A new favorite toy…..

18 01 2010

We have a new favorite toy in our home!  We are passing this on to you.  We love that this gets our kids moving and is fun.  We don’t get enough physical activity here in the winter (we haven’t seen the sun in almost 2 weeks!!!!).  The kids love this game and it can be played many different ways too.  Also, Owen (age 2) can play and Isaac (almost 6 years old) at the same time!

Twister Hopscotch  You can find it for about 15 dollars!  It is a great “let’s get moving” type of game.  🙂

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Fruit Slush…..

18 01 2010

Here is the recipe for Fruit Slush…..

This makes 32 servings ( I froze it in 4 ziplock bags for my family).

10 oz bag of frozen sliced strawberries

40 oz of fruit cocktail in Lite Syrup

12 oz of frozen orange juice concentrate

20 oz of crushed pineapple in a can

3 diced bananas

Partially thaw strawberries.  Mix all ingredients together including all the juices from the canned fruits.

Pour into suitable container for your family (such as freezer bags).  Allow about 1/4-1/3 Cup per child and 1/2 cup per adult.  The leftovers don’t save well so try not to have too much leftover.

Serving Directions:

You will want to pull it out about 1/5- 2 hours before needed.  It should be slushy at serving time. 🙂

Easy and so yummy!  It is a great side dish and counts as a serving of fruit 🙂