Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!!!!

2 11 2011

Tomorrow our little one will be here!!!! YEAH, I am super excited and super nervous.  Our last pregnancy and birth were very difficult and we could have lost our little boy due to the gestational diabetes. (We didn’t know I had it until after his birth).  This time the dr. has been treating me for the diabetes sense 20 weeks.  We hope all the dr. appts, meds, sugar testings (4 times a day) etc, will keep me and this little one safe during labor and delivery.  My Lord has really been working in my heart over fear this time around and I know that He is in control of everything.

Tomorrow we go in at 7:30 am to induce labor.  With diabetes the baby has a higher chance of becoming a still born so they induce you earlier (39 weeks).  I love inductions…..I know some don’t!  But for us, I sleep great the night before, I wake up and head into the hospital….by mid afternoon to late evening we have a baby. 🙂  It works with having to get the other 4 children to my parents, we are organized and ready… big surprises on that end.

Boy or Girl…..that is the big question!  We are excited to take whatever the Lord gives us 🙂  He knows exactly what my family needs and what this little one will do one day.  I can’t imagine thinking of any of my children as something different from what they are.  So tomorrow we finally to get see if we have another son or daughter.  Thank you so much Lord!

Please be in prayer for us as we welcome this child.  Please pray for the Dr.s to have wisdom during the birth and with the baby right after the birth.  Thank you so much!



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