29 11 2007

My little boy is a growing preschooler.  He will be 4 years old in about 2 months (this is really hard for us to believe!).  With that being said naps for him are getting shorter and farther apart.  He has napped twice this week, which is more than he has in weeks!  He is growing right now, so I will continue to have do “quiet” time everyday for about 1.5 hours.  He is starting to read pretty good, so now he that can read his own books we will make that his “slient” reading time.  Anyone with a new reader knows they don’t read very silently!  LOL.

THis had me really thinking today.  I am actually a little excited for him to be napping less.  I really enjoy having him around and he plays sooooo well by himself it is like he isn’t even up sometimes.  On some days I am counting down the minutes until the younger two go down for naps, but with an almost 4 year old I don’t count down those minutes.

Each age is amazing!  I am truly loving having my little “best” friend around during the day.

 Note: I am not my kids best friend when it comes to disapline etc.  His new thing is to tell you you are his bestfriend and tell you he loves you so much.  So at least 5-6 times a day he tells me “mama, you are my bestfriend”.  I treasure it, because it won’t be long and he will be asking me to drop him off a block from his friends house.

4 Months Already

27 11 2007

Well, with all that is going on with our families these days I forgot to post about Owen’s 4 month check up.  He is now 4.5 months (almost 5 months old).   He was 14 lbs. 9 oz. and 25 and 5/8 inches long.  So far he is the weight Grace was at 4 months and the length of Isaac.  It looks like we will have a long slim little man in the future if he keeps this up.

He is just doing AWESOME.  He is rolling everywhere already, talks non-stop (just like mommy and sister) and loves and I mean LOVES his big brother Isaac.  Which is good because for the rest of their childhood they will be sharing a room.

Which brings me to a question……do any of you have 2 or 3 children that share a room?  We have a very small house 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and a little over 1000 sq. feet.  Right now Grace and Isaac are in bunk beds and Owen is in the nursery.  This works for us right now, but the problem is we don’t have any room for toys!  We were thinking that if we moved Owen in with the other kids then they would have a small play room (the nursery, which is 8 ft. by 10 ft.).  Or should I just try and keep the toys ect. in the bedroom with the kids and suck up the no play room.  Would they just sleep better that way?

Lots to think about, but if any of you moms out there have any ideas I would love to hear them!  Thank you!

My Little Bit of “Grace”

27 11 2007

My little girl is such a sweet thing to have around.  Expecially when it comes to cooking and cleaning.  She loves to hop up on the chair with her apron on and cook with me.  She will make almost anything with me.  She also loves to empty the dishwasher and put the wet clothes into the dryer.

If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will tell you “5, 6, 7, 8 babies I will have”.  It is cute.  She also so badly wants to be like me. 

Grace has taught me to control my anger, love on the kids more, enjoy the moments that are passing so quickly, read books to the baby and to just be more patient.  How has a little 2 year old taught me so much in these past few months?  By just coping EVERYTHING I do!  She talks to her babies like I talk to her, she hugs and kisses her babies like I do her, she gets excited with every little thing Owen does and she is the sweetest thing at times.

I love that God knew that I would need a little mirror during these difficult years of parenting toddlers and with Grace I am more aware of my actions.

Thank you God for your little bit of “Grace” given to me during this time.

If you only knew

20 11 2007

So sorry I haven’t had many new entries.  If you only knew what Dave and I are dealing with in our lives right now you would understand.    Please, please, please be in prayer for our families right now.  We truly need God to use us and direct us with what He wants us to do.

 To add on top of everything our computer got a spyware on it and a virus and we finally got that taken care of……whew it has been a long week.

Only in my crazy house would this happen!

13 11 2007

Isaac (my 3 year old son) walked in this morning to the kitchen and asked me….

“Mom, can I have green peppers for a snack?”

I respond, “Isaac I don’t have any green peppers”.

He says, “Okay, can I have carrots then?”

What child asks for veggies for a snack?  So I offered gold fish, but they didn’t want those, so we settled on grapes!

Christmas and the Holidays

9 11 2007

So it is coming closer to that time of year when we start looking at things to get our kids for Christmas. It is always a lot of fun to pick things out for them and then watch their eyes light up when they open it on Christmas morning.

This year is going to be a little different! Isaac is old enough to be showing signs of greed and want. He sits on the couch and looks through the Toys R Us Biggest toy guide magazine and shows me everything he “wants”. He has a list of things he wants us to buy him. Dave and I have a budget we stick to, so we know he will not be getting most of the things on his list.

What we want him to learn is that Christmas is about Jesus and His birth which then led to our salvation through the cross and his death. We want him to understand that we buy him gifts to remember the best gift that has ever been given….our Lord Jesus Christ.

So we have been trying to talk to Isaac about contentment, thankfulness and happiness with the toys he currently has and the ones he will receive as gifts. I just hope it is starting to sink in. We sometimes play this game while driving in the car…I ask ” will you be happy if you get a ______?”, then he responds with ” Yes, I will be happy” Sometimes he has a smile on his face….especially if I mention a Spiderman toy and sometimes he doesn’t look to excited, like when I mention a pair of socks. He is starting to “get it” a little bit. We want him thankful for whatever he receives, not just the things he wants the most.

For now, I am hiding the toy catalogs so they don’t keep taking root in his little heart with a greed and want.

OH My!!! Look at these Facts…..

7 11 2007


Number of disposable diapers entering the landfills each year: 18 billion

Number of years it takes for 1 disposable diaper to decompose: 500

Plastic needed each year to make diapers: 82,000 tons

Wood pulp needed each year to make disposable diapers: 1.3 million tons

Number of trees needed each year to make disposable diapers: 250,000

Cloth Diapers #5: Tips

4 11 2007

Here are something’s I have learned from cloth diapering over the past 3.5 years.

1. Use a disposable diaper if you can afford to at night time.

2. Wash diapers at least every 3 days…any longer and they will stink!

3. In the summer lay them out to dry in the sunshine…it will make them very fresh smelling and bleach them very white naturally.

4. Change your child’s diaper at least every 2 hours, sooner if soiled. You can not leave cloth diapered kids as long as those in disposable.

5. Pay extra for fleece lined doublers or diapers, they keep your baby that much drier.

6. DO NOT use any creams that have cod liver oil in them….this includes almost ALL creams at the store. Some off brands don’t have this. READ the labels, if you use cod liver oil creams on your child then your diapers will smell like fish for WEEKS!!!!

7. Always make sure your diapers are folded and ready for the next use. This way you aren’t running to the laundry room for another diaper.

8. Wash diapers when you are down to the last 3-4. This way by the time those are used the others are cleaned and ready for use.

9. Remember cloth diapering is easy in the beginning because you are usually excited to do it. It gets hard when you have been doing it for years or even months. Preserver and it will pay off over time. It is just part of who I am now.