Please pray….

19 04 2010

My heart is breaking as I write this……my heart can barely hold in the pain and saddnes!  As many of you know, I worked at Gymboree for almost 5 years while in Ky.  During this time my dear friend, whom was hired the same day as me, Brigette Moulin I became fast and good friends!  We spent many days together with the kids, we went through the birth of 3 little ones together.   

Last night Brigette pasted away.  She had gone into a coma after having a seizure (updated from blood clot).  She did not survive.  She leaves behind 3 beautiful children.  Montana (age 7), Georgia (age 3) and Maryland ( 12 days old).    Please pray for all involved. 

My dear friend Brigette.



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20 04 2010

Oh, Becky, how horrible! I remember Brigette from your kids’ birthday parties. Such a sweet person. And with a 12 day old baby! This is the kind of thing that we can’t possibly understand or see how any good could come from it. I will pray for you and all who knew and loved Brigette that you would have the peace of God that passes all understanding.

18 04 2011
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