Cleaning Day….

27 05 2010

I have had a lot of people ask me about my cleaning day.  For those that don’t know, I clean my entire house in one day and then just do “damage control” the rest of the week.  The reason for this is two fold….it helps sooo much with homeschooling.  I know what needs to be done and when, but it has also helped my marriage.  It ministers to my husband when he is home on the weekends…..he doens’t want me cleaning the whole weekend.  But he also likes his home to be clean and orderly.

So for those that care…here is how I do it.  You can do this lots of ways, this way just works for me.


I have a basket in the room I am cleaning with me.  I first fill it with anything that doesn’t belong in that room.  I de-clutter all counter tops and put away anything on them.

I fill both my sinks with cleaner and hot water ( I use Lysol Multi formula). I take apart my stove and put all the pieces of it in one of the sinks of cleaner and water.  I let them soak while I continue with the kitchen.  I then use a rag and the other sink of water to wash down all the cabinets in the kitchen.  (pay close attention to the door knobs and inside too).  This will usually take off any sticky fingers and drips from cooking.  I then clean all the counters with the cleaner.  I use a spray bottle mixed with vinegar and water to clean the outside of the oven, dishwasher, microwave  (also use to clean the inside too), refrigerator and stove. 

I wash and dry all the pieces to the stove and put it back together.  I then sweep the kitchen (do not wash yet).

I then move onto the bathroom.  I spray the tub with Lysol foaming cleanser and leave it to soak for a minute.  While that is soaking I use the spray bottle (mixed with vinegar and water) to spray down the toilet. Now if you have little boys (or big boys…LOL) that sometimes miss …..this will take out the pee smell!!!!!  I spray the entire area…including the wall behind the toilet. I then wipe it down with paper towel.  I clean the tub (that has been soaking in cleaner).  I then take down all towels and hand towels and remove all rugs.  These all go down to the laundry and I start them in the washer.  I then clean the mirrors and sink ( I use the spray bottle for all these).  I then sweep the floor and move onto the next room.

Next, I move onto the bedrooms.  Now, these are already straighten up (the kids have done with while I was doing the kitchen) so I just dust them ( I use the same water that I did the cabinets in the kitchen with) and swiffer the floors ( make sure you clean under each bed too)  Everything else has been done by the kids.  I also make sure I wash down the window stills etc. 

Then I move onto the school room. I don’t have to clean up much in here because the kids did it while I was cleaning the bathroom.  I do have to first straighten the 2 adult desks.  I de-clutter and put all papers away etc.  (This doesn’t take as long as it seems to do….if you do it every week the work load is light.  If you haven’t done it in a while, I would do it the night before the big clean, so you don’t get slowed down.).   I first dust the whole room…this room has sooo much dusting….it drives me crazy…LOL.  Then I sweep the floors and swiffer them.  (Do not wash the floors yet).

I then move onto the Family Room. I first dust the whole room. I clean the door wall glass (always full of little finger prints).  Don’t forget I am bringing my basket with me to every room and filling it with ANYTHING that doesn’t belong in that room.  I make sure all DVDs are put back….children’s games etc. (This also doesn’t take long because you have been cleaning up the toys at the end of every night).

Now it is time for the floors. I have already swept and swiffered each room. I now fill up my bucket and mop all the rooms.  I start in the kitchen, move to the school room and bedrooms. The bathroom is always done last in my house…I don’t like to use the water after doing the bathroom floors. I then vacuum the family room. ( Pulling out couches etc. to get under them, pulling of cushions and cleaning under them).

I now move to the basement.  The children have already cleaned up all the toys so I just do a quick dusting and vacuum.  I only clean the basement bathroom every other week.  So if that needs to be done, I do it.

I now put away all the cleaning supplies and things in my basket. 

Things to remember….if you have ciling fans, don’t forget to dust them.  If you have mirrors, make sure you clean them.  If you have rugs in other rooms, make sure you take them to the wash.

Now, put on a cup of tea and sit down and relax!!!  Enjoy your clean house for about…..15 mins. if you are lucky. 🙂

Diet….new lifestyle?

27 03 2010

We could use your prayers over the next several weeks.  We are starting our sweet Owen and the Feingold Diet……”ummmmm, what is that?”  You might be thinking.  Well, up until a week ago I was right with you!  I had no idea what this could be.  But after a lot of research, a lot of conversations with people and prayer, Dave and I decided this may be what our family needs to do.

