24 03 2010

Well, we have started schooling a little different this past week.  And so far so good!!  Now, I wouldn’t really call it schooling for Owen and Ethan, but they are involved as well!  And they love it too 🙂

So, this is how it works.  I set up 3-6 different things for the kids to do.  For example : painting, reading, math, wood tiles, play do, puzzles, a craft, music, felt-board, spanish, etc. 

I then set the timer for 10 mins. and the kids rotate around to different things I have set up.  Now, the older ones do a lot of school time during this time (their math is the lesson for the week, or handwriting).  For Owen it is more “activities” (paint, felt board, wood tiles, etc), for Ethan is it fun baby stuff (floor time, bouncy time, etc). 

I then rotate around and help each child during a set of time.  So I make sure Grace and Isaac aren’t both doing math or reading at the same time.  Grace will be painting while I help Isaac with math, then I help Grace with reading while Isaac is doing the felt board etc.  I then make sure Grace and Isaac are doing things they don’t need help with while I spend time with Owen and Ethan.  🙂  This has made it much easier to spend one on one with each child and get school done at the same time!  It also gets the kids doing fun things that I don’t usually get out for them to do. 🙂  This also makes me set up fun things for them and it keeps Owen and Ethan busy while I do subjects with Grace and Isaac.



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