Diet….new lifestyle?

27 03 2010

We could use your prayers over the next several weeks.  We are starting our sweet Owen and the Feingold Diet……”ummmmm, what is that?”  You might be thinking.  Well, up until a week ago I was right with you!  I had no idea what this could be.  But after a lot of research, a lot of conversations with people and prayer, Dave and I decided this may be what our family needs to do.

First, this is a diet known as the “ADHD diet or ADD diet”.  Now, this maybe the name it has been tagged as, doesn’t mean that is the only reason people do it.  It has shown success in helping children with ear infections, sensitive skin and speech delays.  All in which our young 2 year old son has.  He is also very active and has a “short fuse” as some would say (these two are totally normal for a child at his age). 

So, how is this diet different than your current diet?  Well, to start, he isn’t to eat anything that has artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, artificial Preservatives or aspartame.  Well, doesn’t sound too bad huh?  Well, it pretty much includes anything found in a box 🙂  There are somethings, actually many things, that are approved for him to eat.  They just take some searching to find 🙂

I was surprised how many things I was already doing right according to the “diet”.  I make my own bread, we don’t eat a lot of boxed snacks or fruit snacks etc.  I cook almost every dinner from scratch.  The only problem was I was starting with the “wrong” stuff!  You have to use real vanilla….no artifical!  You have to use only non-bleached whole wheat flour with no additives or junk in it.  etc.  Well, after cleaning our my baking cupboard I am ready for my big cooking day tomorrow to start our week off 🙂

So, here are some of our meals planned out:


Homemade pancakes with real maple syrup and bananas


Old Fashion Oatmeal with maple syrup to flavor it

Eggs (made with only whole milk and butter)


Peanut butter (natural) with banana, on homemade bread, and yogurt

Banana bread with a smoothie

( I don’t have anything else on my list for this one yet) 😦


Homemade Chicken nuggets, 2 veggies and potatoes

Grilled chicken on a salad ( I can’t find a dressing yet that is approved!  if I can’t find one then no dressing for Owen).

Turkey burgers (on homemade bread, no ketchup or mustard), fruit and veg

(so far that is all on my list)


Lots of fruit, smoothies, Annie Homegrown cracker snacks, homemade cookies

To drink:

Pineapple Juice (they say to stay away from apples for the first few weeks, then add them in later if your child can handle them)

Pear Juice

We got him a natural toothpaste with no artificial coloring or flavoring in it too.

So far that is all I have.  I am a little overwhelmed.  I have some meals in my freezer we will use up, but just give Owen something different.  After I get that all used up  I will be able to make all the dinners using only things that are approved 🙂

So, please pray for us!  Please pray for God to give us wisdom.  If this doesn’t “fix” some of our problems that is okay…..we may have just picked up some great new habits as a family!



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28 03 2010
Jill V.

Awesome Becky!! Also check out Sheri’s FB page. With all the ear infections and possible antibiotic usage, he may have yeast overgrowth in his gut (both of my boys had this). It’s referred to as “the yeast beast”. And a good Probiotic given daily can get rid of that…and improve behavior. We use one from Kirkman Labs. Sheri can give you tons of info on the best ones for kiddos. 😉

30 03 2010
Sarah Gahagen

Don’t forget that you can do homemade salad dressings, too! Just shake up a little oil, vinegar, and a spice or two for a good homemade dressing. There are so many varieties of vinegar out there, you’ll be able to find something he likes! I like olive oil with basil and oregano, and then either some balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar.

30 03 2010

Thank you so much everyone for your encouragment! Yes, I will be trying some of the dressing Sarah! 🙂

30 03 2010

Becky, years ago we used this on my ADD nephew and it seemed to work, but his cholesterol shot up, so I would watch for that. I think if you add enough whole grains and oatmeal (if possible) that might help.
I know what you mean about aspartame, I have been off it for about 3 years, but it is in so much stuff.
God Bless You,

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