Summer Schedule……

26 05 2010

Wow!  It is almost Summer! WOOO HOOO….can I get some shout outs!!!  Come on mamas!!!! and Papas!!!!!  I LOVE summer. I love almost everything about it, there is so many things to do and see…….and the kids make it so much fun. 🙂

So, we will soon be switching from our school year schedule to our summer schedule.  This is always so hard to figure out….we want to just be out in the sun and in the water ALL day long….but I know that isn’t always best for my little ones. 🙂  So, this is very tentative!  But this is what I have so far….

8 am wake up time/ breakfast/ chores

9 am playtime

10 am Ethan morning nap/big kids do table time (summer worksheet books to keep up with school skills)/reading time

10:30 playtime/T.V time

11:30 Lunch Time

noon Ethan wakes up/ outside time for big kids

2:00 Owen rest time/ big kids play in basement or if they were swimming they can continue

3:00 snack time/ craft time or outside time ( if they have already been playing in basement at 2, then they will head outside)

5:00 Dinner (we eat early in the summer, so daddy has lots of time with us before his second job)

6:00 Family Events (bike rides, tee ball, church etc.  Depends on the night)

8:00 bathtime/storytime

9:00 bedtime

I know this schedule is VERY vague, but it is something that will give me some order in the home.  We do lots of swimming and going to the park.  So if we decide to head out for the day then we will change things around!!!

This is how I do my chores etc…..

Monday: Wash Sheets and Dave’s work clothes

Tuesday: Clean the whole house (takes about 3.5 hours) and wash all rugs and towels

Wednesday: Wash all of adult clothes

Thursday: Wash all children’s clothes (about 8-9 loads), plan out menu for next weeks meals.

Friday: clean and organize one area of the house (school room, closets etc.) Wash anything that needs to be done before the weekend. Also, I do the shopping for the next week.

*wash diapers as needed

Saturday and Sunday is family time, I try to keep cleaning to a minimum.  Just what needs to be done (kitchen, baths and toy room).  This way we get to really spend time with daddy.  I do a lot of baking on Sunday nights after church.

If I plan things out right, I can get most of my chores done before lunch (except for my big clean day, I do that from about noon to 3:30).  So we stay home that day, but the other days we can be gone by lunch if needed. 🙂



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27 05 2010

That does not sound vague at all to me! I don’t do schedules in the summer. I actually don’t really stick to a schedule during the school year, either. I just have goals to when I want to have such-and-such done by. 🙂

I love summer too! It’s definitely my favorite time of the year! We just love to be able to play outside all day, have friends over, go for bike rides, go to the beach, etc.

27 05 2010

Becks, Thanks for the schedule. I think I am going to have a one day cleaning day each week. Do you involve the kids? What do you do with them? I feel like I am spending too much time each day cleaning or trying to, that I am missing out on what’s most important.

27 05 2010

For me this is a hard one……yes I involve them…..but VERY little. I have them clean the basement (AKA the play room).

I clean each room in a circle ( I start at the to and work my way down, it goes so much faster and keeps me focused!). After I clean an entire room I put all things that don’t belong in that room…ex. toys, sippy cups, books, etc. in a basket and they go around the house putting the stuff away. They also put away all the toys or anything else on the floors away.

I then let them watch a movie in the basement (which is about 1.5 hours long). Then they play in the basement. Ethan sleeps about 3 hours and Owen about 1.5 hours and then watches Diego. I don’t like all the T.V time on that day, but it frees me up the rest of the week so I can enjoy them. So it works for us.

Also, it has made our weekends sooooo much more fun. Dave feels like I am not cleaning the whole weekend! We just do “damage control”……clean up after meals and toys at the end of the night. I don’t have to worry about dusting, washing floors, bathrooms etc.


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