Can I tell you something mama?

30 07 2008

My little Owen loves to tell me things….he is becoming such a great talker!  He says Mama, Dada, Isaac, Grace, Hi guys, bye, teeth and a few more I think.

He signs : more, milk, hat, flower, banana, shoes, all done and eat.

I can not believe how much he says and does to let us know what he wants and needs at such a young age (12 months).  He also has such a different personality!  When you tell him no he puts his head down and puts his lip out and whimpers, but then he obeys.  It is amazing how much “easier” he has been to  train at times…other things he is much harder at (like throwing his food)!

Just a little tidbit on my youngest man in the house.

A Busy Week….kinda.

29 07 2008

This week I am not posting much, maybe something tomorrow.  You ask WHY?  Let me tell you……my two oldest children are at CAMP!!!!  That is right from 9-2 everyday this week they are participating in an Olympic camp and they are loving it!

You would think I have lots of time to post etc….I could, but I have decided to plan their school year out, clean house and spend some one on one with my littlest, who seems to be getting bigger by the minute.

So I will try to keep up, but I am just having a little fun this week….tomorrow Owen and I are going to a Gymboree class and then lunch with another mom who also has her 2 older in camp…just us and the babies tomorrow!

Please Pray

23 07 2008

A little 2 year old boy was hit by a baseball bat at practice last night on a field near where Dave (my husband) was coaching.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital.  Please pray for this family, all the children that saw the incident and the players on near by fields that saw the ambulances, workers etc.

Dave sat his team down and prayed with the players for this child, God said No and that can be hard for us to take at times.  God’s glory is in this somewhere, we just can’t see it right now.

Please pray for everyone involved.

Detox Day #2

15 07 2008

I am so hungry!!!!  I am craving everything I am not supposed to.  You know, FAT, CALORIES, CARBS…the list goes on and on.  I have very little energy and I am a little shaky.  Everything the books says will happen when your body is getting rid of junk in it.

I am not sure how I am going to wait tables tonight….God please give me the energy!  Hopefully eating the fruit all day today will help.  The protein drink yesterday was HORRIBLE!!!!!  I can’t say more about that.

Day 3 tomorrow and it is the last one!

Homeschooling 2008-2009

14 07 2008

Yeah we had “white box” day at our home a few days ago.  That is when the new Sonlight books for the year come in the mail (always in a white box).  We are very excited!  The kids couldn’t put the books down.

We have decided to do Sonlight 4/5 with Gracelyn and Isaac.  We are going to school them together and I feel Gracelyn is more than ready even though she is 3 years.  The books look great and I think they are going to love doing school time.

For math we will continue with Math u See and Isaac will finish the Primer book before Christmas and then start Alpahand Grace will then start the Primer book then.  This is a GREAT program and I can not believe how much Isaac has learned from it.  He did 1/2 the book last year and he learned place value, counting, geometry and addition.  It is an amazing system.

For reading we are continueing with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Isaac will finish that book up by Christmas as well we hope.  He is doing such a great job with reading, he just isn’t very excited about it.  Grace can’t wait for her turn to start with it!  They are such different kids.

For handwriting both the kids will be doing Handwriting Without Tears K.  The system looks just perfect for my kids.  They are both hands on learners and do well getting to learn things with different approaches.

My new favorite book that I think all moms should get is the Manager of Their Homes, by Maxwell.   I got the honor of reading part of the book while home in Michigan for vacation and can not wait for my set to come any day!!!!  It is an amazing system to get your family all on a schedule and get tons of stuff done everyday.  This is what I needed this year….when the woman said “Do you ever feel like you clean one room while your children destroy the other room?”  I was on board and ready to hear what this homeschooling mom of 9 ( I believe that is right) had to say.

The Fruit Flush…3 day detox

14 07 2008

Okay I am on day one of the 3 day fruit flush.  This is a 3 day plan to detox your body of all the nasty build up…artifical sweeteners, colorings in foods etc.  Also, it is to give your body a kick start with fat loss.

So I am on day one and I have to drink this protein mix every two hours.  It gives you all your calories and minerals you need for the day….it just tastes horrible!!!  Then for dinner we have 3-6 cups of fresh (raw) veggies with olive oil and lean chicken or fish with it.  Today is to prep your body for the flush that will take place on day 2 and 3…for me that will be Tuesday and Wednesday.

I will let you know how it goes….good news is that Dave is doing it with me….nothing like a spouse helping you along.

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!

5 07 2008

It is hard to believe that my baby is one today.  It has been a year sense he was born and the doctor yelled “it’s a boy!”  I was in shock!  I could not believe that God had blessed me with another son.

His labor was my hardest, it was my longest, it was my most stressful, it was a day I would re-live all over again.  Owen is the sweetest baby I know.  He is such an easy going, fun loving and sweet child.  He is such a joy that I have nursery workers that fight over who gets to hold him and have him in their class.

Tomorrow we will celebrate his first birthday with over 45 people who love and care for him.  First birthdays are a big deal in our home.  We always come “home” to Michigan to celebrate them.  Our families are big and we love to have them here to share in this very important milestone in their lives.  We just love each one of our kids for their special personalities and differences.


Mommy is so thankful for you.  I am so blessed to be your mommy.  I thank God that He gave you to us to raise to be a man of God.  You have made our home a more special place, without you it would not be the same.   Thank you for being my son!  I love you kiddo,

Love, Mommy

Owen at Birth 7 lbs. 6 oz, 19.5 inches long

Owen at Birth 7 lbs. 6 oz, 19.5 inches long