  Now at the age of 26 he is graduating with his Master of Divinity.  He has given so much to us as a father and husband and still has been able to receive his degree.

My husband has persevered when it was hard and I mean HARD.  God continued to give him strength and direction.  He gave up sleep, sports, free time and fun to be the father and husband we needed.  He made sure our needs were met before his own.  He loved us enough to give up everything he had for us.  At Christmas or birthdays he would give me all the gift cards or money he has received and told me to get what the kids and I needed.  He never went and bought things he wanted, he made sure the needs were met first in our home.  He made sure his children knew who he was and that they are loved by him.

I am so proud to say I am his wife! I am so thankful for the man that God gave to me to lead our home and someday lead His church.  God used Dave a young husband and father to do what society says doesn’t happen.  We can’t count the times we were told…if you have kids you won’t finish school or if you do this you won’t get your degree. 

We are so thankful to God for His direction in our lives and home.

Congratulations Dave!  I am so proud of you!  Tomorrow is the BIG day and I can’t wait to see you walk on that stage, I know that I will have tears in my eyes because for a brief moment I will get to see you receive a piece of paper you have worked so long and hard for.  What I can’t wait to see is all the knowledge you bring into a church…that is what I look forward to.  I can’t wait to see how God will use that “piece of paper” for His glory for years to come.

18 Month check up a little early!

9 12 2008

Today we had Owen’s 18 month check up, we did it 3.5 weeks early because of the move.  I didn’t want some issues to be over looked by another doctor because they had not seen him grow up.

He is 23 lbs. 6.5 oz. (20 percent) and 32.5 inches long (65 percent), he is a long and lean guy for his age.  At least that is what they say, I think he has some cute chubby little legs I tell you.

He is doing great with motor skills and speech.  They doctor was sooo impressed!  I want to tell you just how great my God is.  Today we are at the office and  the Nurse Praticioner was looking at him and we got talking about the move etc.  She asked where we were going and I told her, so started to ask more and more questions etc….only to find out she graduated High School only a 1.2 mile from my parents house!  Her sister lives in the same town we are moving too.  She is going to be calling me this week with a recommendation for a doctor!  Isn’t it awesome how God took care of us with out us even asking about it! 

Owen’s right foot is turned out.  I have had some concerns with it for awhile now.  They took a look at it and would like him seen by an orthopedic doctor.  She said it has the look of a minor club foot, but because they can turn the foot and move it it is not.  She said they may leave it alone for now or put it in a brace or special inserts in his shoe.  We don’t know what they will do, but she noticed it right away.

Other than that it went great!

School UPdate

7 12 2008

We are moving along pretty well, so I thought it would be a good time to do an update.  (I am also doing this so that I can look back and remember how it was going thus far)  🙂

Sonlight PreK 4 and 5  Core: This is going really well.  There are somethings I would change if I wrote the material, but over all it is going really well.  We had a hard time the first 8 weeks because we read the same books every week, we wouldn’t read the same parts of the books just the same ones.  It would have been nice to have some different books added in earlier.  The kids are learning a lot and I really enjoy all that we do with it.  Also, I love that the company calls to check on me every few months!  Isn’t that great?  If I have a question I know I can call or they will be calling very soon.  That is an awesome perk from buying the material straight from them!

Math U See:  Still love it!  I love it just as much as I did last year too.  Isaac is skip counting right now and is really catching on.  The best part of this is that this is daddy and Isaac time!  Daddy teaches this part of school to him.

Handwriting Without Tears:  Awesome!  I love the way they teach it and Grace really gets it.  Isaac was already doing well with handwriting so I wasn’t very worried about him.  I was worried about Grace, but she is doing great!

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons:  That is still going well.  Isaac can read many little, short stories and can find words in other books and sound them out!  It is great!  We are going really slow and just enjoying this time together.


We are adding in more fun preschool type things during the day.  Painting, crafts etc.  Also, our playgroup on Monday’s is AWESOME for time to explore new things etc.  So far this year is going great, now I am already thinking about next year.  Should I keep them schooling together?  That is the big question in the Ferraro home right now.

Last Day

5 12 2008

It is hard to believe that my last day teaching at Gymboree Play and Music is coming to an end. Today I will teach my last classes after 9 years of employment with this wonderful company! Tomorrow I will teach my last 2 birthday parties. Dave and I have decided that I won’t go back to work after we move because of his job. He will need me to be home and with homeschooling I really need to be home 5 days a week next year.

I have loved this job so much, I hope that everyone of my parents that have been in my classes see that in me. I have loved their children and have enjoyed being a part of their very speical growing up years! It is so nice to run into children I have had in class when they are 8-10 years old. It is such a blessing to have been part of their young lives! God is so good to me. It wll be a sad day, but I am thankful for the years he has allowed me to touch so many lives!