We are in….

12 06 2011

…..in the new house that is 🙂  Things are going better than we thought they would go.  God has been so good to us in this move.  Before we packed anything for the new house we would have 3 piles….keep, donate or trash.  EVERY single thing we own went through this process. We were able to really clean out and clear up a lot of rooms.  Because we packed this way EVERYTHING took forever to pack.  It took us almost 6 weeks to pack for the new house, but only 48 hours to have everything unpacked and in the right place.  There was the payoff!!!  We only moved what we needed for the kids and us and didn’t move anything extra. 

The house is wonderful! It is very small for a family of our size, but it is great.  I was told it is like walking into an Ikea showroom. 🙂 That made my heart happy.  My goal was to not make my family or visitors feel cramped or cluttered when they walk in.  I am going to try and get some pics up of the house….before and after.  You would not believe the work our church put into this house.  They sure made it nice for whoever gets to live here.  We just get to be the first ones…what a blessing. 🙂

The pregnancy is going well, it is sooo hard to believe we will be a full 20 weeks in a week!!!!  WOW, the time is going way toooo fast if you ask me.  I don’t know if I am ready for this to be over with in only 20 weeks ( I am sure I will be more than ready come late October/Early November).  The kids have decided that we can have a girl this time but they want a boy next time….I don’t think they realize there isn’t a vote on this. LOL

The kids are all doing amazing!  Isaac is in love with baseball and counts down the days til his next game everyday.  He got to pitch for the first time last week and struck out 2 out of 3 batters, he was one happy boy.  Grace is in Tee-ball and is doing great!  She loves to hit the ball and is a super FAST runner!  Owen is happy just playing in the dirt with Ethan.  🙂 The younger boys are such a joy to this home…..they bring so much energy.

This is a busy time in the Ferraro home when it comes to homeschooling.  The kids aren’t busy but mama is with all the planning. 🙂 We have done some switches when it comes to curriculum (another post I promise) and the way we plan.  We are using The Well Planned Day this next year, hopefully to help get us all on the same page. 😀


2 05 2011

We are moving.  No we aren’t leaving our current church, Dave isn’t leaving his current position and we aren’t moving far…..we are moving into the church’s house.  We are very excited for this change.  Now, there are somethings that make this move a little difficult.  One being the obvious….we are expecting.  THe other one is we have 4 children in the house now…..and the third is the home is smaller than we currently have. 

God has been so good in the process!  The church has gutted the house and have re-done almost everything!  The house looks amazing.  WE are learning what we really need and what we just want to have.  It has caused me to be even more organized than I was before.  Everything must have a place. 🙂 Praise the Lord Ikea is only about 5 miles from my home.  We are seeing the love of our church for the Lord.  The men that have put in hours and hours and hours of their own time to make this house a home just amazes me!  Also, this is the first time we will be able to hopefully pay off our student loans and debt Lord willing!  🙂   With another little one on the way we need we buy a new van. (Our current van would require that we put a child without a shoulder belt, something we are NOT willing to do), so now the Lord has opened up some finances for us to buy a different van.  PRAISE THE LORD. 

This is a BIG change for my family, we don’t do well moving.  We like to have our schedule and our house in order, but God is teaching all of us we can move with 4 little ones, home school and have another baby.  Only HE can give that kind of strength!

Please pray for us as we transition into lots of new rolls and a new home. Our Lord amazes me everyday.

Family Pics 2011……

29 03 2011

Isaac 7 years old. 🙂




Gracelyn my almost 6 year old!




Owen...... 3.5 years old

Owen....such a silly boy!

Ethan....such a big 18 month old!





The Crew



Take Outs......


Uh-ohThere goes Ethan.....

Watch out below......

Crazy! Trying to get one more picture in.....

Come on back Ethan......

I am DONE! 🙂

God’s plan is always best…..

15 03 2011



Things are going great for the Ferraro’s.  God always seems to change things right when we think we have them figured out….has this every happened to you?  Well, almost 2 weeks ago I started to throw up…..hummmmmm……..So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a test.  And it was POSITIVE!!! I almost fell over to be honest. 🙂

So, 12 days later I went to the doctors.  He did an U/S to figure out a due date.  He did the U/S to find a VERY small little baby and heart beat, we were only 5 weeks and 5 days along.  Oh, what a sweet sight seeing that LITTLE heart beat!  God is so amazing on how He creates life! 🙂  That means Dave and I found out only 8 days after conception……oh, I made him promise me there was only one in there, but the dr. said it was too early to tell.  Maybe another little girl, I was super sick with Grace. 😀  It doesn’t matter to us, God sure knows what we need better than we do. 

