1 year………Oh how I miss you….

18 04 2011

Brigette, I can’t believe it has been 1 year. Oh how I miss you so much.  Many of the days are so long, but the year has flown by.  Your smile is missed, your voice is missed, your energy is missed, your meer presence in a room is missed.  You are dearly missed.  These past few weeks have been so hard….remembering all that had gone on.  The count down to Maryland birth….the amazing birth…wow, such a sweet little girl.  Then only 2 week later your life ending, your smile gone from us on Earth forever.  Your girls are so beautiful. I am so thankful for Facebook, Bobby keeps us all updated with pics and cute quotes.  Montana is so big!  I can’t believe he is 10 years old nad what a baseball player he is.

Brigette, there are so many things I don’t understand about life.  One of those is the life of a very young mother with 3 children leaving this world.  Things I do know are…God is good, God is in control and we live in a fallen world with lots of pain and tears.  The realities of this make me want to see Heaven that much more. 

Brigette, you are missed. YOu are loved and you were an amazing mother and wife.    So many days I just sit and think of our times together and how much I long to hear your very happy voice on the other end of the phone. I love you and miss you!

Date Night….12 dates in 12 months!!!! :)

19 02 2011

Dave and I have decided to do a date a month this year…..we would love more time together, but with Dave’s crazy work schedule we needed  to make a plan. 🙂

So, we are on Month 2….and we spent our date night in the ER.  Not only for a little while, but the whole next day too.  Dave was feeling ill the other day and kept saying he was fine.  Just a stomach ache.  No big deal he said…..but after a while it got worse….and worse.  I checked him out and told him I thought he was having a Appendicitis.  He didn’t think so, but after it was getting worse he went in.  After a Cat Scan they saw that it was for sure his Appendix and maybe an abscess.  (Which means it was leaking or about to rupture). 

We were at a smaller hospital so they had to call in the whole OR unit.  By 1 am they had finished the surgery and he was in recovery.

He is resting well and at home now.  He is off from UPS for 2 weeks, but will be able to get work done for the church from home.  We are so thankful in so many ways, God is so good. 🙂  His hand was in this and how things worked out.  Please pray for Dave as he is recovering, he is in a lot of pain at the moment.

Next month he better not try to top it. 🙂

Vacations…(part 2)

9 09 2010

Owen with sweet baby Leila

Ethan and Leila say……” We love when the Wheatley, Ayers and Ferraros get together.”

We have had a great summer with our family.  In late July me and the kids made a visit to Louisville to see some friends.  We had a great time, as we always do!  There was a lot of swimming….lots of games….lots of laughs….lots of fun!!!!

Owen loved having the water thrown in his face

The 6 year olds....Isaac, Dylan and Ballard

The 5 year olds....Gracelyn, Nathan and McKay

The 5 year olds……Gracelyn, Nathan and McKay

The babies.....Haley, Ethan and Leila

The 3 year olds....(In two pics, some how I missed getting one of all 3 boys)....Jaden and Owen

Owen and Edward

The whole group....the best picture you are going to get with 12 children 6 and under 🙂

 We had such a great time!  We thank the Wheatley’s for allowing us to stay with them.  I truly love this friendship between us.  God has given me some wonderful friends!  I praise Him.

Summer Schedule……

26 05 2010

Wow!  It is almost Summer! WOOO HOOO….can I get some shout outs!!!  Come on mamas!!!! and Papas!!!!!  I LOVE summer. I love almost everything about it, there is so many things to do and see…….and the kids make it so much fun. 🙂

So, we will soon be switching from our school year schedule to our summer schedule.  This is always so hard to figure out….we want to just be out in the sun and in the water ALL day long….but I know that isn’t always best for my little ones. 🙂  So, this is very tentative!  But this is what I have so far….

