Some Funnies….

20 11 2009

I think everyone needs a laugh sometimes….so hopefully these will give you one today 🙂

Grace and Isaac were doing school time and we were learning about ocean currents.  I asked a question to the kids and Isaac gave the correct answer.  Grace was upset she didn’t answer quick enough and her answer wasn’t right so she said….

Mom, I said it you just didn’t understand because I said it in Spanish.  I almost fell off the chair I was laughing so hard.

Today Owen was playing with his baby doll.  He lifted his shirt and started to feed it.  Dave and I started to laugh, so he gave me the doll and said…..

Here mommy milk.  He wanted me to feed the baby, like I don’t nurse enough as it is 🙂

Here is another from Grace.  I came down in the basement and found Grace in a big Rubbermaid container (clear) with the lid on (yes, I went  nuts, because children can die like this, and yes Dave has already put holes in all our bins).  I opened the lid and said…Grace you can die from this.  Don’t ever get in one of these bins again.  She looks and me and says….You don’t want your only daughter to die?  I had to hid my face from laughing…I then responded, “No, Grace I don’t want any of my children to die, it isn’t like I can spare a boy around here!”

I hope you had a smile on your face reading these!  Have a great weekend! 🙂



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20 11 2009

Who knew that Gracie was bilingual? Very creative. 🙂

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