20 09 2010

This is our second time doing preschool in a set.  This means that we school two children together.  Isaac and Grace (now ages 5 and 6) did this a couple of years ago…and now we are doing it again with Ethan and Owen (ages 1 and 3).  The younger boys will do this for a couple of years 🙂

Now, what does preschool look like for us?  Well, it really isn’t much of “school” it is more like organized play with mommy :).  We usually read a book, do a craft, sing a song and play with a toy.

So, here is a look into our 30 mins. preschool play.

First mama reads us a book.  She puts me in this chair to keep me from crawling all over the place. 🙂

Today we learned about apples, so we made apple trees. 🙂  I am very proud of my work. (Mommy doesn’t know why this picture is so small).

Then we got to taste and smell an apple!  We learned a lot about apples today.  🙂

Vacations…(part 2)

9 09 2010

Owen with sweet baby Leila

Ethan and Leila say……” We love when the Wheatley, Ayers and Ferraros get together.”

We have had a great summer with our family.  In late July me and the kids made a visit to Louisville to see some friends.  We had a great time, as we always do!  There was a lot of swimming….lots of games….lots of laughs….lots of fun!!!!

Owen loved having the water thrown in his face

The 6 year olds....Isaac, Dylan and Ballard

The 5 year olds....Gracelyn, Nathan and McKay

The 5 year olds……Gracelyn, Nathan and McKay

The babies.....Haley, Ethan and Leila

The 3 year olds....(In two pics, some how I missed getting one of all 3 boys)....Jaden and Owen

Owen and Edward

The whole group....the best picture you are going to get with 12 children 6 and under 🙂

 We had such a great time!  We thank the Wheatley’s for allowing us to stay with them.  I truly love this friendship between us.  God has given me some wonderful friends!  I praise Him.

Vacations…Summer 2010 (Part 1)

7 09 2010

We love to take vacations with our children.  We truly love being with them.  Our vacations this year were split up a bit, instead of 2 long weeks, Dave took 4 half weeks.  We really loved this!  It allowed us to do short trips with the kids as well as gave us lots to look forward to.

Our first vacation was to a Family Retreat for our church.  Dave taught one of the breakout sessions.  After 4 day of camping there, we decided to take the rest of the week and just relax at a campsite with just our family.  This was a perfect week of 1/2 work and 1/2 family time.

Owen loved digging for bugs. 🙂

Isaac collecting shells

Mommy and her sweet baby boy Ethan

My wonderful daughter

 For our next vacation we headed up north to Mackinaw City.  We had such a great time….we camped, rode bikes, shopped, went to the U.P for fireworks and went to the fort.  Lots of wonderful memories were made.

In front the bridge

Isaac dressed like a Revolutionary Soldier

My Grace playing in the water

Isaac playing in the water

Owen loved the sand and water

Ethan even enjoyed the water

The kids running the boardwalk in the U.P.

Mommy and her Owen at the fireworks

Such a happy baby!!!!

He was so excited to be able to run the boardwalk....You couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

Summer Birthdays…..

7 09 2010

Sorry it has taken me so long to finally get the birthday pictures up.  I do have a good reason…..well, kind of one.  We bought a new camera early this year….and well…..I don’t know how to put the pictures up.  😦  Dave had to do it for me.

So, let’s start with my little princess.  Grace turned 5 this year and choose a Strawberry Shortcake birthday.  🙂  She had a great time with her friends and brothers. 🙂

We surprised Grace with a new kitchen table and dishes.

 Shortly after Grace turned 5 our son Owen turned 3.  Wow!  Really can my baby boy be 3.  He celebrated by having a Go Diego Go party!  This party was a month late because Owen got very sick the weekend of his party. 


The children made Diego vests, then went on an Animal Rescue!  Lots of fun.

Dave set up a course for the kids to the end they had to rescue a stuffed animal. He is such an awesome daddy!!!

As hard as it is for me to believe that Grace is 5 and Owen is 3….the thought that Ethan is 1 is super hard!!!!  My baby boy has grown into such a sweet little boy.  We celebrated his birthday with a Thing 4 is turning 1.  It was a Dr. Seuss birthday party.

Things 1 to 4. 🙂


The Cat in the Hat cake table


The food table was based on Green Eggs and Ham

Ethan opening his gifts

Ethan having his cake...yummy.

I praise God for my wonderful blessings.  He is so good to me, I look at these children and just can’t believe He has given them to us to raise. 

We love you kiddos!  Thank you for being apart of our family.