Potty Training Troubles….

15 10 2009

Well, Owen is really having a hard time with Ethan coming into our family.  This is the first time we have ever had a child regress in potty training.  😦  We are sad about it, but we are learning new tips and things to do with a child that would rather pee in his pants and change HIMSELF!  He will take off his pants, tell you he peed and go get new underwear.

We have decided that he just wants our attention….so we have decided to ignore his accidents right now.  When he goes on the potty we  chear and give him stickers and hugs.  If he pees his pants we just ignore the behavior.  We don’t want to give into what he wants for naughty behavior….attention.

Now, I wouldn’t call it naughty behavior if your child is LEARNING!  Owen was already potty trained and is now choosing to disobey us as his mom and dad.  So, we will have to see how it goes.

Any ideas on what we should do would be helpful.  🙂 Thank you!