Stewardship: With the Cost of Having a Baby

24 02 2008

Okay, I know this post is late, we have had a few things come up with our family and kids that had to get taken care of.  So here is the final post on the topic of Stewardship.  This is an interesting one and one that I have had to work very had on.  With 3 small children all in a few years and my husband only working part-time I had to come up with ideas and put them into action fast.  Here is what I do to be a good steward with our money when it comes to rasing a small child(ren).

1. I use cloth diapers. Now before you skip over this one and move on to #2 hear me out.  This has been the #1 way for me to save money in our home.  Please see my post on Cloth Diapering for more info here, I have lots on this topic!

2. I make my own baby food when I can.  When my baby starts to eat solids I smash a banana in a bowl and feed it to them, I buy sweet potatos and cook them and blend them til smooth, I buy the big jar of unsweetened applesauce and use that instead of the gerber etc. (it is the same thing). 

3. I try to find cheep antibotics when they get sick….now I don’t mean cheaper quality, I mean cheaper price.  At Meijer our local food store they do FREE antibotics on the 6 most popular for kids!  Then Walmart and Kroger do $5.oo on most.  It is an easy way to cut back on costs for medical expenses.

4.Buy your kids clothes on sale and clearance for the next year.  Now I know many of you are going to say,”But I don’t know what size they are going to be, it is hard to tell.”  You are right, but after the age of 2 most kids will wear one size long enough to go the year in it.  For example most kids will wear a 3t for 10-12 months then move to 4t or a 4.  So, my son is in a 3t now, I am buying 4’s for next year.  Grace is in a 2t now, so I will put her in a 3t next year etc.  You can get close enough, anyway the look for boys is a little big.  So if you aren’t sure always buy a little big, than a little small.

5.  BE HONEST!!!!  Do you really need the matching shoes, bows and purse for your little toddlers outfit?  Maybe for Easter or Christmas, but not everyday.  We try to buy a pair of dress shoes that will go with all her church clothes for that season, so we don’t have to buy 3-4 pairs of shoes for one season of nice clothes.  When a season is getting ready to start (like spring here in a few weeks) I get out their bin of clothes that I bought last year and I put them in piles.  I see excally how many shirts I have, shoes, t-shirts etc.  I then make a list of everything each child needs for that next season.  I carry that list with my wallet, and when I see something on sale or at a good price, I pull out my list and see if they need it.  If they don’t I don’t get it, this keeps me from over buying.  I like to have an entires week worth of clothes per child per season.  I only do their wash once a week, so I need to make sure I have enough, but not too much.

 I hope this has helped you out!  Please remember to send in those recipes to  I will start posting them this week!!!!


21 02 2008

I haven’t posted much about my little man lately.  He is a happy little 7 month old, at 6 months he was 16 lbs. 2 oz and almost 27 inches long!  He started crawling at 6 months already and “talks” non-stop!!!!

He is such a joy, has anyone else noticed how easy #3 is?  My dad said it is because they don’t have a choice, but to be good kids.  I have to agree.  He is not the best sleeper in the world, but he has been going from 8pm-5or 6 am this past week!  I am feeling like a new mom now.  I just love it.

He is such a sweet little man, so kind and gentle and LOVES his big brother and sister.  Gracelyn makes sure that he doesn’t go without too much, she loves to be the mommy of the group!  Isaac is sure to teach him about spiderman, bibleman and anything else that is a superhero!

Little Conversations With a “Just” turned 4 Year Old.

21 02 2008

Here are some little things my little man has said over the past few weeks:

Mom: Isaac you need to stay in your own bed at night time, Okay?

I: I know mama, but I love to come and sleep with you and daddy.

M: I know you do, but you need to stay in your own room.

I: Okay I will, you are just my bestfriend and I love you so much.

M: Oh, hunny I love you too.

Here is another:

This one is with his daddy.  Dave is doing a study on Muslims for a class at the Southern Seminary and he has to spend time learning about the religon etc.

After eating at an Iraqi resteraunt, they were invited back to talk to some of the men.  Dave had already explained to Isaac that they have a “pretend” god and only Jesus is the true Lord.

I: Daddy, are we all done now?

D: Yes, Isaac we are all done.

I: Daddy, you didn’t tell them about Jesus the True God yet, we have to do that first.

D: Oh, Isaac I love your heart, but we need to be friends with them frist, then tell them about Jesus.

I: Okay, we will do it next time, Okay?

Isaac is my little missionary kid.  He tells everyone about Jesus and how He died for their sins.  Even the kids at Chick fil A.  It is really sweet.

Come on Send them in!!!

