How are we doing mamas?

10 12 2009

Something has been on my heart lately.  How am I doing about showing thankfulness and happiness to my children and to those who are lost.  Do I complain about the size of my house? Or do I praise God about our home no matter the size? Do I complain about all the laundry I have to do or do I praise God that I have 5 wonderful people to be doing laundry for?  Am I thankful that we have a warm home and lots of warm clothes to wear in this very cold weather (3 degrees today) or do I complain about how cold it is?  Do I thank God my husband has a job or do I complain that he isn’t home enough?  Am I thankful that we have a T.V and stations or am I discontent that we don’t have a certain sports station or TLC?  Do I praise God that we have laughter, toys on the floor and little feet scampering about the house?  Do I thank God that we have food in the fridge even if it isn’t what I want to eat that night or I am complaining about what we have been given?  Do I thank God for the people He has given us to serve or do I hope to be somewhere else? 

The list can go on and on and on and on and on… get the point. 

How are we doing mamas about showing our children how great our GOD is?  Do they hear us complain so much that they don’t think our God is taking care of us?  Are we so unthankful that they don’t want to serve this powerful God?  Our children are watching us!  They will see if we are unhappy and discontent!  They will follow our lead.  “When mama aint happy aint nobody happy” is an old saying, but is VERY true too.

When we do our chores around the house do we say “thank you God for beds to make, we could be sleeping on the ground.  Thank you God that we have good doctors to get Owen better.  Lord you are great to provide us with 3 meals a day and snacks!”  or do our children hear “If I have to fold one more load of laundry, I am sick of this food I want to go out to eat, why can’t we have more money to go out?, I am sick of these toys all over the floors!”

What kind of heart do we have?  What kind of life are we showing to our children and those who are lost?  Would they (our children and those who are lost) even want to hear about our God after spending time with us?  Do we praise Him, respect Him and cherish Him above all. Do we thank Him for all things in all circumstances?

Let us remember that we have little ones watching us!  Let them know that our God is big and supplies all our needs and has taken great care of us!



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10 12 2009

Thanks for the reminder!

11 12 2009

Thanks Becky, this was something I needed to hear this morning. I really needed to hear it. Does my heart good. Love you!

12 12 2009


13 12 2009
Leslie DeJ

Great post! I have been challenging myself to raise up a thankful child by making a point to mention things to Archie I’m thankful for throughout the day like “I’m thankful God gave us sunshine today” or “I’m thankful for your markers we can color with.” Complaining kind of cancels out those intentional thankfulness expressions!

5 01 2010
Ivy from Red Robin :)

Great post! I love your blog! I should try that cooking day thing.

2 02 2010

Good reminder, Becky! Thanks.

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