What we have done so far…..

30 03 2010

Well, to start, there are lots of things I am sure I am doing totally wrong with this diet.  I know I will make lots of mistakes and buy the wrong stuff sometimes.  There are several websites that are VERY helpful.  I will list them at the bottom of the page.  On the Feingold Diet homepage they have a program you can buy….it is pretty pricey I think….we would love to buy it.  The foodlists would be awesome!  They figure out the stores in your region and tell you exactly what your child can eat.  If this works like we want it to and we decide to continue for a long time we may pay into the system.  They also give you a foods at restaurants that your child can eat, that would be soooo helpful!

Somethings I did this week that have helped me out a lot…..

1. Planned what he is eating for each day!  This way I don’t grab the wrong food and give it to him or come unprepared somewhere.  (ex. making sure he has something to drink at the park, a sucker for his grammy’s house etc.)

2. Bought all his food at the start of the week.  This way I am not dragging 4 kids in and out of lots of stores!

3. Made all our breads for the week.  We made homemade cinn. raisin bread, wheat bread, banana bread, 2 batches of pancakes and rolls. 

4. I pre-cooked some boneless skinless chicken breasts and froze them.  This way I can pull out one for him if the rest of the family is eating some other food he can’t have. (Right now we are finishing up meals I had already made and he can’t always eat).

5. Decided this is a change and it is going to be okay and I am going to be happy about it!  This step may not sound important but to me is was HUGE!   By making the choice to be happy about it I am more willing and able to show my happiness to my children about it.  If I am upset or complain about the new work set before me they are going to do the same!  They will complain when I tell them we can’t eat somewhere etc.  They will pick up on emotions!  We want to be happy in all circumstances….including big changes in diet in the home.  (Never thought Kraft Mac and Cheese would be such a touchy issue in the home!  We did find an organic, natural one….but at over 2 dollars a box, it will be a special treat).

Now, here are some sites that have been a HUGE help so far.





I hope these are help to anyone interested!



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