Mad Dash

30 03 2008

We have made a mad dash to Michigan this morning and will be here until at least Wednesday night, maybe Thursday night.  Dave’s grandfather suddenly passed away last night from a heart attack.  This is hitting the family VERY hard.  Please keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks.

 Also, those who know me and Dave’s family well, trial starts one week from tomorrow for his cousin.  Please pray for us over this and remember to seek God that His Will be done!  Thank you so much.

This Toy Rocks!

26 03 2008

Isaac got a really neat toy for his birthday from a friend of his.  We opened it up a few weeks ago now that the weather is nice and it was an instant hit with both the kids and Dave and I!  We love it……it is the Playskool Tag Tails.  You put on the belt which is an animal (lion, monkey, zebra or Tiger) and you chase each other and try to get the other players tails!  The best part about this toy is that no one is always it, everyone is it all the time and everyone is chasing everyone!

In our home we play like this….one person says GO!  Then everyone runs all over the yard chasing each other….then if you get someone’s tail you say I GOT YOUR TAIL, the person’s whose tail was taken says OH SHUCKS YOU GOT MY TAIL.  Then you replace your tail and continue to play. 

Today we had 2 other kids over and the kids loved the game!  Another great thing is that you get a lot of exercise yourself if you play with your kids.  Enjoy.

Some of My Favorites

25 03 2008

For Owen I have been loving some of these things:  Owen is almost 9 months old

These bibs are the BEST!  They are very long, but are cut in near their arms so they can reach for food.

We love the new line at Kohls called Jumping Beans for his clothes. You already know that Children’s place is my all time favorite store, so I won’t link that one. They also have some great things for Isaac and Grace as well!

For Grace: She is 2.5 years old

She loves her My First Doll House and so do I.  She can make the people stand on their own and the pieces are simple enough for little hands.

For Isaac: He is 4 years old

He loves everything Bibleman right now!  He loves the movies and is learning scripture so well from them.  It is awesome for little boys!  I love how it gives them adventure and excitment that they need and crave!

For the two of them we love:

Our bunkbeds from IKEA are great (click over to the 6th bedroom set in the middle of the page; the blue room).  They rock!  We have it in the loft position and then we have a mattress underneath for Grace to sleep on, which will become Owen’s bed later this year.  It is really awesome! The top over it is great for a younger sleeper or for an older child to have their own space (which is how we have it). Dave put in a little book rack on the wall of each of their beds giving them a little special space. We also put in these baskets on the wall next to their beds giving them their own space for special things.

I just wanted to give you a list of something we have been enjoying in our home.

My Baby Owen

17 03 2008

Owen had his surgery this morning and it went great.  A good friend of mine kept Isaac and Grace and it was such a blessing.  She even came over at 6:15 am, got them dressed and off to her house to get her own kids ready for school.  How awesome is she?

Owen did great at night until he woke up.  Once he woke up he wanted to EAT!  He was not so happy to only get his paci.  He did great going to the nurse to be taken off to surgery.  He even gave her a little snuggle.  Then he was off to see Dr. Grouge. 

After he woke up they came and got us.  He nursed for awhile and then he started crying. The crying lastest the whole time we were there and almost the whole way home!  He had a really hard time coming out of all of it.  He is a great little boy, but he was very confussed.

He has slept already 3 times for a total of 5 hours worth of naps.  He is getting it all out of his system.

His one ear is bleeding quite a bit.  It looks like they said it might. 

Now we pray his hearing comes back to normal over the next few weeks!  Thank you for praying for our little man, God is so good all the time!

Fot Those Who Just Couldn’t Wait to Know….

14 03 2008

Okay, the truth is only one person probally was really wanting to know and he already knows :-).   I got the job!!!!  Yeah, God is so good.  This looks like it is going to be a really good fit for my family.  I will do 2-3 shifts a week and NO Sundays!!!!  

 Thank you to everyone that kept us in your prayers.

Updates on Randoms:

12 03 2008

1. I had my interview at Applebee’s and I got a second interview on Thursday night!! Thank you to anyone that prayed for me. It is looking very positive. I will be meeting with the head manager on Thursday night.

2. Owen had his ENT appointment today and they have scheduled him for surgery on Monday morning. The checked his hearing and said that he can not hear anything lower than 50 decimals (sp ?). That means that anything half as loud as a lawn mower he can not hear. My poor little baby! His eardrums are bulging with fluid they said.

3. We had the kid’s pics done and they came out amazing. At the top of the header is one of the 127 that they took! We got 7 poses and they look awesome. I can’t wait to go and buy the frames for them.

That is all right now. We are having beautiful 60’s right now. The kids are napping after a great morning at the zoo. Have a wonderful day everyone!

A Bunch Of Randoms:

10 03 2008

Here are a bunch of crazy little things:

1. I have an interview at Applebees to be a server on Tuesday night at 8 pm.  Please keep me in your prayers.  Dave and I want all our debt and school loans paid off before he graduates in Dec. with his MDiv.  This way we don’t get any interest on the school loans.  So I am getting a job working at night while the kids sleep and Dave studies.  Hopefully this will work for our family.

2. Owen goes to the ENT doctor on Wednesday at 9:30 to talk about tubes!   I am actually really scared about this.  We have never had a problem with the older two with ears so this is new ground for us. 

3. The kids are getting their Spring pics on Tuesday afternoon and we will be doing our first family pic with our baby Owen.  I got the kids all matching outfits from Children’s place. This is Owen’s Here and Here.  This is Gracelyn’s Here and Here. Isaac is wearing a baige suit with this (but in the blue and green) and a tie that is baige and blue.  The boys also have these matching hats that I found for 50 cents each at the Children’s Place outlet last summer!   I am so excited.  I am sure I will have a new heading this week after they get them taken!  Thank you mom for the Easter money you sent the kids!

4. We are really ready for spring!  The kids are going crazy in this cold weather. 

5. Homeschooling is kicking along.  I think we are getting a good hang of it finally.  Now next year will be really hard because we really want to get a more overview type curriculum.  Any mamas out there that would like to give a little review of what you used in the K-2 grades, please do!!!!