So our new THING 5 is due November 9th, 2011. 🙂  The dr. and us are being very active in making sure I don’t end up with another 9 lbs.  Ethan had lots of problems with his sugar when he was born and he got stuck. 😦 So we are going to be checking my sugar more often than normal.  I am very happy about this. Please pray for….

Wisdom for the doctors

Health of the baby

Health for me (for me to be able to take care of the kids while being sick)

Planning for our family

Thank you very much!!!!! 😀  WE are very excited to add another wonderful blessing to our family. 😀

Date Night….12 dates in 12 months!!!! :)

19 02 2011

Dave and I have decided to do a date a month this year…..we would love more time together, but with Dave’s crazy work schedule we needed  to make a plan. 🙂

So, we are on Month 2….and we spent our date night in the ER.  Not only for a little while, but the whole next day too.  Dave was feeling ill the other day and kept saying he was fine.  Just a stomach ache.  No big deal he said…..but after a while it got worse….and worse.  I checked him out and told him I thought he was having a Appendicitis.  He didn’t think so, but after it was getting worse he went in.  After a Cat Scan they saw that it was for sure his Appendix and maybe an abscess.  (Which means it was leaking or about to rupture). 

We were at a smaller hospital so they had to call in the whole OR unit.  By 1 am they had finished the surgery and he was in recovery.

He is resting well and at home now.  He is off from UPS for 2 weeks, but will be able to get work done for the church from home.  We are so thankful in so many ways, God is so good. 🙂  His hand was in this and how things worked out.  Please pray for Dave as he is recovering, he is in a lot of pain at the moment.

Next month he better not try to top it. 🙂

Christmas :)

21 01 2011

We had such a wonderful Christmas!  We don’t take for granted that the Lord has placed us near our family during this season of life.  We never know when the Lord will move us, so we are trying very hard to spend lots of time with them. 

The kids had such a wonderful time being with their cousins….we have 11 on my side alone.  10 of them are 8 and under….so there is always someone to play with 🙂

Isaac started off the season for us as Joseph in the Children’s Musical.

Ethan was all smiles 🙂 Here he is at 16 months old.  Such a sweet little boy.

The grandkids on my side.  We are only missing one…..my little sister’s son who is 10 months old.

Lunch time at Gramma’s house.  🙂

Candle light service at our church.  Isaac was very excited to be old enough to hold his own candle.

Grace is one happy little girl!  Tangled was an exciting gift for her 🙂

Christmas Day…..Starts off kinda late for us.  We up very late at my aunt’s home so the kids usually sleep in.  We finally woke up around 9:30. 🙂  Daddy then read the Christmas story to the kids while they acted it out with our Fisher Price Manger.

Daddy reading the Christmas story. 🙂

Ethan very excited about his new shoes.

Owen with his new UPS plane. 🙂

Isaac very excited about his new guitar! 🙂

Gracie very excited about her Crayon Maker.

Ethan is very tired after a long day. 🙂


5 12 2010

Well, now that I made that clear I can go finish what I was doing. 🙂

Just kidding , but I know I haven’t been on much.  This year for school I have made some changes. 🙂  One of those changes is that I don’t go on the computer after Dave leaves for work.  Another is I try to make sure I am playing with each of my little ones….not just in a group setting and not just during “school time”.  This may sound crazy, but in the past I have finished school with the older ones and then went  about my day.  I didn’t stop and say….Owen and Ethan need some mommy time now.

With these changes our days have been so much better.  We have also canceled our Dish Network…..wow!  I love T.V.!!!  But to be honest with you, I don’t really want to watch it that much anymore.  I do love to watch Biggest Loser and Parenthood, which I can do online.  Other than that, we don’t really watch much T.V.   NOw I am not talking about the T.V. in general…..the kids do love screen time.  So we added Netflix and it is great.  It goes right to our Wii and the kids can watch almost all their favorite shows.  Another plus…..we don’t get ANY Christmas toy commercials!!!!  I didn’t think this would be a big deal…..but it is!!!!! 🙂  I don’t hear the….. I want this…I want that……Can I have that mommy etc. 🙂 

So, with that being said, my blog has taken a backseat. SOrry, but I am loving the time with the kids.

We are alive and doing well.  Dave is working at the Church part-time and UPS part-time still.  There are some changes coming soon, so please be in prayer for us.  His internship is almost up and we are in prayer about God’s will for our lives.  please pray for God to give my husband wisdom and for God to give me a heart for what He wants us to do in ministry. 

