38 weeks and 4 days…

25 08 2009

well, things are going well. My contractions have been about 8 mins. apart all morning. I had my dr. appt. this morning and I have moved from 1 cm and long….to 2 cm and 50%. It looks like things are FINALLY moving somewhere. We will see how things go this evening….if they stop then we do have some hope. There will be a baby by Friday. The doctor will induce at 8 am on Friday in hopes of getting the full 4 hours of antibiotics in my system before the baby is born. With it being my 4th he thinks things may move pretty quick. I sure hope so 🙂

Thanks for the prayers! They are so needed and loved. I know that God has big plans for this special baby. I am so nervous at the same time to add number 4 to our family.

I just want to hold him/her and know that they are healthy. I have lots of dreams that things don’t end right, but that has happened with every baby in the past.

Thanks everyone.