Welcome to our family :)

15 11 2011
We would like to introduce our newest member of our family.  Nolan Joseph Ferraro, born November 3rd, 2011 at 6:08pm.  He weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz. and was 20.5 inches long.

The birth of Nolan is one  I will never forget.  Not that you forget birth often, but his is one that grew me in many ways.  I developed gestational diabetes at 20 weeks preg. with Nolan.  With that came checking my sugar 4-5 times daily, sticking to a very strict diet and taking medicine twice a day to control the diabetes.  At the end of my pregnancy I was seeing the dr. every 4 days (from 32 weeks until his birth at 39 weeks and 1 day).  I was having non-stress tests twice a week and ultrasounds every 3 weeks.  To say the least the pregnancy was not only hard on me, but on my family as well.

His BIRTHday, started like any other induction.  We arrived at the birthing center at 7:30 am, finally got hooked up etc. by 9 am.  I was already contracting every 3 mins. so they knew that the pitocin would work well.  I was dilated to 3 cm at arrival and was about 50 percent.  After a couple of hours I requested my epidural.  I told them then that I could still feel most of my legs etc.  They tried to adjust it, but it continued to only numb my one side.  After several HOURS at being at 5 cm (a problem I have always had) they turned me on all fours to get his head to turn (he was sunny side up).  After about 30 mins. they turned me back around and I knew the baby was coming. 

They called the dr. in and she checked me…..still at a 6. I couldn’t believe I was only a 6 still……until about 3 mins. later she check me again…….now I was almost 8 cm.  Okay we are moving fast now…..a couple more contractions and I am yelling that I want my epidural to work…NOW!!!!  I was very unhappy and in a ton of pain.  This wasn’t something we were planning on….natural birth.  My mom knew right then that I was in transition.  I am so thankful that Dave and her were there……they both stepped up and took control of me and the situation.

I told the dr. I couldn’t take it any longer, so she told me to bear down through the contractions.  After doing that once they started to call for “baby stat”.  The baby came quick at this point…..two pushes and his head was born…..then the dr. told me to stop pushing because there was micodium (sp?) in the fluid.  They were trying to clean his mouth out.  THen I screamed  and he was born.  They quickly put him on me and stated to rub him etc.  We looked at the dr. and said, “What is it?!!!”  She responded with a, “Oh yeah, you guys don’t know.”   I then let out a big…..IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!

After he was born he was monitored for 12 hours for his sugar (which was perfect!!!!  Praise the Lord).  The Lord truly taught me to trust Him during the pregnancy and birth.  I had such horrible fears going into birth because of Ethan’s birth.  The thought of another 9 lbs. baby would bring me to tears in seconds.  The thought of stitches for months gave me nightmares.  But the Lord protected me and not only took care of me, but gave me my easiest recovery yet!  I praise the Lord for His goodness to me and my family!

Isaac and Nolan

Gracelyn and Nolan


Owen and Nolan

Ethan and Nolan

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!!!!

2 11 2011

Tomorrow our little one will be here!!!! YEAH, I am super excited and super nervous.  Our last pregnancy and birth were very difficult and we could have lost our little boy due to the gestational diabetes. (We didn’t know I had it until after his birth).  This time the dr. has been treating me for the diabetes sense 20 weeks.  We hope all the dr. appts, meds, sugar testings (4 times a day) etc, will keep me and this little one safe during labor and delivery.  My Lord has really been working in my heart over fear this time around and I know that He is in control of everything.

Tomorrow we go in at 7:30 am to induce labor.  With diabetes the baby has a higher chance of becoming a still born so they induce you earlier (39 weeks).  I love inductions…..I know some don’t!  But for us, I sleep great the night before, I wake up and head into the hospital….by mid afternoon to late evening we have a baby. 🙂  It works with having to get the other 4 children to my parents, we are organized and ready…..no big surprises on that end.

Boy or Girl…..that is the big question!  We are excited to take whatever the Lord gives us 🙂  He knows exactly what my family needs and what this little one will do one day.  I can’t imagine thinking of any of my children as something different from what they are.  So tomorrow we finally to get see if we have another son or daughter.  Thank you so much Lord!

Please be in prayer for us as we welcome this child.  Please pray for the Dr.s to have wisdom during the birth and with the baby right after the birth.  Thank you so much!

