A new favorite toy…..

18 01 2010

We have a new favorite toy in our home!  We are passing this on to you.  We love that this gets our kids moving and is fun.  We don’t get enough physical activity here in the winter (we haven’t seen the sun in almost 2 weeks!!!!).  The kids love this game and it can be played many different ways too.  Also, Owen (age 2) can play and Isaac (almost 6 years old) at the same time!

Twister Hopscotch  You can find it for about 15 dollars!  It is a great “let’s get moving” type of game.  🙂

You can find other family favorites under “toy reviews” under categories on the right hand side.



One response

22 01 2010

Hi Becky! I was wondering if you had any good recommendations for books on managing your family or homemaking. This is the downside of starting with a career first, and then moving to the way more challenging and fulfilling career of raising kids! Any tips or links would be appreciated. Hope all is well there in Michigan!


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