Baby Food…For my friend Molly

25 11 2008

My friend Molly asked for some ideas on making baby food, I have made most of our baby food for our 3 children when they were babies.  I have learned a few things and thought I would pass them on.

If you have never made baby food before it is really easy.  1. peel your fruit, if needed, then add to some water and boil.  After it is VERY soft let it cool for a little bit (about 15 mins or so), then add to a blender and puree (for younger babies), less for older babies.  Then add to ice cube trays and freeze.  After frozen pop out and put in a Freezer bag, (make sure it is a freezer bag!) and keep for 3-6 months.  Most ice cube trays are 1 oz, so you know how much you have.

I would do a bunch of stuff on one day (maybe 3-4 hours of time) and make enough food for 2 months for my little ones!

Now here are some little tips I have learned as I have gone. 

1. Buy fresh when you can.  Pears, bananas, berries, peaches, avocado etc. 

2. Don’t make homemade apples.  It is so much cheaper and faster to just buy the big jar of unsweetened applesauce.

3. Don’t make bananas ahead of time, then turn REALLY yucky.  So just mash one up as needed.

4. Beware of making meat.  It might just be me, but it was HORRIBLE!!!  Now it could be that I was preg. when my second when I made this for my first, but I still to this day can not look at pureed turkey!

5. Get creative!  Go to the baby aisle and look to see what Gerber etc. has put together to be a meal.  THen just go and buy the stuff to make it at home.

6. Be care of making Carrots at home because of the possible high nitrates they could have.  We just bought these in the baby food jars, because they are already tested to make sure they are at a safe level.

Enjoy!  If you need more ideas, please leave a comment and I will respond.

Coming to an end? Can it really be?

20 11 2008

Well, I am in shock that Seminary is coming to a close.  In just a few short weeks my husband will make his way across the stage to receive his diploma.  This has been kind of hard to believe.  Seminary has been a time of growth for us, not only spiritual but physically and emotionally as well.  Our family has grown while here, and this is the only home they have ever known.

We arrived here with a 3 month old baby.  Neither one of us had ever been away from “home”.  We were married young and here we were 22 and 23 years old.  We were still learning to be parents and had lots of questions, but no one to answer them.  I am really close to my family and didn’t know if I was going to make it those first 6 months.  Then God brought two wonderful dear friends into my life.  Michelle and Rebekah become the people that I needed.  We were all here for the first time.

Then this place started to become home.  We bought our first home, we added another baby and then another baby.  We knew the streets in and out, we knew our Church family so well.  This place had become our home.  We made more friends, we shared in their lives and they shared in our lives.  They have left their mark in our hearts and lives forever.

Now, it seems to be coming to an end.  It seemed so far away at the beginning of this semester, but now it seems to be here so quickly!  We are packing up boxes and books, books and more books.  I never could have imagined how many books we would leave here with!!!!  We are making plans for our place of ministry.  (I can’t wait to be able to post about it here soon).

Please be in prayer for us as we end our time here.  We will have many sad goodbyes said and many joyful tears as we think about the fun we have had.  Please pray for God’s wisdom in our job situation.  Dave is needing a transfer with UPS and the first attempt was denied.  The second attempted will go in early next week, please pray for us in this.

Christmas 2008 Pictures

13 11 2008
Gracelyn 3 years

Gracelyn 3 years

Isaac 4 Years
Isaac 4 Years



Owen 16 Months

Owen 16 Months













God’s perfect timing.

11 11 2008

Our family is in this weird time right now.  Our home is sold and now we are justing waiting on God to provide the jobs that he has called for us to do.  Please pray for my husband and his wisdom right now, please pray that God gives him clear direction to where He wants us to serve him.  Thank you so much for your prayers.

No Training Wheels

6 11 2008

A few weeks ago one of Isaac’s training wheels broke.  So today he was riding in the court and I noticed he wasn’t even using the one that he had.  So when Dave got home we took it off and off he went!!!!

He is riding up and down the driveway around the court…everywhere!  We are so proud of him!  My dad said that is exactly how I was…he just took them off and off I went and I was only 4 years old as well.

I will try and post a video or picture soon.  He just seems so grown up now.