School 2010-2011

5 08 2010

Can it really be August already?  Wow, this summer is flying by. 🙂  Well, we have finally ordered all of our school curr. and are almost ready to start!  I am very excited, but nervous at the same time.  I have a very active 3 year old and a very mobile almost 12 month old. 🙂 

So, I have put together a new school schedule to see if it helps us out.  I have 2 schedules….a normal day one and a back up one.  Last year I realized that I had the most trouble getting everything done when something happened in the morning.  For example a sick dr.’s appt. or a quick run to the store etc.  So I have come up with an alternate schedule for those days….I hope it helps us out. 🙂

Normal day: (We school 4 days a week at home…Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Thursdays we all go to co-op from 9:30 til 2).

8:00 am : Breakfast and chores

9:00 am : Bible with daddy, mommy with younger 2 boys doing preschool.

9:15 am: Math with daddy, mommy with younger 2 boys doing preschool.

9:45 am: Reading with mommy, younger 2 boys have playtime together in play yard. Isaac’s reading is here. Grace’s reading is here.

10:15-10:45 am: Break and snack time

10:45: Writing, younger 2 boys have t.v. time

11:00 am: Science, younger 2 boys still have t.v. time

11:30 am: Spelling, Grace has playtime with younger 2 boys

11:45 am: Grammer

Noon-1pm: Lunch and Break

1pm: (only on Monday and Tuesday) History.  Younger 2 boys go down for a nap.

So most days we are done by 1, every other day we are done by noon. 🙂

Here is the Alternative Schedule….

8:00 am: Breakfast and chores

9:00 am: Bible with daddy

9:15 am: Math

9:45- noon : Anything that came up that has to be done….dr.’s etc.

Noon-1 pm: Lunch time and break

1:00: Spelling

1:15: Grammer

1:30: Science

2:00: Reading

2:30: Writing

2:45: History (if on a Monday or Tuesday)

So, this is so far our schedule.  We all know that with young ones you have to be flexible!  So this is an outline, one that we will try VERY hard to keep.  We will however change this up as needed.  I am hoping that having Dave home in the mornings until 1o am will help me get a good start.



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