RSV, Homeschooling and Crazy stuff……

2 03 2010

Well, well, well…..the Ferraro bunch has been busy these past few weeks!

First, our baby got sick for the first time!  We were very sad when we found out he had RSV, he was on breathing treatments every 4 hours for a few days.  Plus he got a double ear infections…..he was a VERY sick little boy for a few days.  We praise God he is healthy now and God kept His hand on him the whole time!  What a great God we serve!!!!! 

Ethan is now 6 months old… can this be?  He is one of the most loving and quiet babies I have ever met!  People tell me all the time how much they love him and how wonderful he is. Something that always makes a mamas heart melt 🙂  After having such a tough start….he has become such an easy baby.  He is sleeping much better……goes to bed about 7:30 pm…eats at 11 pm then sleeps until about 8:00 am.  Then he takes 2 naps a day totaling about 4 hours.  He is on baby food for breakfast and dinner and nurses the other feedings.

Isaac and Grace are doing so great with homeschooling!  These kids eat it up and learn so FAST!  Dave and I have made the decision to continue next year as well. 🙂  This was a big step for us!  We have signed up for the Mid West homeschooling convention in April.  We are excited to learn so much and finish picking out our curriculum for next year as well! 🙂  Baby Ethan is going with us (because of nursing) and the others will be staying with my parents for the weekend!

Owen is doing really well with his speech.  After having two evaluations done they have decided not to do therapy at this time.  Both evaluations have found him to be well above his age in intelligence.  They stopped testing once they got to the age of 4.5 years (he is just 2.5 years).  His speech is not clear, but it might be because his brain is thinking faster than his mouth can keep up. 🙂  He is a ball of energy!!!!  He is such a fun-loving kid, we just love him to pieces.  Oh, and his new favorite thing is snowmobiling!!!!!  The kid is hooked on speed.  I will hopefully get some pics up here soon. 🙂

Well, the bunch is busy.  Dave is doing great at the church God has put us at.  God is truly teaching him so much here.  We are so blessed.  He preached the other night and I think it was his best sermon yet…..don’t tell him I am telling you this….he would be so embarrassed. 🙂  Pray for us over the next year.  Many decisions will have to be made and we want to be in God’s plan! 

I am doing so much better!  This past year has been harder on me than any other year.  After the birth of Ethan I went through a time of depression.  Something I have never experienced before.  Many wonderful friends would drop me a phone call or an email during that time….it helped to get me from day-to-day.  But after a lot of prayer God took it all away!  We praise God for that.  At one point Dave and I were getting ready to see a doctor about it….and then it was just gone!  Just like that God said yes to my prayer.  Things are getting so much easier with 4 little ones!  It is amazing how it has become normal to have all four in tote with me and I am not overwhelmed etc.  God is so good all the time!!!