Our Baby Will Be Here Soon……

27 09 2011

I can’t believe that we are 34 weeks along in this pregnancy already.  We know that our baby will be here by 39 weeks…..so the countdown in on!!!!  The High-Risk doctor is wanting my regular OB to induce between 38-39 weeks, so we could have a baby here in only 4 weeks!!!!!  I can’t believe it!  Things are going well with the diabetes and the medicine and diet are working.  Our baby should be 8 lbs. or under if all continues to go well 🙂 This makes for one VERY happy mama!!!!!!  I really don’t want to deliver a 9 lber ever again.

At our last ultrasound (We have had one every 2-4 weeks for almost 3 months now) the tech did an amazing 4D one for us for FREE!!!!  Here are some of the pics we received.


Look at this sweet baby cuddle up to his/her mama!!!! I just love this one! 

The tech took about 15 photos for us and we are so thankful.  We are truly amazed at what God is doing in this little life already!!!!




God’s plan is always best…..

15 03 2011



Things are going great for the Ferraro’s.  God always seems to change things right when we think we have them figured out….has this every happened to you?  Well, almost 2 weeks ago I started to throw up…..hummmmmm……..So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a test.  And it was POSITIVE!!! I almost fell over to be honest. 🙂

So, 12 days later I went to the doctors.  He did an U/S to figure out a due date.  He did the U/S to find a VERY small little baby and heart beat, we were only 5 weeks and 5 days along.  Oh, what a sweet sight seeing that LITTLE heart beat!  God is so amazing on how He creates life! 🙂  That means Dave and I found out only 8 days after conception……oh, I made him promise me there was only one in there, but the dr. said it was too early to tell.  Maybe another little girl, I was super sick with Grace. 😀  It doesn’t matter to us, God sure knows what we need better than we do. 

So our new THING 5 is due November 9th, 2011. 🙂  The dr. and us are being very active in making sure I don’t end up with another 9 lbs.  Ethan had lots of problems with his sugar when he was born and he got stuck. 😦 So we are going to be checking my sugar more often than normal.  I am very happy about this. Please pray for….

Wisdom for the doctors

Health of the baby

Health for me (for me to be able to take care of the kids while being sick)

Planning for our family

Thank you very much!!!!! 😀  WE are very excited to add another wonderful blessing to our family. 😀

First week of school….Ethan 3.5 weeks.

23 09 2009

Well, Let me tell you it has been a busy week in our home….but a wonderful one as well!!!  God has been so gracious to us.

Our first week of school is going GREAT!  Let me tell you, my little ones were itching to get started….I on the other hand wanted to hold off a few more weeks.  Dave and I decided to get started….the public schools started 10th and we didn’t want to be too far behind their schedule (we have lots of cousins here we wanted to be with in the summer time).

We got the Level K for Sonlight and LOVE it!  I was happy with the PreK 3/4 we did with them last year, but felt like they weren’t going to get enough in K.  I felt like they would be behind or not get enough info etc.  I was SOOOO wrong.  The K level has questions, vocab and background on each book they read and each chapter!  They have a big map that they pinpoint things on etc.  The Science is GREAT!  I love how it tells me what to add to each book or say especially on topics we don’t agree on that are in the books.  (evolution etc).  Sonlight tells you what to say to your children and how to show they a Christian Worldview with each book they read!!!!  Also, we love the Book of Time.  THey will use this book every year together.  We place a sticker of a person on a big timeline so they know when each event happened when compared to another event.  🙂  very cool.

We are still doing Math U See and love it as well!  THe kids are learning so much and can’t wait for daddy to do Math with them on Tues, Thurs. and Friday mornings.

We have also added Spanish in this year.  We are using Hooked on Spanish Level K and love it too!  Isaac asks everyday to do his next lesson.

Ethan is 3.5 weeks (will be 4 weeks on Friday) and is growing so well.  He has put himself on a nice schedule these past few days and it looks like it might last.  He eats, plays for about an hour then sleeps for about 2 hours.  At night he is going much longer (5-6 hours before his first night time feeding).  This will slowly get longer so that is nice 🙂  Mama likes some sleep.  He is such a precious little boy and we are so thankful for him!  God has truly blessed us with him in our home, I couldn’t imagine life without any of my children.

