36 week Check up

8 08 2009

Well, it has been a crazy week for us this week.  On Tuesday my contractions were 8-12 mins. apart all day.  They never let up.  Then during the night  they went to 2-3 so we headed to he hospital.  At the hospital they stayed at 2-3 mins. apart but they didn’t make me move along so they sent me home.

Over the past several days the contractions are not as consistent, but the pressure is sooo great!  The doctor did a stress test on the baby and it came out good.  The baby’s heart rate is strong and healthy and that is what matters the most.  He did check me and he said I am about the same.  He said that he understands that I am in so much pain.  That after a few children some woman go into an early labor pattern that can last for a long time…..it feels like labor but doesn’t do anything to the cervix, it hurts and is very uncomfortable.  He also said he can’t help me until 39 weeks.  So I know that we will have a baby by the end of the month at the latest, so that is hopeful.  We have never carried a baby to 39 weeks yet so he doesn’t think we will last that long.  Owen came 2 weeks from today and the others were in that following week 🙂

We are doing well and are praying for God to bring this baby into the World in His timing.  Our home is ready and the kids are MORE than ready.  Every night the kids pray for “Champ” to come out of mommy’s belly.  Isaac is concerned with the pain it will cause me, Grace wants to come watch. (we won’t be letting her so don’t worry, our hospital won’t let anyone under 12 in the delivery room).  We just keep reassuring Isaac that it will hurt mommy, but God will protect me and take care of me.  We will be laboring for a while at home and know that he may see me in some pain so we want to be honest with them about it all.

That is it for now a busy home for sure, but we are ready that is for sure.



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9 08 2009

Becky – I know its discouraging for these pains to not be seeming to do anything, but I am hoping that when it is all said and done, you will have found that they did A LOT! That the labor, when it comes in full force, will be quick and smooth without the stalling out like Owen’s labor. Wish we were there to see and be with you. I’m gonna miss getting to see this baby come into the world. 🙂 I hope we can talk soon. We have been super busy with my work and schooling. And our schedule is picking up – praise the Lord! – but we will be very busy for the time being. Oh! I wish you weren’t so far away with this little one and that a visit will be in the works before too long. I have something for Gracie from china, and I had hoped to bring it in person, but maybe I’ll just have to mail it to her sometime as a special surprise. 😛 Love you!

10 08 2009

Thank you so much for your words AnnaLee, you are so right! We never know how God is going to use pain for our benefit in the future! I hope labor is quick and easy (whatever easy means 🙂 ), but you get the picture. LOL

I am really longing to hold this baby in my arms. I keep looking at all the baby clothes I have hung up and just praying for him/her to arrive. Oh my God is good, I just want this baby now. He is teaching me patience this time around 🙂

Much love to you! We will catch up when we can….does your phone has text? Dave will be texting from the hospital with updates etc. We will text you if you have it on your phone. Bye for now.

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