Our Baby Will Be Here Soon……

27 09 2011

I can’t believe that we are 34 weeks along in this pregnancy already.  We know that our baby will be here by 39 weeks…..so the countdown in on!!!!  The High-Risk doctor is wanting my regular OB to induce between 38-39 weeks, so we could have a baby here in only 4 weeks!!!!!  I can’t believe it!  Things are going well with the diabetes and the medicine and diet are working.  Our baby should be 8 lbs. or under if all continues to go well 🙂 This makes for one VERY happy mama!!!!!!  I really don’t want to deliver a 9 lber ever again.

At our last ultrasound (We have had one every 2-4 weeks for almost 3 months now) the tech did an amazing 4D one for us for FREE!!!!  Here are some of the pics we received.


Look at this sweet baby cuddle up to his/her mama!!!! I just love this one! 

The tech took about 15 photos for us and we are so thankful.  We are truly amazed at what God is doing in this little life already!!!!