8 am wake up time/ breakfast/ chores

9 am playtime

10 am Ethan morning nap/big kids do table time (summer worksheet books to keep up with school skills)/reading time

10:30 playtime/T.V time

11:30 Lunch Time

noon Ethan wakes up/ outside time for big kids

2:00 Owen rest time/ big kids play in basement or if they were swimming they can continue

3:00 snack time/ craft time or outside time ( if they have already been playing in basement at 2, then they will head outside)

5:00 Dinner (we eat early in the summer, so daddy has lots of time with us before his second job)

6:00 Family Events (bike rides, tee ball, church etc.  Depends on the night)

8:00 bathtime/storytime

9:00 bedtime

I know this schedule is VERY vague, but it is something that will give me some order in the home.  We do lots of swimming and going to the park.  So if we decide to head out for the day then we will change things around!!!

This is how I do my chores etc…..

Monday: Wash Sheets and Dave’s work clothes

Tuesday: Clean the whole house (takes about 3.5 hours) and wash all rugs and towels

Wednesday: Wash all of adult clothes

Thursday: Wash all children’s clothes (about 8-9 loads), plan out menu for next weeks meals.

Friday: clean and organize one area of the house (school room, closets etc.) Wash anything that needs to be done before the weekend. Also, I do the shopping for the next week.

*wash diapers as needed

Saturday and Sunday is family time, I try to keep cleaning to a minimum.  Just what needs to be done (kitchen, baths and toy room).  This way we get to really spend time with daddy.  I do a lot of baking on Sunday nights after church.

If I plan things out right, I can get most of my chores done before lunch (except for my big clean day, I do that from about noon to 3:30).  So we stay home that day, but the other days we can be gone by lunch if needed. 🙂

Life….Mother’s Day

7 05 2010

LIfe…..it isn’t always easy….it isn’t always fun…….it sometimes the most amazing thing…..sometimes you are at a loss for words…..sometimes you just don’t know what to do….sometimes everything just comes so easy…..sometimes life is just plain HARD.

Yes, it is Mother’s Day weekend!  Now, why would I start a post off like this on Mother’s Day?  Well, that is how I am feeling.  It has only been about 2 weeks sence Brigette was buried.  Her life is so fresh in my mind.  Her children’s faces are still etched in my mind.  Holding sweet Maryland is so fresh in my mind, she is such a sweet baby let me tell you.  It was looking in Brigette’s face!  Oh, what a joy that was.

Life….is well, life.  There will be some very hard days, weeks and years at times.   This year is one of those.  Tears flow from my face as I write this.  Brigette’s death will be a moment in my life…it will be a sad time for me.  But for her children it will shape who they will be!  It will become an event that will mark everything they ever do!  They will always wonder what she was like, her smile, her laugh, her joy.  This Mother’s Day I can only think about what it must be like for them.

This moment in my life is pushing me to be a better mommy.  Brigette’s memory is living on in my children as well.  She was one of the most amazing mamas I have ever known.  She loved her children more and did soooo much with her little ones.  She was kind and gentle.  She was sweet and loving.  She was fun and creative.  She loved being a mommy!   This makes me wonder about myself as a mommy.  Do I show how much I love it to my children?  or do I complain about the laundry or the chores?  I want my children to know they are the most amazing gifts from God. I want them to know that I love them, that I care of them ( not because I have to, but because I love doing this job called mommy!).

I wanted to post some pictures I took at Brigette’s funeral.  I wanted her children to see how many people loved their mommy, who still love her so much.

HEre is sweet Georgia and her papa.  25 pink balloons were released, one for each year of her life.

Montana, an awesome young man!  Brigette’s oldest.

I love this picture of Georgia.  She is skipping at the burial site with a flower from her mama’s casket, an angel from the casket and a ribbon that said “mommy” on it.  What a picture of innocence.

Sweet baby Maryland with 2 flowers from her mama’s casket.

Life is so hard.  But let me tell you something….my God is great.  My God is faithful.  My God is good.  My God is comfort.  My God is a healer.  My God is amazing.  My God is the father to the fatherless (or motherless).  My God will take care of His children.  My God will provide.

Some new pics….Hope you enjoy

23 03 2010

With a crazy last few weeks I thought I would post some new pics.  Enjoy 🙂

I love this one...look every 3 and 4 year old is doing something different 🙂

Grace in Ballet


Grace while playing in the snow

Owen playing in the snow

Owen loves to play tee ball

Owen playing the guitar

Our Ethan at 6 months

Ethan on the big boy swing for the first time

Ethan and his great grandma

Isaac playing in the snow

Isaac playing the guitar

Getting ready....