First, this is a diet known as the “ADHD diet or ADD diet”.  Now, this maybe the name it has been tagged as, doesn’t mean that is the only reason people do it.  It has shown success in helping children with ear infections, sensitive skin and speech delays.  All in which our young 2 year old son has.  He is also very active and has a “short fuse” as some would say (these two are totally normal for a child at his age). 

So, how is this diet different than your current diet?  Well, to start, he isn’t to eat anything that has artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, artificial Preservatives or aspartame.  Well, doesn’t sound too bad huh?  Well, it pretty much includes anything found in a box 🙂  There are somethings, actually many things, that are approved for him to eat.  They just take some searching to find 🙂

I was surprised how many things I was already doing right according to the “diet”.  I make my own bread, we don’t eat a lot of boxed snacks or fruit snacks etc.  I cook almost every dinner from scratch.  The only problem was I was starting with the “wrong” stuff!  You have to use real vanilla….no artifical!  You have to use only non-bleached whole wheat flour with no additives or junk in it.  etc.  Well, after cleaning our my baking cupboard I am ready for my big cooking day tomorrow to start our week off 🙂

So, here are some of our meals planned out:


Homemade pancakes with real maple syrup and bananas


Old Fashion Oatmeal with maple syrup to flavor it

Eggs (made with only whole milk and butter)


Peanut butter (natural) with banana, on homemade bread, and yogurt

Banana bread with a smoothie

( I don’t have anything else on my list for this one yet) 😦


Homemade Chicken nuggets, 2 veggies and potatoes

Grilled chicken on a salad ( I can’t find a dressing yet that is approved!  if I can’t find one then no dressing for Owen).

Turkey burgers (on homemade bread, no ketchup or mustard), fruit and veg

(so far that is all on my list)


Lots of fruit, smoothies, Annie Homegrown cracker snacks, homemade cookies

To drink:

Pineapple Juice (they say to stay away from apples for the first few weeks, then add them in later if your child can handle them)

Pear Juice

We got him a natural toothpaste with no artificial coloring or flavoring in it too.

So far that is all I have.  I am a little overwhelmed.  I have some meals in my freezer we will use up, but just give Owen something different.  After I get that all used up  I will be able to make all the dinners using only things that are approved 🙂

So, please pray for us!  Please pray for God to give us wisdom.  If this doesn’t “fix” some of our problems that is okay…..we may have just picked up some great new habits as a family!

30 Day Challenge!

14 11 2009

Come on ladies join me and others as we take the 30 day challenge.  It all started last night while talking to my friend Anna Lee,  we both wanted to kick start our health.  We will both be 30 (we are 2 days apart) next year and wanted to do something for our big day.  One thing that has been keeping us from being what God wants is our health. 

So we are doing a 30 day challenge by Jillian Michaels! (Jillian Michael’s 30 day Shred) starting November 30th.  Please join us.  Go to and get your DVD, it is on sale for 9 dollars and free shipping.  It will take 20 mins. a day for 30 days.  We will do level 1 for 10 days, level 2 for 10 days and level 3 for the final days.

At the end I hope to have a good start on my health.  I don’t want to ‘look good’ or be ‘thin’.  I want to honor God with my body.  I want to be healthy for my husband and my little ones that depend on me. 

So if you want to join please let me know, if you are on FB we have a group!  Hope you will be joining us 🙂

Why do you home school?

9 11 2009

What a loaded question!  I get this question often and thought I should make a post on it….mostly just to get my thoughts down on it.

 Homeschooling  is hard!  It wasn’t an easy choice for our family, we have 4 young children (one only a few months old).  After much prayer we decided it was the best choice for us this year.

First we didn’t love the public school our son was to attend.  We didn’t like their school scores, curriculum choices etc.  There was a lot that we didn’t approve of so we decided to look into other options.

After looking into private school we found one we really liked.  It is about 25 mins. from my home.  This is a distance (making it 50 mins. round trip to drop off and 50 mins. round trip to pick up….almost 2 hours a day in the car….almost 10 hours a week!).  This wasn’t a great option for us.  We felt it wasn’t fair to our younger children to be in a car almost 2 hours a day.  They needed time to play, interact and learn themselves.  I can not parent in the car like I can at home with them.  Also, it was costly (even with the pastor discount) for our family. 

