Why do you home school?

9 11 2009

What a loaded question!  I get this question often and thought I should make a post on it….mostly just to get my thoughts down on it.

 Homeschooling  is hard!  It wasn’t an easy choice for our family, we have 4 young children (one only a few months old).  After much prayer we decided it was the best choice for us this year.

First we didn’t love the public school our son was to attend.  We didn’t like their school scores, curriculum choices etc.  There was a lot that we didn’t approve of so we decided to look into other options.

After looking into private school we found one we really liked.  It is about 25 mins. from my home.  This is a distance (making it 50 mins. round trip to drop off and 50 mins. round trip to pick up….almost 2 hours a day in the car….almost 10 hours a week!).  This wasn’t a great option for us.  We felt it wasn’t fair to our younger children to be in a car almost 2 hours a day.  They needed time to play, interact and learn themselves.  I can not parent in the car like I can at home with them.  Also, it was costly (even with the pastor discount) for our family. 

Homeschooling seemed like the best choice for us.  I could home school in the same amount of time I would have spent in the car just getting them to school and home.  Now, I get to pick out their curriculum, see them learn, instill some character qualities we wanted for them learn this year (we didn’t feel we would have the time with them in school)  and save money 🙂  My younger children get to interact with us during school and enjoy the many fun things we are doing.  We all get to spend time with daddy when he is home during the week (his schedule is a little crazy some days), we also get to spend time as a family in the evening and not worry about homework 🙂  I know they don’t have a lot of homework in K but we knew it would get more time intensive as the years went on, something we didn’t want to really mess with.

Now, homeschooling is working for us.  This doesn’t mean it is for everyone!  It can be hard some days, it can make you cry some days and want to pull your hair out.  But the days when you get to see it “click” with your child, them look at you and tell you how much they love you and love that you are their teacher, the days you get to watch their minds open up to different world cultures etc. make it all worth it!  It has been an amazing year so far!  One that I am so happy with, God has truly blessed us and we are so happy we have this opportunity with our children!  Thank you Lord, you have been so good to us.



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