9 09 2009

We are a little behind on getting everything bought, but we finally have it all done. We will start on Monday! Isaac and Gracelyn are really excited. We are going to make a cake shaped like a pencil and have Kool Aid. I am getting them all dressed up and making them take a picture on the front porch. Then they will walk around to the back and come in the side door and be greeted by their teacher…..also known as….ME. LOL.

We are really trying to make Kindergarten a big deal and exciting. He really wants to go to school with his cousins and doesn’t understand that we can’t do that right now. I really love the school they attend, we just don’t have the money for that right now. God is good and provided all he needs for this school year.

Please pray for me, Ethan will only be 2 weeks old and Owen is a typical 2 year old. I have things planned for him to do….lots of table time activities and movie time. Ethan has been sleeping in til almost 9:30 everyday, so if that continues that will  help out a lot!  Grace will be doing much of the same thing as Isaac will be doing so we might as well call her a Kindergartener too. 🙂