12 01 2010

Sorry for not uploading things quick (more recipes etc.) but we have been sick….well mommy has been really sick. Everyone had the stomach flu over the past 2 weeks, but I have gotten it twice! I have lost almost 10 lbs. in just 3 days of being sick 😦

This was not the weight loss program I was wanting in 2010. I am feeling better but very weak, please pray for our family. Pray the kids don’t get sick again with phase 2.

We praise God that I am able to nurse Ethan. The doctor told me that within 1 nursing session my milk will have the antibodies for the flu I just had, keeping Ethan healthy. 🙂 God is so good!!!! Also, we praise God that the kids didn’t get it as bad as me (keeping them from having to be hospitalized, they are just too little to go through this as bad as mommy had it), also we praise God that my family is close and could come and help with the kids while Dave went to work.



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