Well, there is the update for you all!

The Birth of our 4th…..

2 09 2009

We want to welcome Ethan Roy Ferraro to our family.  He was born on August 28th, 2009 at 10:43 pm.  He weighed a whopping 9 lbs. 2 oz. and was 21 inches long. 

Now, for those that want more details here they are.

We went in to be induced on Friday morning the 28th at 8 am.  They started the antibiotics for the strep B at 9 am.  After a couple hours they started the induction (11 am).  The contractions did not start right away.  It took a few more hours before I was in pain.  Then later in the evening I requested an epidural.  That was going fine until about 8:00 pm or so.  The contractions were coming and I could feel a lot of pressure.  At 9:30 pm I was still at 5 cm….and then bang.  I had a bad contraction.  The Dr. checked me and said….still at 5 cm.  One more contraction she checked me again and I was at 8.5 cm.  One more after that and I was “full” the nurse said.  They did some stuff in the room to get it ready etc.  The Dr. was there the whole time watching me.  At about 10:15 they had me get ready to push. 

I pushed for what felt like an hour (but was only a few minutes).  His head finally dropped and then quickly came out.  The next few minutes are a blur, they mesh together and for everyone there seemed to stand still.  There was no “get the camera moment”, there was no ” Oh, my we have a ________ moment”.  There was no…” come on one more push and your baby will be here” moment either. 

After the head all I remember is pure pain!  Pure fear!  The bed was put into the laying down position.  I remember looking at the ceiling and seeing my dr.s face looking at me.  She was now on the table kneeling over me.  There were two nurses holding down my knees like I was able to do the splits (I can’t do the splits, but they were going to make my body do them anyway).  I remember that Dave was no longer at my side, he was moved from me to make more room for the Dr. and nurses.  I remember looking at my Dr.’s face with pure agony.  I remember closing my eyes and screaming from a pain I have never felt before.

Then there was a baby on my chest, everyone was rubbing him like crazy and I was screaming “It’s blue, It’s blue”.  I never remember being told it was a boy, I don’t even remember caring what it was.  I was in pain and I was hurting.

Come to find out by Dave and my mom the Dr. got on the table and took both her hands and reached in to pull out Ethan.  Dave said she tugged on his neck for awhile and then just took both hands and put them in me to get pull him out.  During that time I tore quite a bit. 

They never planned on him being so big or that his shoulders wouldn’t make it through the birth canal.  Had we known all of this we may have had a c-section, but once the head is delivered the body must be too, there is no going back at that point.

He wasn’t named right away, I was expecting a girl so I didn’t plan on a boys name as much.  I loved Ethan, but I loved Ian as well.   Then after a little bit they said that his sugar was dangerously low.  They wanted us to feed him so much formula etc. which I was not a fan of.  They then told us he was at risk for a seizure or brain damage if it didn’t get up soon.  They allowed me to nurse him then bottle feed him.  If the numbers weren’t up in 20 mins. he was going to the special needs nursery (we were at a birthing center, they didn’t have a nursery for babies, only ones that were sick) for an I.V to get the numbers up.  We are thankful that God took care of it and his numbers went up.   They then took blood every 3 hours for the next 24 hours our of his foot.  His little feet still have scabs all over them from all the pricks etc.

We are thankful for a wonderful baby boy and a God that cares for us in our time of need.  He gives us what we need and is always good to us.

After this birth Ethan got a temperature.  It was low for the next day but at 1 am on Sunday during his vitals check it went to 100.4 (which is high for a 1 day old) so they took a full line of blood cultures on him.  He then lost 6 percent of his body weight by 24 hours old so they were worried about that as well.  He had been on formula (25 cc’s) after each nursing session due to his sugar so they couldn’t figure out why he was losing so much weight.  They decided to keep him until Tuesday (he would have gone home on Sunday) just to make sure the cultures didn’t grow anything.  They didn’t so we were able to finally take our little man home.  God is so good to us!

This is one of our first pictures we have after the birth.  Everything is calm now.

This is one of our first pictures we have after the birth. Everything is calm now.


Sweet baby toes.

Sweet baby toes.


