First day of school. 2011-2012

22 08 2011

We made it…..we made it….we made it….yeah!  Only 179 more days to go. 😀  Our first day went very well, I am so pleased with all that the kids did and SOOOO happy with how the younger boys handled the new schedule.  Now does that mean we had a perfect day?  NO way, but it was better than I thought it would go.

As many of you know I have a VERY hands on learner.  My little Owen (age 4) loves to have his entire body moving at all times of the day.  Sitting can be very hard for him to do, but he did great!  We do lots of moving and grovin while counting and learning how to read. 🙂

Isaac was all set for starting 2nd grade.  He is doing such a great job at reading and organizing that all I have to do is get him started and he is off! 🙂  That is a huge help when I have other children I need to help. 



















Daddy helping with our first day!Owen having art timePreschool time! The other girl in the picture is my Mother's Helper.




God’s plan is always best…..

15 03 2011



Things are going great for the Ferraro’s.  God always seems to change things right when we think we have them figured out….has this every happened to you?  Well, almost 2 weeks ago I started to throw up…..hummmmmm……..So I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a test.  And it was POSITIVE!!! I almost fell over to be honest. 🙂

So, 12 days later I went to the doctors.  He did an U/S to figure out a due date.  He did the U/S to find a VERY small little baby and heart beat, we were only 5 weeks and 5 days along.  Oh, what a sweet sight seeing that LITTLE heart beat!  God is so amazing on how He creates life! 🙂  That means Dave and I found out only 8 days after conception……oh, I made him promise me there was only one in there, but the dr. said it was too early to tell.  Maybe another little girl, I was super sick with Grace. 😀  It doesn’t matter to us, God sure knows what we need better than we do. 

So our new THING 5 is due November 9th, 2011. 🙂  The dr. and us are being very active in making sure I don’t end up with another 9 lbs.  Ethan had lots of problems with his sugar when he was born and he got stuck. 😦 So we are going to be checking my sugar more often than normal.  I am very happy about this. Please pray for….

Wisdom for the doctors

Health of the baby

Health for me (for me to be able to take care of the kids while being sick)

Planning for our family

Thank you very much!!!!! 😀  WE are very excited to add another wonderful blessing to our family. 😀


21 01 2011

This past year Isaac and Grace were on a bowling league with my sister’s two youngest children.  We had a great time! 

Grace watching her ball go SLOWLY down the lane.

Picture #1……..there goes the ball……..

Picture #2………A strike! 🙂 One happy boy.

Brody did a great job! 🙂  (This is my nephew that is 10 hours younger than Isaac)

Summer Birthdays…..

7 09 2010

Sorry it has taken me so long to finally get the birthday pictures up.  I do have a good reason…..well, kind of one.  We bought a new camera early this year….and well…..I don’t know how to put the pictures up.  😦  Dave had to do it for me.

So, let’s start with my little princess.  Grace turned 5 this year and choose a Strawberry Shortcake birthday.  🙂  She had a great time with her friends and brothers. 🙂

We surprised Grace with a new kitchen table and dishes.

 Shortly after Grace turned 5 our son Owen turned 3.  Wow!  Really can my baby boy be 3.  He celebrated by having a Go Diego Go party!  This party was a month late because Owen got very sick the weekend of his party. 


The children made Diego vests, then went on an Animal Rescue!  Lots of fun.

Dave set up a course for the kids to the end they had to rescue a stuffed animal. He is such an awesome daddy!!!

As hard as it is for me to believe that Grace is 5 and Owen is 3….the thought that Ethan is 1 is super hard!!!!  My baby boy has grown into such a sweet little boy.  We celebrated his birthday with a Thing 4 is turning 1.  It was a Dr. Seuss birthday party.

Things 1 to 4. 🙂


The Cat in the Hat cake table


The food table was based on Green Eggs and Ham

Ethan opening his gifts

Ethan having his cake...yummy.

I praise God for my wonderful blessings.  He is so good to me, I look at these children and just can’t believe He has given them to us to raise. 

We love you kiddos!  Thank you for being apart of our family.

Birthday Parties….

12 06 2010

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to throw birthday parties.  Before my children can even sit up or sleep through the night I am planning their first birthday party.  Weeks after their birthday I am already thinking of next year. 🙂 I LOVE doing this….maybe I should check into that one day as a job….he he.

Well, after many years of having “Family and Friends” parties we decided to move onto Birthday party child friends and our family only parties.  Ummmmm you might be thinking….”What is she talking about?”  In the younger ages (1-3 or so) the child isn’t really “friends” with children yet.  But around the age of 4 they start to really have bonds with certain children.  So we are now only inviting our immediate family (grandparents and cousins) and the birthday child’s friends. 

This was hard at first.  Many of our friends have 3-5 children each and they are all close in age.  But we gave it a try last year anyway….and guess what?  EVeryone LOVED it!!!!  The parents of the multi age families were calling and thanking me!  They were saying how nice it was for their 2nd or 3rd born child to get to go to party without all the siblings.  They were saying how much it made their children feel special.

Now, I am not saying that this is the only way to go….but for us it is working!  Grace will be having her 5 year old birthday party next weekend and she is so excited to have 8 little girls coming over (and of course her brothers and cousins too).  We can actually invite several children because we are only inviting one from each family.  (If we had just invited 2 families we would have had almost 7 children had we included all the siblings).  So this is a nice way to do it and still keep it under 10 children.

Now, for the younger children we still invite the whole family.  The younger children need their parents at the party and we need them there to help too! 🙂 

I am excited to post pictures of her birthday party next week….let’s just say, there will be lots of pink, red and lime green.  Any guesses on what the theme is?


27 04 2010

Grace is in her first year of Ballet and she really loves it.  She is so cute and does a great job too. 🙂  I wanted to post some pics from her picture day…..she goes on stage in June with her friends.

New Family Pics…..

14 10 2009
Picture 007

Dave and His boys
Dave and His boys

 Picture 015

Picture 019

Picture 027

Picture 030

Picture 032

Picture 043

Picture 021

Picture 003