Disney World with an extra child…

23 01 2009

Well, it looks like we will be going to Disney with 4 children instead of 3. Granted we won’t have to pay an admission fee for this extra one. The new little one will be joining our family in September of 2009!

Our God is so good! We were excited to find out that another blessing was coming a few weeks ago. I was a little nervous to tell anyone due to the miscarriage in early December. But after a doctors appointment this week I saw a sweet little heartbeat!

Thank you God for this sweet little one!


13 01 2009

Last night we had to make a run to the Urgent Care because Owen had a high fever and was just not acting himself. They said he had an ear infection and sent us home. I come home and put him to bed. I had this gut feeling to go and check on him and when I did I found him struggling to breath.
I quickly got him dressed to go out (it was about 12 degrees outside) and we headed into the ER. They have him some steriods to “open up” his airway and had him with a mist from a tube flowing into his mouth and face.

We had an okay night last night and he is doing much better! For those that were praying…..Thank You!

Thank you Isaac, Gracelyn and Owen

2 01 2009

Isaac, Gracelyn and Owen,

We want to thank you for being our children.  God has blessed us with three wonderful children during out time in Seminary.  Isaac you were just a baby when we came to SBTS, but God has made you a wonderful boy.  Gracelyn you were our surprise when we moved to Louisville and now you are a sweet preschooler.  Owen what a delight you have been to our family, a fun loving toddler.

We (mommy and daddy) want to tell you thank you!  We want you to know that we realize that not only daddy went to seminary, but our whole family did.  We all had to give up things to help daddy go to school. 

As our thank you to you for being part of our family and for helping daddy go to school we are taking you to Disney World!  Are you ready to board a plane in 3.5 weeks and spend 7 days, 6 nights in a child’s dream?  We hope you are because your daddy and I have been saving and talking about this vacation for several years!

Thank you again kids!  We love you and we hope that you enjoy your time with us in Florida!  We love you guys so much.