The kids are doing great!  Ethan is our fun-loving 15 month old…..he has a joy for life like no other.  He was a little on the later side for walking….but he is a runner now!  He signs many signs and knows several ABC’s.  He is one smart little man.

Owen…..is well, the energy of our home. 😀  There isn’t a dull moment when he is around.  He is counting great, doing letters and shapes.  He is a fun-loving, crazy little 3.5 year old.  This pic isn’t clear….but you can see his personality in it.

Grace is our little girl.  She is a girl 100 percent too. 🙂  She wears sparkly shoes, a dress everyday if I would let her, begs for make-up etc.  YUP I have my hands full. 🙂  She can take down a boy pretty quick with a light saber as well.  We did find out she kissed a boy…….so now we are talking about that kind of stuff…..already?  AHHHHH 🙂  She loves to be in K, she is doing awesome in Math and is reading pretty good. 🙂  Very happy with her this year in school. 🙂

Isaac is doing great in 1st grade.  I am very happy with how he is eager to learn and do new things.  He loves our homeschool co-op and is learning many things, including the Recorder.  We did have a lung scope done on him last month because of his frequent lung sicknesses.  We found out his left lung is too narrow, which allows fluid to pool in the left side causing him to get sick.  After 6 years of him being sick we finally know why. 🙂  It is livable and he is taking meds to keep the airways open on that side. (They are very small and will not grow much more).

Isaac was so excited to become an RA this year!!!

Vacations…Summer 2010 (Part 1)

7 09 2010

We love to take vacations with our children.  We truly love being with them.  Our vacations this year were split up a bit, instead of 2 long weeks, Dave took 4 half weeks.  We really loved this!  It allowed us to do short trips with the kids as well as gave us lots to look forward to.

Our first vacation was to a Family Retreat for our church.  Dave taught one of the breakout sessions.  After 4 day of camping there, we decided to take the rest of the week and just relax at a campsite with just our family.  This was a perfect week of 1/2 work and 1/2 family time.

Owen loved digging for bugs. 🙂

Isaac collecting shells

Mommy and her sweet baby boy Ethan

My wonderful daughter

 For our next vacation we headed up north to Mackinaw City.  We had such a great time….we camped, rode bikes, shopped, went to the U.P for fireworks and went to the fort.  Lots of wonderful memories were made.

In front the bridge

Isaac dressed like a Revolutionary Soldier

My Grace playing in the water

Isaac playing in the water

Owen loved the sand and water

Ethan even enjoyed the water

The kids running the boardwalk in the U.P.

Mommy and her Owen at the fireworks

Such a happy baby!!!!

He was so excited to be able to run the boardwalk....You couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

Yes, I will get caught up…..

18 07 2010

These past few weeks have been a little crazy in the Ferraro home.  One thing that we know to be true and we will stand by at all times is that…. Our God is good and He loves us very much.  No matter how much satan tries to attack me or my family, we know the truth!

So, with that said, you can probably imagine we have had a tough couple weeks. 😦  This week alone we were in the ER 3 times, urgent care 2 times and the dr.’s office once.  That is in 4 days!!!!! 

I am home today (on a Sunday) with the younger two boys while Dave is at church with the older two.  I thought I would get some posts done that have been hanging over my head…..Grace’s 5th birthday party, camping, summer fun….etc.  Then I realized I don’t know how to put pictures onto Dave’s laptop. 😦  We bought a new camara and things are a little different….so it looks like this is all your going to get. LOL

Somethings that I am currently working on are: A new school schedule. A new baby play time and ordering our curriculum.  We do have some time for these things….Praise God, because it is a state law that no public schools can start before Labor Day where we live.    We usually stick to a traditional school year in general, but continue to do “reading” during the summer.  We do this so that Isaac is on “vacation” when his cousins are.  This may change this year, but who knows (the joy of homeschooling). 🙂

Just wanted to let you all know we haven’t dropped off the planet just yet…. 🙂  I will update with pictures tonight I hope!

Please pray….

19 04 2010

My heart is breaking as I write this……my heart can barely hold in the pain and saddnes!  As many of you know, I worked at Gymboree for almost 5 years while in Ky.  During this time my dear friend, whom was hired the same day as me, Brigette Moulin I became fast and good friends!  We spent many days together with the kids, we went through the birth of 3 little ones together.   

Last night Brigette pasted away.  She had gone into a coma after having a seizure (updated from blood clot).  She did not survive.  She leaves behind 3 beautiful children.  Montana (age 7), Georgia (age 3) and Maryland ( 12 days old).    Please pray for all involved. 

My dear friend Brigette.