I baptize you my brother, In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Buried with him in baptism raised to walk in newness of life.

I cried. Watching him take this step of obedience was amazing.

RSV, Homeschooling and Crazy stuff……

2 03 2010

Well, well, well…..the Ferraro bunch has been busy these past few weeks!

First, our baby got sick for the first time!  We were very sad when we found out he had RSV, he was on breathing treatments every 4 hours for a few days.  Plus he got a double ear infections…..he was a VERY sick little boy for a few days.  We praise God he is healthy now and God kept His hand on him the whole time!  What a great God we serve!!!!! 

Ethan is now 6 months old…..how can this be?  He is one of the most loving and quiet babies I have ever met!  People tell me all the time how much they love him and how wonderful he is. Something that always makes a mamas heart melt 🙂  After having such a tough start….he has become such an easy baby.  He is sleeping much better……goes to bed about 7:30 pm…eats at 11 pm then sleeps until about 8:00 am.  Then he takes 2 naps a day totaling about 4 hours.  He is on baby food for breakfast and dinner and nurses the other feedings.

Isaac and Grace are doing so great with homeschooling!  These kids eat it up and learn so FAST!  Dave and I have made the decision to continue next year as well. 🙂  This was a big step for us!  We have signed up for the Mid West homeschooling convention in April.  We are excited to learn so much and finish picking out our curriculum for next year as well! 🙂  Baby Ethan is going with us (because of nursing) and the others will be staying with my parents for the weekend!

Owen is doing really well with his speech.  After having two evaluations done they have decided not to do therapy at this time.  Both evaluations have found him to be well above his age in intelligence.  They stopped testing once they got to the age of 4.5 years (he is just 2.5 years).  His speech is not clear, but it might be because his brain is thinking faster than his mouth can keep up. 🙂  He is a ball of energy!!!!  He is such a fun-loving kid, we just love him to pieces.  Oh, and his new favorite thing is snowmobiling!!!!!  The kid is hooked on speed.  I will hopefully get some pics up here soon. 🙂

Well, the bunch is busy.  Dave is doing great at the church God has put us at.  God is truly teaching him so much here.  We are so blessed.  He preached the other night and I think it was his best sermon yet…..don’t tell him I am telling you this….he would be so embarrassed. 🙂  Pray for us over the next year.  Many decisions will have to be made and we want to be in God’s plan! 

I am doing so much better!  This past year has been harder on me than any other year.  After the birth of Ethan I went through a time of depression.  Something I have never experienced before.  Many wonderful friends would drop me a phone call or an email during that time….it helped to get me from day-to-day.  But after a lot of prayer God took it all away!  We praise God for that.  At one point Dave and I were getting ready to see a doctor about it….and then it was just gone!  Just like that God said yes to my prayer.  Things are getting so much easier with 4 little ones!  It is amazing how it has become normal to have all four in tote with me and I am not overwhelmed etc.  God is so good all the time!!!

Update….Facebook Style

17 11 2009

Facebook Style Update……

Becky Is…..

excited that she is heading to Louisville to see friends and then on to Tenn to see your Grandpa who survived open heart surgery by the Grace of God!

realizing that my baby is almost 3 months old….what happened?  But is thankful he is sleeping through the night and is so precious.

can’t believe a year ago I was preg. with a special baby, one that I won’t see until Glory.

Loves teaching my children at home and is amazed at how much they are learning!!!!  God is so good all the time.

Just found out Dave may be moved to another sort!  The one we want a year ago…..woo hoo I am so excited!  Putting 4 kids to bed every night by myself makes me tired.

Is starting Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred a week from Monday….pray for me I am going to need it!

Is a little upset that the ped. Omp. missed Isaac’s eye problem in Louisville!  If we find out he has lost his vision in that eye or that the connections can’t be made because it is too late…..we will be getting a lawyer!  I had him at the doctor’s every year because his ped. kept thinking something was wrong.  The specialist kept saying he was fine.  We move and get a new dr. and they find it right away!!! 

