First week of school….Ethan 3.5 weeks.

23 09 2009

Well, Let me tell you it has been a busy week in our home….but a wonderful one as well!!!  God has been so gracious to us.

Our first week of school is going GREAT!  Let me tell you, my little ones were itching to get started….I on the other hand wanted to hold off a few more weeks.  Dave and I decided to get started….the public schools started 10th and we didn’t want to be too far behind their schedule (we have lots of cousins here we wanted to be with in the summer time).

We got the Level K for Sonlight and LOVE it!  I was happy with the PreK 3/4 we did with them last year, but felt like they weren’t going to get enough in K.  I felt like they would be behind or not get enough info etc.  I was SOOOO wrong.  The K level has questions, vocab and background on each book they read and each chapter!  They have a big map that they pinpoint things on etc.  The Science is GREAT!  I love how it tells me what to add to each book or say especially on topics we don’t agree on that are in the books.  (evolution etc).  Sonlight tells you what to say to your children and how to show they a Christian Worldview with each book they read!!!!  Also, we love the Book of Time.  THey will use this book every year together.  We place a sticker of a person on a big timeline so they know when each event happened when compared to another event.  🙂  very cool.

We are still doing Math U See and love it as well!  THe kids are learning so much and can’t wait for daddy to do Math with them on Tues, Thurs. and Friday mornings.

We have also added Spanish in this year.  We are using Hooked on Spanish Level K and love it too!  Isaac asks everyday to do his next lesson.

Ethan is 3.5 weeks (will be 4 weeks on Friday) and is growing so well.  He has put himself on a nice schedule these past few days and it looks like it might last.  He eats, plays for about an hour then sleeps for about 2 hours.  At night he is going much longer (5-6 hours before his first night time feeding).  This will slowly get longer so that is nice 🙂  Mama likes some sleep.  He is such a precious little boy and we are so thankful for him!  God has truly blessed us with him in our home, I couldn’t imagine life without any of my children.

Well, there is the update for you all!



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23 09 2009

I’m glad that you’re enjoying SL K! We really enjoyed it too. It sounds like they made some huge improvements with the Science. Have fun!

24 09 2009

From what I understand they redid EVERY level of science and had people come in and redo all that curr. I really like it a lot, that is Isaac’s favorite part of the day 🙂 Oh and he loves Explode the Code books too.

28 09 2009
Luke Holzmann

I’m so glad Sonlight is such a great fit for you and your family! Keep up the great work!


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