Cooking Adventure: Bagels

2 06 2010

I have been trying to bake something new every week.  So this week I tackled Bagels….now this may not sound hard, but man they were NOT easy.  They weren’t hard eaither….they just took lots of time.  They aren’t something you can make and then bake etc.  There is a lot you have to do…..but they were well worth it!!!!

Here are some pictures of my cooking adventure….

First you make the dough…then you knead it for quite awhile….then you let it rise….then you shape it into bagels.

AFter you shape the dough, you have it rise again…then you broil it for a couple mins on eachside….then you boil the bagels…..then you bake them….then they are finally DONE!

They are super yummy and super healthy.  I will make them again, but when Dave is home to help with the kids. 🙂  They just took a lot of time away from the kids….but I made up for it by having some reading time with lots of cuddling.



2 responses

3 06 2010

I don’t have the talented to do it,ha!

8 06 2010

I have always wanted to try to make bagels, Becky! So when I do, I’ll have to call you up for help. 😀

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