Is hearing that Huggies will be stopping their 3 dollars off and 1.50 off diaper coupons  at the end of the year.  Looks like we will be stocking up ( we use them at night and on Wed. and Sundays for church).

Is so excited that Owen is back on the potty train!  HE is going all day and telling us!  Praise God, we were unsure what to do, we have never had a child regress before.  🙂

Loved that I made 25 meals this month and put them in the freezer!  Dinner time has been going great and I have more time to spend with the kids in the afternoon.

Is thinking I should say Good night to everyone!  Good night 🙂

New Family Pics…..

14 10 2009
Picture 007

Dave and His boys
Dave and His boys

 Picture 015

Picture 019

Picture 027

Picture 030

Picture 032

Picture 043

Picture 021

Picture 003

Update….long time needed

1 06 2009

Well, we are really needing a family update.  Let me start with….we are still finishing up homeschooling for this year, so we have been a little busy. 

I will start with Isaac.  He is doing awesome!  Reading has clicked with him and he is reading a lot of short sentences and stories etc.  His world is wide open now and he really likes that.  He is a typical 5 year old…trying to figure out social circles and friends.  He is still adjusting to our move and making friends is coming slowly.  This is not a bad thing….sometimes the slow moving friendships are the ones that last.  He is in Tee-Ball and loves it!  He has quite an arm on him and is getting much better at batting.  His hand and eye coordination has improved so much from last season.  We are really proud of him.

Isaac batting at his first game of the season.

Isaac batting at his first game of the season.


Isaac on Easter morning

Isaac on Easter morning

On mother's day with the mirror the kids made for me.

On mother's day with the mirror the kids made for me.

Grace is 4 years old today!  I can’t believe how fast she has grown.  She is becoming such a sweet child.  6 months ago we didn’t know if what we were doing as parents was working with her.  She cried a lot and was VERY sassy.  But by God’s grace she is really coming around to be such a wonderful little girl.  She loves babies and art.  She wants to do her hair, pick out her clothes and of course her shoes!  She really wants to do dance class so we will be getting her in a class in the fall.  What a great little girl….Happy Birthday Gracelyn, mommy and daddy love you so much!  We thank God that He choose to give you life and what a miracle you are.

Grace with her princess Easter eggs.

Grace with her princess Easter eggs.

Grace with her princess gear on.

Grace with her princess gear on.

MOmmy and Grace on mother's Day.

MOmmy and Grace on mother's Day.


Owen is growing up!  He is almost 23 months old and is one of the sweetest little boys when he isn’t trying to assert his own will.  He is in a twin bed now and will start potty training tomorrow morning.  It will be a long 3 days, so please pray for us, but God has always been faithful with this area for us and it has gone quick.  I pray it goes that way with him as well.  He LOVES baseball and cars.  He is such a funny little guy.  Now that he has had his new tubes in his years he is talking so much!  He is putting together words and sentences and dropping most of his signing.  He was doing about 60 signs, but now only uses them when needed!!!  That is awesome!  He is very happy to kiss my growing belly and sing to the baby when asked to.

Owen in his new bed!

Owen in his new bed!

Owen on Easter Morning.

Owen on Easter Morning.

Owen doing his eggs...look at that red hair.

Owen doing his eggs...look at that red hair.


Baby Champ is growing as well.  We are almost 27 weeks and moving along pretty well.  I am growing and finally really feeling this baby move.  Our placenta is in the front this time making the movements of the baby harder to feel.  But the baby is growing and is much stronger now so we are feeling it!  The kids love to talk to Champ and sing as well.  This baby will be well loved when it is welcomed into our home.

Here I am at almost 24 weeks.

Here I am at almost 24 weeks.


Now here at some pics of the kids…..

Owen playing baseball

Owen playing baseball

Picture 103

Grace with her Kentucky friends.  Grace, McKay, Jaden and Nathan

Grace with her Kentucky friends. Grace, McKay, Jaden and Nathan

Isaac with his Kentucky friends...Ballard, Dylon and Isaac

Isaac with his Kentucky friends...Ballard, Dylon and Isaac

Brody (cousin), Isaac, Mac (cousin) and Gracelyn eating ice cream.

Brody (cousin), Isaac, Mac (cousin) and Gracelyn eating ice cream.