37 week appt.

14 08 2009

We are 37 weeks!  I can’t really believe we are already this close to having a baby. Owen came 1 week from tonight and Isaac and Grace during that next week.  So hopefully we will have a baby here very soon.

I am still only 1 cm ish.  I have never dilated early so this isn’t a big surprise to us.  I am still having contractions and lots of pain.  I pray that this baby comes soon so that I am not in so much pain all the time.  I have tested positive for the strep B for the first time ever.  This means I will have to be on antibiotics for at least 4 hours before delivery.  She told me to make sure I am at the hospital early and not to wait around at home too long.  Deciding when to go in is such a hard decision now, this just made it a little harder.  I don’t want to wait too long, but I don’t want to go too early either and have to labor at the hospital too long.

I feel good other than those complaints, I am so excited to welcome this new addition to our family.  I am so excited to see if it is a boy or a girl and what he/she looks like.  Will it be another Gracelyn or a blond/red like the boys?  Oh the fun of a new life coming to your family.

Just an update, hope everyone is having a good week.



4 responses

15 08 2009

I have been checking your blog waiting for news of a baby! I will keep checking and praying for a great labor and delivery!

15 08 2009

Things sound good – I can’t believe it is so close! Wish we were nearby to be there… as I always say whenever you talk of this little one! 😛 Hate to hear about the strep B, but at least it is known and you can do as you need to. will be praying for wisdom in regards to your timing, etc. Love you lots! 🙂

15 08 2009

I had the strep B and the penicillian that they gave me did something weird to my hand and forearm. As soon as the drip was done the pain went away.
Hope all goes well, will be praying for you all

17 08 2009
Melissa (Richards) McCauley

Our penicillin is kept in the fridge and I think thats why it hurts sometimes. Just have the nurse make sure its room temp 😉

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