Into the swing of things…..

28 10 2009

We are finally into the swing of things here.  It has taken us all a little time to get used to having another wonderful blessing in our home.  Ethan is very fussy, but we finally think we have a hold of it.  They are thinking he has reflux with no classic signs.  So all in all, it means we don’t know if that is what he has so lets try some meds and see if they work.  It seems to be working so that is good  🙂

School with the kids is going really well.  We are having some trouble trying to get in our Read Alouds (these are books that are longer in length that Dave or I have to read to them).  The problems we are having is that the books need the kids attention, so we need it to be quiet and calm…..well with a 2 month old and a  2 year old it isn’t always like that.  We are getting it all in with time, we have Dave doing some reading on Saturdays so that is helpful.

Isaac is going to have to patch his eye for 3 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. He is VERY unhappy about this.  He will do it but he isn’t wanting to.  He is reading like a champ!  It is so neat to have your little one reading to you 🙂 

Grace is doing great.  We start reading with her pretty soon.  She is still learning and reviewing sounds right now and is doing GREAT!  Her handwriting is amazing for only being  4 years old.

Owen is just sweet.  He is doing much better with potty training and we seem to have turned back to the road of success!  We are so happy about that !  He is just a beautiful little boy.

Ethan is a sweet and fussy baby.  We love him non the less and are happy that he is doing much better now 🙂  He is sleeping from about 8:30 ish til about 5:30 am  woo hoo for mommy 🙂  He is fully nursing still and we hope to continue until he is a year.

The other good things that are going on is that we are back to full meal planning (check out more under Stewardship and getting organized).  This frees up my afternoons to be with my kids or take a nap (the nap wins sometimes) 🙂  Getting out with 4 is becoming normal.  I am able to go to the grocery store and church by myself…..but will NEVER turn down help!  Also, I have learned to accept help at times 🙂

Well, blogging World, I have lots of posts in my head and I hope to get them out here soon!  One will be on meal planning, something lots of people have asked me to blog about and sleep training your little one.



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28 10 2009
Leslie DeJ

Does Isaac have lazy eye? Archie does and he has to patch, too. They are going to Hong Kong tomorrow to see if he needs surgery. I wish you the best with getting his eyes fixed soon.

29 10 2009

No he doesn’t have a lazy eye. they corrected his vision and now they are trying to create more “eye cells” in the brain on the oneside. I don’t really understand it all, but hte brain is not recieving the information that the eye is getting good enough. she said this is make that eye work harder which will then make more cells in the brain to recieve the information.

she thinks it will work out great, she is one of the best in the country so we are happy with her, the only sad part is she is retiring next month 😦 my niece had to have surgery for a lazy eye when she was 3, it went great! She is doing awesome at age 13. 🙂

30 10 2009

Callie Grace had really bad reflux, also without the classic signs, we were just blessed to have a great doc who diagnosed it. She finally got the right medicine, and was on Zantac, three times a day, until she was about 9 months old. Those were a rough few months, my friend, and she was our only one! I now know all there is to know about babies and reflux! I think I was worried that it was her personality, but she is such a happy, sweet 1 year old now! Baby boy Meade is due in a few weeks, and I think I was blessed that Callie had the troubles she did, because I have no idea what an easy baby is like, so I have no expectations of one!

30 10 2009

Thanks Andi! It is so hard to watch them be in pain and not be able to do much about it.

Were you nursing? If so did you find some foods that made the reflux worse?


30 10 2009

Callie didn’t gain enough weight with nursing, so sadly I had to switch to formula. I know the problem with nursing, according to our doc, was that the baby needs to stay elevated at all times, which is tricky when nursing! I read where you said he’s sleeping well through the night. Is his crib elevated at all? We bought wedges and put them in her crib, which helped a lot!

31 10 2009

No we don’t have his crib elevated. he is already turning in his bed and I am afraid he will turn the wrong way and be laying with his feet up and his head down.

He does really well nursing. The dr. said that she couldn’t believe how well he nursed etc. He doesn’t arch his back at all or cry. So that is really good for us.

Even with the reflux they want me to try and go til 6 months before starting any solid foods. We will see, the cereal may help Ethan too. 🙂

Thanks for your help.

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