File Folder Games

24 01 2011

I have heard so many things about file folder games…..but I have never really felt they would be of much value to our home school.  Most of the file folder games I had come across were only for preschool age children.  Then after talking to a friend on-line I decided to do some more investigating on these things. 

I am HOOKED!!!! We love them.  All of my children are able to work on concepts in a new and fun way.  The best part is that they are almost FREE!!! I say almost because we had to go and buy the file folders….we got 100 for 6 dollars and we had to buy laminate paper, also pretty cheap.  All in all these things are great. 

The site I used to get these great file folder games is  Here are some step by step instructions on how we put them together. 🙂 

After printing all the pages on-line I cut them out. 🙂 This is not a fun task, but it is well worth it.  Then I laminated the games pieces.

After finishing all the games pieces I moved onto the file folders.  I glued on what needed to be on the inside of the file folder.  I then laminated those as well and cut them out.

Here is Gracie playing the Rain Drop game.  This one works on the sounds PL, BL, SH and CH. 🙂

Here is the Cupcake Counting game.  This is the front of the folder.

Here is the inside of the Cupcake counting game.  Notice that the numbers are not in order, this helps the child learn the numbers and not the order.  But if you want them to learn the order then see below…… 🙂

I attached the cupcakes with the numbers with velcro 🙂 This way I can move the numbers around….I can put them in order, I can mix them up or I can put all the odd on oneside and even on the other.

This is one of my favorites!  This one is for practice with telling time. 🙂

This is the inside of Who Knows What Time it is?  The owl heads spin to show what time it is (See left hand side).  The right shows what it looks like before the child checks the answer.

Here is Isaac practicing his time telling skills. 🙂

This game is Space Rhymes 🙂 Another very fun game.

This game is for the younger child.  This is a color matching game….perfect for my youngest homeschoolers. 🙂

This is the last one I made last night….but not least!  It is Acorn Addition.  A great game to help reinforce math facts. 

I have really enjoyed making these and seeing my children enjoy them so much. They are a great game to throw in the diaper bag for waits in the dr.s office etc.  I love that I can make them custom for my children…..we are thinking of making one for skip counting and money next. 🙂 

I hope you will give them a try. Even if you don’t home school you can create these for your children to help with their current studies. 🙂  Have fun!

Recorder…..Homeschool Co-op

21 01 2011

This year we are in a home school co-op and I have to say…WE LOVE IT!!!!  We all go on Thursdays from 9:30 until 2 pm.  The kids each have 5 classes, lunch and chapel.  There are 65 families and they are all amazing. 🙂  The kids are learning so much and have enjoyed being with other children. 🙂

One class I am very happy with is Recorder class.  Isaac is learning music theory and how to play the recorder.  He is doing so well and I am very happy with the instruction that is being given to him.  This past month he played on stage for us during chapel and for the Showcase.  Here are some pics of my sweet boy. (Yes, he is that big already….if anyone knows how to slow this stage down, please let me know).  🙂

Isaac playing Hot Cross Buns on stage during chapel time.  Next to him on right is his friend Caleb.

Here Isaac is playing Mary Had a Little Lamb for showcase night. 🙂


21 01 2011

This past year Isaac and Grace were on a bowling league with my sister’s two youngest children.  We had a great time! 

Grace watching her ball go SLOWLY down the lane.

Picture #1……..there goes the ball……..

Picture #2………A strike! 🙂 One happy boy.

Brody did a great job! 🙂  (This is my nephew that is 10 hours younger than Isaac)

Christmas :)

21 01 2011

We had such a wonderful Christmas!  We don’t take for granted that the Lord has placed us near our family during this season of life.  We never know when the Lord will move us, so we are trying very hard to spend lots of time with them. 

The kids had such a wonderful time being with their cousins….we have 11 on my side alone.  10 of them are 8 and under….so there is always someone to play with 🙂

Isaac started off the season for us as Joseph in the Children’s Musical.

Ethan was all smiles 🙂 Here he is at 16 months old.  Such a sweet little boy.

The grandkids on my side.  We are only missing one… little sister’s son who is 10 months old.

Lunch time at Gramma’s house.  🙂

Candle light service at our church.  Isaac was very excited to be old enough to hold his own candle.

Grace is one happy little girl!  Tangled was an exciting gift for her 🙂

Christmas Day…..Starts off kinda late for us.  We up very late at my aunt’s home so the kids usually sleep in.  We finally woke up around 9:30. 🙂  Daddy then read the Christmas story to the kids while they acted it out with our Fisher Price Manger.

Daddy reading the Christmas story. 🙂

Ethan very excited about his new shoes.

Owen with his new UPS plane. 🙂

Isaac very excited about his new guitar! 🙂

Gracie very excited about her Crayon Maker.

Ethan is very tired after a long day. 🙂