2010-2011 School year….

13 05 2010

Yes, it is already that time of year 🙂  The time when I get to figure out what our next year of school will look like.  My goal is to have it all figured out before the end of the school year so that it isn’t hanging over my head during the summer.

So, we think we have it done.  It isn’t in stone, but it is pretty close 🙂

For Grace and Isaac we will be going with Sonlight Core 1 for their History, Geography, Reading and Bible.  This was a hard choice for us.  We prayed over it, talked about it and finally decided this is the best fit for our family.  Now Grace will be 5 and Isaac 6 at the start of the school year, so this is pretty advanced for her. So we will take 2 years on this core….so that when we do Core 2 she will be 7 and Isaac 8.  We think this is the best plan for our little ones.  Grace will be doing the Readers Level 1 and Isaac will be doing the Readers Level 2.

For math we are sticking with Math U See.  We really love the way it is taught!  We are going to be on Alpha. 🙂

For Science we are starting Answers in Genesis.  We are very excited about this choice.  We love how it is set up!  We go through the 4 different science books twice between 1st and 8th grade. You have all the worksheets on CD so you just print what you need for each child.  That is a huge help with this growing family. 🙂  We will be studying Plants, Animals and the Human Body this year.

For language arts we are going with First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind.  This is an easy book that comes with a CD to help your little ones learn the different parts of language.  We also love that this one book covers two years worth of school…..so very cost-effective!

Some extra things we will continue to do are…

1. Explode the Code.  I LOVE these books, it is amazing how well they teach concepts in reading and spelling.  Isaac will be doing books 4, 5 and 6 next year.  Grace will be starting books 1, 2 and 3.  Hint: if you want these books try getting the at Rainbow Resources, so much cheaper.

2. Hooked on Spanish.  So far we are very happy with the approach to teaching Spanish in this easy to follow format.  They children do it all on the computer and it tracks their progress for me.  We are very happy with this and will continue it for next year. 🙂 Hint: We bought ours at Borders on the “bargain book” shelf for ten dollars.  Check there before buying online.

For Owen (age 3) we will be doing Five in a Row volume 1.  The current plan is to do this for 2 years in row.  This way Ethan can do it with him when he is 2 and Owen is 4.  Then we will get them schooling together 🙂  We will add in fun preschool stuff for Owen.  Isaac and Grace did this when they were 2 and 3 and it was great.  It gave them some organized reading and play time with mommy.  It isn’t like “school time” more like some one on one “mommy time”.  That is how we school until they are 5 years old, we try to make it fun and organized.  (More for me than for them, it makes sure I am giving each of them some love and attention).

So far that is our choices for next year.  We are still unsure about spelling (for Isaac) and how we should teach that.  So if you have some ideas please post them for me!  Thank you so much.



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13 05 2010

Looks like you’re going to have a great year. 🙂 I’m jealous- I didn’t get a CD with my copy of FLL! 😉 I agree, Rainbow Resource ROCKS. I’m getting tons of stuff through them for next year. Just about everything actually!

In regards to spelling, in the limited research I’d done on the topic, I’ve found that many programs don’t recommend starting until 3rd grade (Spelling Power, Phonetic Zoo, etc). I still like to introduce some spelling though just so writing isn’t as frustrating for my oldest who doesn’t like guessing. 🙂 I’m going to go ahead and order Spelling Workout (through RR of course). It’s similar to what we’ve been doing on the computer (www.spellingcity.com), but on paper.

I’m glad that you have found something that will fit well with you and your growing family.

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