Birthday Parties….

12 06 2010

Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE to throw birthday parties.  Before my children can even sit up or sleep through the night I am planning their first birthday party.  Weeks after their birthday I am already thinking of next year. 🙂 I LOVE doing this….maybe I should check into that one day as a job….he he.

Well, after many years of having “Family and Friends” parties we decided to move onto Birthday party child friends and our family only parties.  Ummmmm you might be thinking….”What is she talking about?”  In the younger ages (1-3 or so) the child isn’t really “friends” with children yet.  But around the age of 4 they start to really have bonds with certain children.  So we are now only inviting our immediate family (grandparents and cousins) and the birthday child’s friends. 

This was hard at first.  Many of our friends have 3-5 children each and they are all close in age.  But we gave it a try last year anyway….and guess what?  EVeryone LOVED it!!!!  The parents of the multi age families were calling and thanking me!  They were saying how nice it was for their 2nd or 3rd born child to get to go to party without all the siblings.  They were saying how much it made their children feel special.

Now, I am not saying that this is the only way to go….but for us it is working!  Grace will be having her 5 year old birthday party next weekend and she is so excited to have 8 little girls coming over (and of course her brothers and cousins too).  We can actually invite several children because we are only inviting one from each family.  (If we had just invited 2 families we would have had almost 7 children had we included all the siblings).  So this is a nice way to do it and still keep it under 10 children.

Now, for the younger children we still invite the whole family.  The younger children need their parents at the party and we need them there to help too! 🙂 

I am excited to post pictures of her birthday party next week….let’s just say, there will be lots of pink, red and lime green.  Any guesses on what the theme is?