Our sweet Ethan Roy Ferraro

Our sweet Ethan Roy Ferraro


Isaac, Gracelyn and Owen meeting their newest member of the family.

Isaac, Gracelyn and Owen meeting their newest member of the family.


Sweet mommy and daughter time.  This is after she told me "mommy, now that your belly is back you can have a girl."

Sweet mommy and daughter time. This is after she told me "mommy, now that your belly is back you can have a girl."


Ethan wondering if he is going to be lunch for those little people he met earlier in the day when he gets home.  We promised him they won't eat him.

Ethan wondering if he is going to be lunch for those little people he met earlier in the day when he gets home. We promised him they won't eat him.

38 weeks and 4 days…

25 08 2009

well, things are going well. My contractions have been about 8 mins. apart all morning. I had my dr. appt. this morning and I have moved from 1 cm and long….to 2 cm and 50%. It looks like things are FINALLY moving somewhere. We will see how things go this evening….if they stop then we do have some hope. There will be a baby by Friday. The doctor will induce at 8 am on Friday in hopes of getting the full 4 hours of antibiotics in my system before the baby is born. With it being my 4th he thinks things may move pretty quick. I sure hope so 🙂

Thanks for the prayers! They are so needed and loved. I know that God has big plans for this special baby. I am so nervous at the same time to add number 4 to our family.

I just want to hold him/her and know that they are healthy. I have lots of dreams that things don’t end right, but that has happened with every baby in the past.

Thanks everyone.

37 weeks and 4 days…..

18 08 2009

Still no baby, still lots of pain and contractions. God’s timing is always best that is for sure!

Today I went to the chiro. and he did a great adjustment. My back and hips feel so much better than they have in days. He told me to come back on Friday if I haven’t had the baby to do it again. This way I am all lined up for the birth when it happens. 🙂

I have my 38 week appt on Friday, So I think that would be a good time to go and see him. The kids are really excited. Grace did say that she doesn’t think this baby is ever coming out….I did promise her it will be here oneday!

Thanks for the prayers.

37 week appt.

14 08 2009

We are 37 weeks!  I can’t really believe we are already this close to having a baby. Owen came 1 week from tonight and Isaac and Grace during that next week.  So hopefully we will have a baby here very soon.

I am still only 1 cm ish.  I have never dilated early so this isn’t a big surprise to us.  I am still having contractions and lots of pain.  I pray that this baby comes soon so that I am not in so much pain all the time.  I have tested positive for the strep B for the first time ever.  This means I will have to be on antibiotics for at least 4 hours before delivery.  She told me to make sure I am at the hospital early and not to wait around at home too long.  Deciding when to go in is such a hard decision now, this just made it a little harder.  I don’t want to wait too long, but I don’t want to go too early either and have to labor at the hospital too long.

I feel good other than those complaints, I am so excited to welcome this new addition to our family.  I am so excited to see if it is a boy or a girl and what he/she looks like.  Will it be another Gracelyn or a blond/red like the boys?  Oh the fun of a new life coming to your family.

Just an update, hope everyone is having a good week.


16 07 2009

Many of you know that we had a miscarriage back in November of this past year.  We would have been holding our sweet blessing sometime next week (our due date would have been next Friday).  We will have to wait until glory to hold that sweet baby…or will it be a grown child?  I don’t understand all of that, but I know that God has promises and they are always kept.

Maybe that is why I am so excited for Champ to get here.  We are 33 weeks and I know that the baby is NOT ready to be born yet.  But in my heart I feel like I have been preg. for a long time.  We were 5 weeks when we lost our baby and then we were preg. again within a couple weeks.  Making me feel like I have been preg. for almost 9 months already.

My heart still longs for the sweet baby we won’t get to meet here on Earth, but will have to wait until glory to meet.  That seems so far away to me right now!

I didn’t know how I would feel about a miscarriage or how I would deal with it.  I don’t think about it most days, but on days like this I think about it.  Days when I know we would be delivering or would have already delivered.  Also, my dear dear friend and I would have been due the same week.  She is due on Monday and I keep thinking what it would be like to be preg. with her!  God knows my heart, He knows my needs and wants!  He knows what is best and He knows why in His perfect wisdom He had to take a baby away from us.  I can only trust in Him and His timing and not my own.  It can just be hard on the heart sometimes!