A look at the first half…..

5 01 2010

Wow!  Are we really almost half way through our first full year of homeschooling or home educating our children?  Time to reflect if you ask me.

First, curriculum…..

We love our choices this year!  Sonlight level K with readers 1 for Isaac and readers K for Grace.  Handwriting without tears Level 1 for both the kids and Math U See for both as well.  Hooked on Spanish for foreign language and daddy does his own thing for Bible (which is neat if you ask me, right now we are going from the birth of Christ to the Resurrection, from Christmas to Easter).

Second, Schedule…….

OK, this one had to change and change fast!!!!  Our schedule wasn’t working for us.  So our first change was mommy to get up eariler……yes, I now set the alarm for 7:30.  Okay, don’t go crazy on me, but my kids sleep til 8 and then they get up and play until we would get up. Dave works til about 1 am or so, so we weren’t in bed til really late!  That is working much better for us 🙂

Next we felt like we weren’t getting all that we wanted in during the week.  We got the basics in but wanted to add more fun stuff like painting etc.  So we know have a monthly schedule that hangs over the school table.  Dave and I can both see what didn’t get done and do it.  We also can see where we will be at the end of the month!  We like this a lot.  It is color coded for each child.

Now we need to see if there was anything our children were missing that we wanted them to learn.  And we discovered that they didn’t know the location of most of the states.  I thought this was important so we added it to our school room.  I took a map ( I purchased it at Target in the dollar area) and placed it on the table and covered it with clear contact paper.  After we learn the states well we will switch it with  a world map and work on the different countries.



2 responses

5 01 2010

It sounds like you’re having a great year! Good ideas, as always. I’m glad that you were able to change your schedule to fit your family better. The key ingredient to a good schedule is FLEXIBILITY! 🙂

6 01 2010
Luke Holzmann

Glad to hear things are working so well! May you continue to find ways to adjust your school to meet the needs of you and your family [smile].


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