2009…Is it really almost over?

7 12 2009

Can it really be almost 2010?  WOW!  This year has been amazing in so many ways.  God has truly blessed our family and taught us so much.  This past year we have sold our home, miscarried a child, moved out of state, conceived another child, had a separation for 7 months (my husband was working out of state, while I had 3 children at home and pregnant at the same time), started a new job,  gave birth to our 4th child and started our first “real” year of homeschooling.  God has been so faithful to us and has taught me many things….

1. That His ways are best all the time!

2.  Patience.

3. That when you think things are tough you need to look at what God is doing in His time and that one day we will understand it all, even if that day is in Glory.

4. That He loves my children more than I will ever love them. (I think of the birth of our 4th child and how He protected me and Ethan).

5. He is my best friend!

6. Schooling can be very hard on a family….expcially with 3 little ones under foot, but He will give the patience and guidance needed everyday.

7. That when a marriage has troubles (ours had a VERY hard time while he was gone for 7 months) He will help you work it out. 🙂

God has taught me so much about friends, faithfulness and providence over this past year.   I am not sure how we survived except for HIM who carried us through.  We praise HIM who cares and loves us.  There will be years in your life that are just plain HARD.  This was one of those years for us.  Plain hard, but loving and praising Him has been a lesson learned.  He is God and we are not, His ways are best and mine are not.  I pray that none of you have to go through a year like ours, but if you do I will pray that God will bring you though it like he did for us.  We are more trusting and more faithful because of it.  God is good, good all the time!

Update….Facebook Style

17 11 2009

Facebook Style Update……

Becky Is…..

excited that she is heading to Louisville to see friends and then on to Tenn to see your Grandpa who survived open heart surgery by the Grace of God!

realizing that my baby is almost 3 months old….what happened?  But is thankful he is sleeping through the night and is so precious.

can’t believe a year ago I was preg. with a special baby, one that I won’t see until Glory.

Loves teaching my children at home and is amazed at how much they are learning!!!!  God is so good all the time.

Just found out Dave may be moved to another sort!  The one we want a year ago…..woo hoo I am so excited!  Putting 4 kids to bed every night by myself makes me tired.

Is starting Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred a week from Monday….pray for me I am going to need it!

Is a little upset that the ped. Omp. missed Isaac’s eye problem in Louisville!  If we find out he has lost his vision in that eye or that the connections can’t be made because it is too late…..we will be getting a lawyer!  I had him at the doctor’s every year because his ped. kept thinking something was wrong.  The specialist kept saying he was fine.  We move and get a new dr. and they find it right away!!! 

Is hearing that Huggies will be stopping their 3 dollars off and 1.50 off diaper coupons  at the end of the year.  Looks like we will be stocking up ( we use them at night and on Wed. and Sundays for church).

Is so excited that Owen is back on the potty train!  HE is going all day and telling us!  Praise God, we were unsure what to do, we have never had a child regress before.  🙂

Loved that I made 25 meals this month and put them in the freezer!  Dinner time has been going great and I have more time to spend with the kids in the afternoon.

Is thinking I should say Good night to everyone!  Good night 🙂


16 07 2009

Many of you know that we had a miscarriage back in November of this past year.  We would have been holding our sweet blessing sometime next week (our due date would have been next Friday).  We will have to wait until glory to hold that sweet baby…or will it be a grown child?  I don’t understand all of that, but I know that God has promises and they are always kept.

Maybe that is why I am so excited for Champ to get here.  We are 33 weeks and I know that the baby is NOT ready to be born yet.  But in my heart I feel like I have been preg. for a long time.  We were 5 weeks when we lost our baby and then we were preg. again within a couple weeks.  Making me feel like I have been preg. for almost 9 months already.

My heart still longs for the sweet baby we won’t get to meet here on Earth, but will have to wait until glory to meet.  That seems so far away to me right now!

I didn’t know how I would feel about a miscarriage or how I would deal with it.  I don’t think about it most days, but on days like this I think about it.  Days when I know we would be delivering or would have already delivered.  Also, my dear dear friend and I would have been due the same week.  She is due on Monday and I keep thinking what it would be like to be preg. with her!  God knows my heart, He knows my needs and wants!  He knows what is best and He knows why in His perfect wisdom He had to take a baby away from us.  I can only trust in Him and His timing and not my own.  It can just be hard on the heart sometimes!

Today we get to see Champ….