21 02 2008

Come on ladies (and men) send in those recipes!!!!!  I can’t wait to read them.   I have a few to post and I will get them up starting on Monday.  So please send in those family favorites this weekend.

 Happy Cooking

Calling All Cooks!

18 02 2008

I am going to start for a few weeks posting some recipes that are short on time but big hits with our families. Most of my best recipes have come from other moms and I want you to have them as well.

So please send me your families favorites to Please include the recipe, your website if you have one (I will link it to the recipe), how long it takes and if it freezes well. Let’s try to pick recipes that don’t take too long to make….I don’t mind them taking hours to cook, as long as the prep time is short.

So ladies (men you too if your the cook in your home) send those in! Don’t forget we all like to have quick, tasty desserts as well. I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Fun in the Snow!

12 02 2008

Here we got 6 inches of snow!  Now, we don’t get snow very often, so this is a big event for us.  On top of the snow we got 1 inch of ice.  This doesn’t make for fun snow, you know the kind you can really play in and all.  Well, when Dave was cleaning off the cars this morning I gave him a big bucket and he filled it with the soft snow that was under the ice.  I took the snow and put it in the sink.

The kids loved playing in the snow with their gloves at the sink.  They got to have fun and we were able to keep baby Owen inside where it was warm.

 Happy Birthday to my little boy he is 4 today!!!!!!

God Is So Good

11 02 2008

Well, we had Gracelyn’s Dr. appointment today and things went really well. Regardless of what the doctors had to say, I knew that my God is good all the time.   The did x-rays of her hips and they came back looking great.  Her range of motion is still not 100% on her left hip, so the dr. wants to see her back in 3-4 months to re-do the x-rays.  We are not out the woods completly, but we are steps from the edge!  Praise God. 

 If she starts to limp again or walk funny we are to bring her back in earlier.  The dr. did say that many children seem to not have it (expecially because Grace is so young) and come back a few months later and have it show up on the x-rays.

Thank you to everyone that prayed for my little girl! 

Update on Grace

7 02 2008

We are on day 7 of motrin and there seems to some improvemnt during the day, but she is still having troubles at night time.  She now seems to walk a little different, not always a limp etc.  We still go to the dr.’s on Monday and will see what they have to say about everything then.

 Please continue to pray for her and us.  Yesterday she was praying and said, ” God please make my leg all better.”  It brought tears to my eyes.  She is not in any pain, but she knows that we are constantly praying for her leg and her healing.


4 02 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

We come to you guys asking for prayers for our little girl Gracelyn. Many of you may know that last Wednesday Jan. 30 Grace starting limping in the evening. Thinking that she had fallen at church or something we thought nothing of it. She wasn’t crying or anything. Then on Thursday it continued like the night before. Then on Friday Dave and I decided that she needed to be taken in just in case it was broken.

They did x-rays etc. and found no break. The Dr. thought it could maybe be an inflamation of the hip and joint (which would cause the limping). They put her on Motrin every 6-8 hours for the weekend and we were to return if it hadn’t improved. Over the weekend it had gotten worse and by Sunday night her left foot was turned in.

We took her back into the dr. today and they decided she needed to be seen by a Children’s Orthopaedic Doctor. Our Pediatrician thought that it could be a “toddler fracture” That is when they break a bone but it can’t be seen on an x-ray. They got us an appointment for 3pm.

Dave met me up there and the dr.s there thought it was broken for sure and that it might be higher up in her femur bone (upper leg). So they did some more x-rays (the original ones were only of the lower leg and foot). After the x-rays came back the dr. came and talk to me (Dave was in the playroom with Isaac and Owen). She said that she really wanted it to be broken and she had other dr.’s look at the x-rays as well and they could not find a break. She said that she wanted us to continue with the motrin for another 6 days to rule out the inflamation of the hip and joints.

She then said that she is leaning toward Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. She said that Grace is a little young for it, but the ealier they get it the better off it is for them. This is when the top of the femur bone starts to die because the body stops sending blood to it. It is not life threating and it has a good rate of regrowing itself and being normal again.

She said she wants to see Gracelyn back on Monday, and if the limp is the same or worse and her foot is still turned in (kids turn the foot in to compensate for the pain and the loss of movement in the joint etc) they will send her for an MRI at the Children’s hospital here in Louisville.

We ask for your prayers on our little girl, we ask that you pray that God will heal her and that His glory will be done it all of it. Please pray that the mortrin treatment works and that it is only an inflamation of the hip and joint. We know that God is in control and that His Will will be done and will work out for those who love Him.

Thank you for your prayers, we will update after next Monday’s appointment. Unless God heals her this week and we can cancel the appointment!