Homeschooling seemed like the best choice for us.  I could home school in the same amount of time I would have spent in the car just getting them to school and home.  Now, I get to pick out their curriculum, see them learn, instill some character qualities we wanted for them learn this year (we didn’t feel we would have the time with them in school)  and save money 🙂  My younger children get to interact with us during school and enjoy the many fun things we are doing.  We all get to spend time with daddy when he is home during the week (his schedule is a little crazy some days), we also get to spend time as a family in the evening and not worry about homework 🙂  I know they don’t have a lot of homework in K but we knew it would get more time intensive as the years went on, something we didn’t want to really mess with.

Now, homeschooling is working for us.  This doesn’t mean it is for everyone!  It can be hard some days, it can make you cry some days and want to pull your hair out.  But the days when you get to see it “click” with your child, them look at you and tell you how much they love you and love that you are their teacher, the days you get to watch their minds open up to different world cultures etc. make it all worth it!  It has been an amazing year so far!  One that I am so happy with, God has truly blessed us and we are so happy we have this opportunity with our children!  Thank you Lord, you have been so good to us.


11 12 2008

Perseverance…what does that mean?  I feel that God has shown this character trait in my husband.  Dave has worked so hard over the past 8 years and I am so proud of him and all that the Lord has done in his life.  He stuck it out when times got difficult.

At 18 Dave graduated high school and became engaged (to me of course).  A young man with a heart to be married young and succeed in life…two things that society says doesn’t happen often.  We had so many people say that he would never finish school, he would drop out etc.  Dave said no that would not happen.  We wait 1.5 years to marry and at the age of 20 he and I married.  At the age of 21 he became a father.  Then only 3 months later he graduated with his Bachelors.  He then moved us to Louisville, Ky to dedicated himself to the learning all that he could about ministry so that he could effectively serve Christ in His church.  A year into seminary he became a father again at the age of 23.  He still continued to work hard to provide for us and study.  Two years later and we have our second son at the age of 25.  Now at the age of 26 he is graduating with his Master of Divinity.  He has given so much to us as a father and husband and still has been able to receive his degree.

My husband has persevered when it was hard and I mean HARD.  God continued to give him strength and direction.  He gave up sleep, sports, free time and fun to be the father and husband we needed.  He made sure our needs were met before his own.  He loved us enough to give up everything he had for us.  At Christmas or birthdays he would give me all the gift cards or money he has received and told me to get what the kids and I needed.  He never went and bought things he wanted, he made sure the needs were met first in our home.  He made sure his children knew who he was and that they are loved by him.

I am so proud to say I am his wife! I am so thankful for the man that God gave to me to lead our home and someday lead His church.  God used Dave a young husband and father to do what society says doesn’t happen.  We can’t count the times we were told…if you have kids you won’t finish school or if you do this you won’t get your degree. 

We are so thankful to God for His direction in our lives and home.

Congratulations Dave!  I am so proud of you!  Tomorrow is the BIG day and I can’t wait to see you walk on that stage, I know that I will have tears in my eyes because for a brief moment I will get to see you receive a piece of paper you have worked so long and hard for.  What I can’t wait to see is all the knowledge you bring into a church…that is what I look forward to.  I can’t wait to see how God will use that “piece of paper” for His glory for years to come.

Week 1 Day 3

13 08 2008

We are in our first week of school and on day 3 and things are going AWESOME!  Isaac keeps asking to do more and then even more!  We are making him stop after we do what we are scheduled to do for 2 reasons.  1. I don’t want him to get burned out and 2. We don’t want to go too fast that Gracelyn can’t keep up.

We really do enjoy Sonlight.  The only thing is that we switch books so quick, but we are getting used to that.  They love Handwriting without tears, even though Grace cried on the first day.  😦  Other than that it is going great….I really love the program and they “get it”.  Isaac understand why we have Frog Jump capitals and they LOVE the chalk boards!

100 Easy lessons for reading is going great just as before.  We didn’t do any of it over the summer (almost 3 months) and Isaac picked right back up on it.  We just had to review a few sounds etc (vowels, the hard ones for him).  I think he is reading at about a mid K level, at least.  Hard to tell because each state has their own grading system on reading.  In Michigan where I was taught he would be at about a .5-1 on the scale.  I am happy with that.