3 04 2009

Yup today is our Ultrasound. Wow it is hard to believe that was are almost halfway!!! This fourth preg. is going so fast. The baby is starting to move a lot. My migraines are not getting better, so I am seeing a Chiropactor tomorrow, hopefully he can get me all lined up. I think I my neck got out of line during first Tri when I was throwing up. (maybe that was too much information). I would love for you to pray for our family during this time. Some may know what is going on, others that don’t, I am sorry I don’t want to post it on a public blog. So please just pray for God’s will in our life.

I am going to try and get a very needed homeschooling post about next year done this weekend. Also, I will be adding what we will be next year. It will be a busy year with a new baby coming the week school should start…..good thing my husband feels we need to homeschool as much as I do. So school maybe done during the evenings when daddy is home for a few weeks…..isn’t that great about schooling at home? We can do it anytime we want and what days we want to! I LOVE that!!!!

Pray for a healthy baby Champ. With the miscarriage still so fresh in my mind I have been really worried about a healthy baby. But my God is in control and already has this baby’s days numbered and that is comforting at times.

Also, Dave can’t be there so please pray for him. He really wants to, but he just couldn’t get home for it. He is a great hardworking husband that feels really bad, so pray for God to give him grace today.

Thanks prayer warriors!!!!

Disney World with an extra child…

23 01 2009

Well, it looks like we will be going to Disney with 4 children instead of 3. Granted we won’t have to pay an admission fee for this extra one. The new little one will be joining our family in September of 2009!

Our God is so good! We were excited to find out that another blessing was coming a few weeks ago. I was a little nervous to tell anyone due to the miscarriage in early December. But after a doctors appointment this week I saw a sweet little heartbeat!

Thank you God for this sweet little one!

Life Continues….

19 12 2008

Even when you are sad, happy, confussed and loonley snowed in, life continues. This week has been a very emotional week. I have cried more than I would like.

Say goodbyes to friends was so hard to do! Still remembering the miscarriage has been really hard this week. Moving the kids to a new state has been going fairly well. They asked if Ballard, McKay, Dylan and Nathan could come and play in the new 10 inches (we already had 4 inches when I got here). I had to explain that those friends are too far away to come and play.

Please pray for us. The church here has been presented with the position for Dave, but the actual vote doesn’t take place until the first week of January because of all the holidays etc. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years has pushed everything a little crazy. Which means we are homeless (staying at my moms until the house we are renting is ready, which is just after New Years) and technically jobless (well, 1/2 jobless, Dave is still in Louisville at UPS and waiting for the transfer).

We are just waiting and hanging out for God’s timing! Pray for our transition and emotions as we choose to be happy even when it is so hard to be.

I have just been thinking a lot on becoming a mom of 4.  I want more children so badly, but at the same time I don’t want to lose a child again either.  I don’t know if we just aren’t ready or if God is trying to push us another direction.  Dave and I have always considered adoption and have always wanted to.  If we have our 4th child then we would be closed to many countries.  They will not give children to families that have 4 or more children.  We have thought about adopting our 4th baby, then quickly getting pregnant with our 5th after the approval so that I could nurse both babies.  We just feel that an adopted baby would really need that good milk.

Oh I don’t know why I am writing this, maybe just to get my thoughts out so that I can read them and pray about them.  I just think that this miscarriage was telling me something, teaching me something.  I don’t want this child’s life to go unnoticed or unloved.  Does that even make sense?  Please tell me if I am just grieving and it will get better?

Thank you.

3 12 2008

We asked for prayers and we want to thank you for them.  On Sunday Dave and I found out that we would be expecting #4 in Aug.  Yesterday we knew something wasn’t right.  We went to the doctors, they did some tests and called back today to confirm that we have had a miscarriage.  This news wasn’t a surprise, after a long night last night.  Please pray for us, pray for me.  I am very saddened by this.  Thank you for lifting us up to our Father who loves us more than anyone.

Please Pray.

3 12 2008

I serve a mighty God, one that loves me and cares about me more than anyone else I know.  I ask you to pray to him on behalf of our family and especially for me.  We can’t go into details now, but we ask that you lift us up.  We are praying for His will to be done, which can be hard to take at times! 

I haven’t been able to post much because my house is slowing becoming filled with boxes.  Our home is officially sold and now we are preparing for God’s next step for us.  This is moving along great and we hope to be able to give some details on Thursday some time! 

Because of the move we have had to get really creative with our traditions at Christmas.  This is a BIG month in the Ferraro home.  We count down our days on our advent calendars and we tell the story of Jesus’ coming and second coming each night.  We decorate things for people at work in hopes they will come to know our savior.  It is a fun and busy time of year, with a little extra busy thrown in this year! 

Thank you for your prayers!