We are in….

12 06 2011

…..in the new house that is 🙂  Things are going better than we thought they would go.  God has been so good to us in this move.  Before we packed anything for the new house we would have 3 piles….keep, donate or trash.  EVERY single thing we own went through this process. We were able to really clean out and clear up a lot of rooms.  Because we packed this way EVERYTHING took forever to pack.  It took us almost 6 weeks to pack for the new house, but only 48 hours to have everything unpacked and in the right place.  There was the payoff!!!  We only moved what we needed for the kids and us and didn’t move anything extra. 

The house is wonderful! It is very small for a family of our size, but it is great.  I was told it is like walking into an Ikea showroom. 🙂 That made my heart happy.  My goal was to not make my family or visitors feel cramped or cluttered when they walk in.  I am going to try and get some pics up of the house….before and after.  You would not believe the work our church put into this house.  They sure made it nice for whoever gets to live here.  We just get to be the first ones…what a blessing. 🙂

The pregnancy is going well, it is sooo hard to believe we will be a full 20 weeks in a week!!!!  WOW, the time is going way toooo fast if you ask me.  I don’t know if I am ready for this to be over with in only 20 weeks ( I am sure I will be more than ready come late October/Early November).  The kids have decided that we can have a girl this time but they want a boy next time….I don’t think they realize there isn’t a vote on this. LOL

The kids are all doing amazing!  Isaac is in love with baseball and counts down the days til his next game everyday.  He got to pitch for the first time last week and struck out 2 out of 3 batters, he was one happy boy.  Grace is in Tee-ball and is doing great!  She loves to hit the ball and is a super FAST runner!  Owen is happy just playing in the dirt with Ethan.  🙂 The younger boys are such a joy to this home…..they bring so much energy.

This is a busy time in the Ferraro home when it comes to homeschooling.  The kids aren’t busy but mama is with all the planning. 🙂 We have done some switches when it comes to curriculum (another post I promise) and the way we plan.  We are using The Well Planned Day this next year, hopefully to help get us all on the same page. 😀