The Summer Schedule….at least for now.

11 06 2009

One things about schedules is that they change.  So for now we have a schedule that will hopefully work for our family.  I am not a rigid schedule keeper in the summer, so this will be a little vague.  I LOVE summer and love that we have so many things we can do.

7 – 7:30 am Children wake up

7:30 breakfast, get dressed and chores

8:30 run any errands that need to be done

10 am Snack Time

10 am – 11:30 Free time ( swimming, park, outside time, etc.)

11:30 lunch time

12:00 ish til 3 ish Owen nap time (this has gotten earlier now that he runs so much energy off in the morning)

12-1 pm older two do School Skills Time (this is time to doing reading, math workbooks, mazes, handwriting, etc.  Pretty much anything I want them to keep up with over the summer)

1pm- 3 pm Grace nap time

1-2 pm Isaac rest time (he reads, does puzzles etc. laying on the couch)

2-3 pm Isaac video time (this is either T.V. time or Computer Time)

3 pm Snack Time

3-5 pm Free Time (again anything fun we can do in the summer)

5 pm Dinner Time

6 pm-8 pm (Outside things….Church, Tee-Ball, etc)

8 pm Bathtime/Showers, stories, P.J’s etc.

8:30 bedtime for Owen

9 pm bedtime for Grace and Isaac

Now this will change a little from day to day.  If we go to my parents home we will spend the whole day swimming etc, so things change.  In the summer we like to just enjoy doing lots of fun stuff.

Have a great Summer



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