Math is taking some time to get back into.  The new schedule is hard to get used to, but it is working so I can not complain.  We did switch just a few things around to make the day go smoother and it worked!  So we will keep taking it one day at a time.

Just wanted to let everyone know how it is going!

Detox Day #2

15 07 2008

I am so hungry!!!!  I am craving everything I am not supposed to.  You know, FAT, CALORIES, CARBS…the list goes on and on.  I have very little energy and I am a little shaky.  Everything the books says will happen when your body is getting rid of junk in it.

I am not sure how I am going to wait tables tonight….God please give me the energy!  Hopefully eating the fruit all day today will help.  The protein drink yesterday was HORRIBLE!!!!!  I can’t say more about that.

Day 3 tomorrow and it is the last one!

The Fruit Flush…3 day detox

14 07 2008

Okay I am on day one of the 3 day fruit flush.  This is a 3 day plan to detox your body of all the nasty build up…artifical sweeteners, colorings in foods etc.  Also, it is to give your body a kick start with fat loss.

So I am on day one and I have to drink this protein mix every two hours.  It gives you all your calories and minerals you need for the day….it just tastes horrible!!!  Then for dinner we have 3-6 cups of fresh (raw) veggies with olive oil and lean chicken or fish with it.  Today is to prep your body for the flush that will take place on day 2 and 3…for me that will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will let you know how it goes….good news is that Dave is doing it with me….nothing like a spouse helping you along.

Trans fat, Health and Little Ones

15 05 2008

I have been trying to be a good steward of my kiddo’s and my husband’s health by making our home Trans fat free and  White Flour free.  This has become a harder task then I thought it would be.  The whole trans fat thing is so hard to understand….Does 0 g. of trans fat the same as trans fat free?  I stilll can not find a report that lists this!  Also, I buy only whole wheat breads, but I make a lot of breads as well and I haven’t found any recipies that don’t use any white flour in them.

TIP: Did you know that in all baking recipes you can use 1/2 whole wheat flour and 1/2 white flour (make it equal the total amount of flour the recipe calls for) and not have to change the recipes at all?  That is how I make all pancakes, muffins, cookies, cakes etc.  Ask Dave’s friend and Brian and he will tell you the chocolate chips cookies taste even better that way.

So, I am on a mission that seems endless!  I know that it is, but I feel very overwhelmed by it all.  Not just the food we eat but the impression I am making on my kids.  I don’t want them to fear food or fear fat.  Neither of these things are bad.  I want them to have a healthy understanding of the foods we eat and what they do for our bodies.  I want them to love the foods that God gave us to enjoy, but I also want them to understand why some foods in big quantities are not good for them.  I also want them to respect their bodies which one day I pray will be a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Now here is the hard part… do I show and teach them without helping a long an eating disorder?  Here are some things we are doing:

1. Allow them to have the fun foods (fries, chicken nuggets etc.) but we choose the location.  Chick Fil A was ranked #1 fast food chain by Men’s Health because it have no trans fat and not one of their combo meals has over 500 calories!  Wow!

2. One third of our grocery money is on fruits and veggies.  This makes it so we have 2 veggies at each meal, one meat and a complex carb.

3. Only buying whole wheat foods.

4. Not telling them EVERY reason why I don’t want them to eat certain foods.  They are told that we are to fill our bodies with healthy foods and treat our bodies to “junk” foods.  This way they don’t say something to someone else that is eating something and they don’t fear the foods.  As they grow we will teach them about different fats etc.

5. When I go out to the gym they will tell you “mommy is making her heart strong”.  We never say we are trying to lose weight or that mommy or daddy needs to lose weight or we need to ‘get in shape’.  We make sure this is NOT talked about in front of them.  We want to make sure they have a very healthy attitude about body image especially at this young age.

Now, this is not enough, if you have any ideas please post them, I would love to hear them!

Fot Those Who Just Couldn’t Wait to Know….

14 03 2008

Okay, the truth is only one person probally was really wanting to know and he already knows :-).   I got the job!!!!  Yeah, God is so good.  This looks like it is going to be a really good fit for my family.  I will do 2-3 shifts a week and NO Sundays!!!!  

 Thank you to everyone that kept us in your prayers.